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The Discovery That's Helping Dogs' Lives

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Years ago, I uncomfortably watched my childhood dog battle joint discomfort for two long, uncomfortable, arduous years.

But now I know there are better, safer and more effective options out there that can help with your dog’s discomfort and support their joint health

This is me and Carly, my beloved chocolate lab. She was my one and only gift for my 14th birthday.  


Being from a small town with amazing trails and crystal clear rivers, Carly quickly developed her love of hiking and swimming. She would spend hours in the creek about a mile from our house diving down 10 feet to pick up large boulders from the bottom of the river or splashing around in the shallow end stalking minnows.



For me, Carly was my source of comfort as I battled the severe loss of my father’s unexpected death. The days following the news, Carly would lay in bed with me as I grieved. Her head always upon my chest as if she understood the deep grief and knew all I needed was someone to be there with me.  

Carly was part of the family... not just a dog. She lived through it all with us and gave everyone in my family the unconditional love that only a dog really knows how to give.  



One day, I noticed that Carly was moving a little slower than normal. She wouldn’t chase the deer as far. She wouldn’t have the same pep in her step on the way down to the water. I started noticing that she was having trouble jumping into the car or up on my bed at night. I started having to pick her up just to get her in bed with me. Then I began noticing the extreme discomfort she would have just getting up from laying down. Her legs would shake and her face was racked with discomfort.

She began chewing on her legs as if the discomfort was just an itch that would be relieved once scratched. The chewing got so bad that she developed large open wounds from where she would bite at her ankles.



We brought her to the vet... and they just gave her meds that made her throw up and didn’t even seem to ease her


When nothing worked we were told, “Well... this is just what happens with labs.”

We tried everything under the sun to get our Carly back to normal:

    • Expensive vet visits
    • Prescription medications
    • Changing her diet
    • Bedrest
    • Therapeutic swimming

…nothing worked.



Our family watched in anguish as our once vivacious dog started to decay.  We did everything that we thought we could to the very end, but always wished we could’ve done more.

Carly passed away and our family grieved.  Here’s a lovely eulogy my brother posted on instagram about Carly:



So what is it that I know now that I wish I had known then that might have changed things?

  1. Did you know that the medications your vet might recommend or prescribe for hip and joint problems actually aren’t the best, most effective or most potent option?
  2. Did you know that most hip and joint medications like Rimaydl, Deramaxx, Previcox and Metacam are NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)? They’re designed for short term not long term use.

These prescription drugs can lead to devastating negative side effects (in both dogs and humans) if used for too long such as:

    • Internal bleeding
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Mouth sores
    • Fatigue

You might be surprised to hear this. I didn’t know any of these things when Carly was suffering either!


But now I know there are better, safer and more effective options out there that can actually help with your dog’s discomfort and help get them up and moving normally again.


Take what happened to a 13 year old shitzu named Mikey. He was sadly in a similar situation as Carly--lots of discomfort and unable to move well. After his owner Maria started giving him PetHonesty’s Advanced Hip + Joint formula, something amazing happened.



"Amazing results"

December 20, 2018

"I have a 12 year old Lhasa Apso who’s in great shape, but she’s always had an issue with one of her hind knees. She has a slight limp and at this point in her age, long walks seem uncomfortable. She starts to walk slow and her limp gets terrible. I felt awful for her and my vet recommended giving her supplements. I swear within a week or two, you could notice a huge difference, even my husband agreed. So I was very impressed and happy with the product and results."



"We saw results in 2 weeks!"

December 28, 2018

"Our almost 12 year old dog has been struggling with joint problems in one of her shoulders and has hip dysplasia in both hips. She’s been walking around for a while with her head down and taking small steps with her front leg. Holding her head up is uncomfortable and she even stopped jumping on the bed. Our goal is to make the remainder of her life as comfortable as possible. She’s been using the Advanced Hip + Joint supplements and we have seen a huge improvement already. She’s been walking around with her head up and at a normal pace with an even stride. Today she even jumped up on the bed for this first time in over a month. The extra pep in her step make sure our hearts happy. We believe in this product and the people that make it. Thank you!!"




"Fantastic Product."

January 20, 2019

"I’ve tried other brands and they did nothing. We are on our 2nd month on these and my 10yr old pup is doing great. She can get up and down stairs, jump on the sofa or bed with no issues. No side effect either except her acting like she’s 5 yrs old. I’ll be buying these again."



"This works!!"

“My rescue has always acted like an old lady - she can’t jump on the bed or furniture, can barely get in the Jeep and could barely run - she could only bunny hop. Turns out she’s got pretty severe hip dysplasia. I’ve been giving her these for 2 weeks now and she’s running and playing at the dog park, her legs have stopped shaking when she goes to the bathroom and she has no trouble getting up in the morning now.”





These are just a small sampling of actual REAL customer success stories after using PetHonesty Advanced Hip + Joint soft chews. This product has helped thousands of dogs with their joint problems and support their mobility.

I hope Carly’s story and what I’ve learned since her passing will help you and YOUR dog if you’re experiencing the same hopelessness that I once did.  


Let me tell you there IS hope.

You can try PetHonesty’s natural Advanced Hip + Joint soft chew supplements for yourself with a 110% money back guarantee.