Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)

4.9 star rating 395 Reviews
Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)
Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)
Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)
Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)
Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)
Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)
Shepard looking down at Advanced Hip and Joint Chews

Advanced Hip and Joint Chews (90 Count)

4.9 star rating 395 Reviews
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PetHonesty's Advanced Hip + Joint snacks are glucosamine dog treats for pups with joint issues that cause them pain and limit their mobility. They're the perfect supplement for your dog’s health. These glucosamine supplements for dogs combine three powerful and proven all-natural joint support ingredients to help relieve joint pain, decrease inflammation, and increase long-term mobility and movement. Whether your pup suffers from mobility problems or not, adding joint supplements into your dog's diet can significantly help with pain relief, inflammation, and any other problems they may be suffering from. Below is a quick overview of the main benefits of Glucosamine for a dog’s health.

Key Benefits of Glucosamine:

  • Relieve joint pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase long-term mobility and improve joint function
  • Reduce achiness and stiffness
  • May help treat symptoms of arthritis
  • Improve flexibility 

At PetHonesty, we make it easy for you to give your pup the best nutrition possible with our Glucosamine dog treats. These supplements for dogs help support the connective tissue and repair cartilage in your dog’s body, providing pain relief and better mobility.

How Glucosamine Powder Works:

This is the perfect supplement for dogs who may suffer from arthritis, joint damage or hip dysplasia. Our chews contain active ingredients that help inflammation and improve your dog's health. The effects of glucosamine are extremely beneficial for arthritic dogs so they no longer have to live their life in pain. All it takes is a simple Glucosamine dosage for your dog to start experiencing the benefits of this powerful ingredient.

A powerful combination of all-natural ingredients like Glucosamine powder HCL, MSM, and Turmeric in a strong dosage works together to reduce joint pain and inflammation and improve your dog’s mobility in this extra-potent formulation. Turmeric packs an extra antioxidant punch and each snack helps to alleviate stiffness, provide pain relief, and help overall joint health.

If your dog suffers from hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, joint damage, or any other joint function problem, a Glucosamine dosage can help. Adding a daily supplement into your dog's diet provides them with active ingredients, vitamins and minerals that are all supportive of their overall health. 

Ready to get your pup moving and grooving his best? Find an effective hip and joint supplement for your furry companion with PetHonesty today!

Count: 90 soft glucosamine supplements for dogs, equal to roughly a 2-month supply


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