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My Favorite Things-Christmas gifts for dogs and cats

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It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift for the dog or cat in your life. I will be the first to admit that I tend to spoil my cat by getting him things all year round.  Here is a list of some of “my favorite things” for gifts for dogs and cats this Christmas.

  • An automatic feeder- great for the cat (or dog) who demands to be fed on time.
  • Anything personalized with their name or a cute saying- t-shirts, collars, bowls, blankets, you name it. There are just so many cute things out there.
  • DNA test for pets- it’s so much fun to try and figure out what breeds our pets may be.
  • Puzzle toys for dogs- for the dog who gets bored easily.
  • Kong toys for dogs- another option for dogs who get bored easily or dogs that like to chew. These can be filled with their own dog food to help slow down their eating at mealtimes or can be filled with treats or doggie peanut butter for special occasions.
  • A new bed- this is best for our senior dogs and cats that may need something extra comfy to sleep in. Some beds have an option to be heated which our senior pets with mobility issues may also greatly enjoy.
  • Custom pet portrait- let’s face it, this one is more for the owners.
  • A cat water fountain- what cat doesn’t love to drink fresh, running water or at least play with it?
  • A new grooming brush- if the Dyson grooming tool isn’t for you, your pet will always enjoy a new brush for getting some of that extra fur out.
  • A pet camera- this way you can check in on them and talk to them while you are away.
  • Laser toy- my cat’s favorite toy in our house. It’s a great way to wear them out without wearing out the owner too.
  • Anything with catnip- what cat doesn’t love some new catnip or a catnip toy?
  • Pet stroller- these are expensive but a good option if your pet loves to be outside or go for walks but has mobility problems and can’t get outside independently anymore.

I could go on and on about all the cute and fun pet products out there. Also, don’t forget that Pet Honesty’s dog and cat products make great stocking stuffers for your pets!


Dr. Lindsey