NEW! OTIC Ear Cleanser and Drier (8 oz bottle)

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NEW! OTIC Ear Cleanser and Drier (8 oz bottle)

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OTIC Ear Cleanser and Drier is a gentle way to clean your dog’s ears and cure most common ailments and issues that affect ears including ear infections, ear odor, ear itching. Just take our easy to use bottle and squirt tip cap to fill your dogs’ ear canal with the solution and gently massage at the base of their ear.

This ear cleaner has the exact right pH balance and a gentle amount of Salicylic Acid to treat itchiness, smells, odor, inflammation, redness and build up by washing away pathogens, dirt, excessive wax and bacteria. It safely and quickly clears up ear infections and problems in 7-10 days and leaves dogs’ ears clean and fresh.

The Veterinarian strength formula is made with gentle but effective Salicylic Acid and Benzoic Acid this Otic Ear Cleaner flushes out pathogens and gunk that leads to irritation, redness, clogged ears and smells. The added aloe helps soothe your dogs’ ears and keep them nourished and moisturized. It's highly effective at fighting bacteria and microbes.

PetHonesty’s Ear Cleaner + Drier has the exact right pH balance to clean ears while still being gentle and safe. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and won’t irritate ears when used on a regular basis to keep ears dry and clean. Perfect for removing wax build up, drying after water activities and weekly grooming. 

Buy from a company you can trust - U.S., veteran and family-owned small business that prioritizes its customers and their dogs! When buying from PetHonesty you can rest knowing you'll be getting world-class customer service and are also supporting animals in need. We donate a portion of our profits to help get dogs out of kill shelters as well as care for dogs who provide support for adults with PTSD and learning disabilities


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