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Mobility Issues in Aging Dogs

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It is so difficult to see our pets getting older and having more problems.  Common problems in older dogs are mobility issues. Joint stiffness in one or more joints, can impact a dog’s ability to enjoy daily activities.

Some of the symptoms an owner may notice if their dog has mobility problems could be stiffness or difficulty when getting up and down, inability to jump up or down from things like the couch or car, and stiffness or limping when walking.

Mobility issues in senior dogs can’t be cured but there are things we can do to manage them. Supplements, diet, prescription medications, acupuncture, laser therapy, and massage are a few things that veterinarians may recommend to help with mobility problems. Some things an owner can do at home to help their dog be more comfortable is to raise up the dog’s food and water bowls, provide padded, comfortable bedding, and provide a ramp for getting in and out of cars, couches, or beds.

Supplements are one way to help your dog with joint health and mobility.  Pet Honesty has a whole line of joint/mobility products. Below is a chart comparing a few of them. Advanced Hip and Joint is now called Hip and Joint Health. Hemp Mobility and Senior Hemp Mobility are now called Hemp Hip and Joint Health and Hemp Hip and Joint Health Senior, respectively. The Turmeric Joint Health is now called Hip and Joint Health Turmeric. These products contain some ingredients like glucosamine, green lipped mussels, turmeric, and/or MSM to help promote mobility. Ask your veterinarian if the Pet Honesty products are right for your dog.