Soothing Snacks (90 Count)

  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)
  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)
  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)
  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)
  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)
  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)
  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)
  • Soothing Snacks (90 Count)

Soothing Snacks (90 Count)

PetHonesty’s Soothing Snacks can help make car rides, vet visits, thunderstorms, separation, and other stressful situations more enjoyable and less traumatizing for your dog. This deliciously chewy treat uses natural ingredients to calm and soothe your dog.

Count: 90 soft chews, equal to a 2-month supply

Key Benefits:
  • Temporarily calms a dog’s demeanor
  • Helps reduce excessive barking and chewing
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Training tool to help your dog’s focus
  • Improves separation anxiety

How It Works:
A powerful combination of ingredients work together to create a calming effect on your dog that is more gentle than a sedative. Valerian Root, an anti-anxiety herb that reduces anxiety levels in your pet and Organic Chamomile, a powerful herb that promotes calmness to reduce stress join Organic Hemp Powder and Oil in these delicious chews. Among several other benefits, hemp has calming properties to help soothe and calm. L-Tryptophan, an amino acid acts as a binder that ties the other ingredients together and soothes irritated pets.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 134 reviews

    I use them when I leave my house they sleep and clam when I leave for 2 hrs.

    Pups love the taste.

    Work great as treats, our 75 pound Pit/boxer mix doesn't seem to be any calmer, but she enjoys eating them.

    Yummy from my 4 pups

    My pups love this product!

    It didnt  work for my dog...

    My dog really gets upset when i go out so i tried to give this trat to him but he liked the treat but it didnt calm him down

    I really don’t know if they work or not.

    I tried a different brand of these treats that are sold at a local store. I don’t think this brand works quite as well as the brand that is local to me.  If you’ve never bought any before I would recommend these to try out because they are much less expensive than some other brands.  I have 2 Lab mixes so these might be better for a calmer breed.

    Great for separate anxiety.

    I have 2 boxers (3yrs old and 6months old).  They both suffer from separation anxiety and this seemed to help them a lot.  I really enjoyed having peace of mind when I would need to leave the house that they would be ok until I got back.  My dogs love these treats.  They taste great to them and they truly do  help!  I wish I would have found them 3yrs ago!!

    Excellent product.

    My 13 year old dachshund was having separation anxiety and was yowling during my absence.  A cousin recommended these to help her (along with PBS left on the radio !!!) when I am out of the house.  I was quite hesitant at first but after speaking with folks in the pet store and my vet, I was encouraged to give them a try, albeit one half at a time.  Worked great!  We also used them for an 18 hour flight and she was absolutely perfect throughout.  Not to be abused, of course, but this excellent product, used judiciously, makes for a calm dog.  Highly recommended.


    A little pricey. However, all 3 become huge babies at the slightest storm. It has been hard to find items they like and that actually work.

  • Premium & Nature-Derived Ingredients:
    Soothing Snacks reduce stress and anxiety in your dog and temporarily calm demeanor through the use of natural ingredients like:

    • Valerian Root– Natural herb that reduces anxiety levels in your pet.
    • Organic Chamomile– The clean and organic type of this powerful herb promotes calmness to reduce stress.
    • Organic Hemp Powder– Powerful benefits including soothing anxiety and supporting joints.
    • L-Tryptophan– This amino acid ties the other ingredients together to make them most effective.

  • Caution: For pet consumption only. Not to be consumed by humans. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Store in a cool dry place.