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Our delicious, vet-recommended chews help support your dog's health using naturally derived ingredients, backed by research and clinical studies, and contain ZERO artificial preservatives, corn, wheat, or GMOs.

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This really has been unbelievable. Our dog King was in obvious pain, but we knew he needed to be walked. This seemed like a "Hail Mary" to try this, and within a week we saw improvement. King went from shuffling slowly, taking about 30 minutes to go around the block, to back to regular time (about 17 minutes, including virtually trotting the last half of the trip). This has been spectacular for us!


Our doggo love these probiotics chews. Three of our pups get probiotics: Jack Quigley, our German Shephard has skin problems; Josie....used to get UTI's; our Chihuahua, is prone to skin problems. While on probiotics these three pups no longer have those problems. They love these probiotic snacks. The other probiotics we've used are powder, which I've put on their food, but the 'treat' format is nice.

Jerry M.

Our lab had developed a yeast infection of her skin after itching herself raw and bleeding in some areas. She is allergic to so many things. We were desperate and had tried all kinds of medications, food therapy, and steroids with little to no improvement. One week, ONE WEEK of giving her two chews daily and her wounds are healed and minimal itching....

Vivian S.

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Because we love animals (and people!) we give a portion of our profits to Austin Pets Alive, a shelter that works to save pets at risk of euthanasia, and The Dog Alliance, a nonprofit that makes connections between dogs and people to provide therapy for PTSD, stress, and learning disabilities in children.

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