The Discovery That's Helping Dogs' Lives

Do you have a dog suffering from hip dysplasia, joint pain and immobility? Did you know that the medications your vet might recommend or prescribe for hip and joint problems actually aren’t the best, most effective or most potent option?

There are better, safer and more effective options out there that can actually reduce your dog’s pain and get them up and moving normally again.

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Why a Probiotic Could Change Your Dog's Life: A Founder Case Study

Chief has been my bestie since day one. He’s my hiking pal, source of comfort on a bad day and overall adventure buddy. My dog’s health and well-being is a huge priority for me so I was pretty outraged and shocked when I started putting together the pieces that FINALLY explained the mysterious and unexplainable health issues he was having. Wha...
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Does My Dog Have Seasonal Allergies? And What Can I Do About It?

Does your dog have itchy ears? Are they constantly scratching themselves? Is their skin red and inflamed in areas? You might not know it but your dog could be suffering from one or more of several different types of allergies...they just can’t communicate it to you! Whether their symptoms are caused by environmental allergies or food allergies, ...
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