Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack

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$93.97 $74.99
Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack
Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack
Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack
Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack
Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack
Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack
Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack

Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack

0.0 star rating Write a review
$93.97 $74.99
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Product Description

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For dog owners who want to take advantage of the natural healing power of Hemp, this Hemp Joint Support Booster 3-Pack will help reduce your dog’s joint pain and increase their mobility...at 15% off the retail price! 

The Hemp Seed Oil and Powder featured in PetHonesty’s Hemp Mobility chews in this Joint Booster Pack help reduce inflammation and joint pain and while increasing your dog’s mobility. 

The two other included joint support supplements feature additional all-natural ingredients like Glucosamine, Fish Oil, Chondroitin Sulfate, Probiotics, Turmeric and Collagen.

This pack includes PetHonesty’s best-selling: 

  • Hemp Mobility Joint soft chews (90 count - Bacon Flavor)
  • Probiotic soft chews (90 count - Duck Flavor)
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil (32 oz.) 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced joint pain
  • Increased mobility 
  • Reduced joint inflammation
  • Regenerated cartilage
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Healthier gut - the foundation for all good health
  • Improved immunity 
  • Healthier skin + coat 

How It Works:

This Joint Support Booster 3-Pack provides essential nutritional building blocks like Glycosaminoglycans, DHA, EPA and the more rare ETA omegas to reduce joint pain at a genetic level, improve mobility and regenerate cartilage and cushioning around your dog’s joints for a higher-quality life. 

PetHonesty’s Hemp Mobility Joint Support soft chews are delicious duck flavored vet-formulated “treats” that contain a combination of all-natural clinically researched ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil and Powder from Colorado, Organic Turmeric from India, Green Lipped Mussels from New Zealand, Collagen and Glucosamine. When combined, these ingredients have been known to reduce joint pain, increase movement and help rebuild deteriorated joint structure. 

PetHonesty’s Probiotic soft chews are an essential component of digestive health, overall health + wellness and joint performance. Probiotics help heal poor digestive health and a “leaky gut”, which most dogs have from age, previous illnesses, a poor diet or taking medications and antibiotics. Leaky gut is responsible for “leaking” toxins (that are meant to simply pass through the stomach) into the bloodstream which causes inflammation and exacerbates arthritis symptoms. 

PetHonesty’s Wild-Caught Omega-3 Fish Oil is made with small fish such as sardines, mackerel, anchovies and herrings, sustainably caught in the pure and clean waters off the coast of Iceland. These fish are high in Omega-3s but low in mercury and toxins and will improve your dog’s joint health and mobility in addition to their heart, skin, coat, brain and overall health. 

Serving Suggestions:

Please follow serving suggestions on the back of each bottle. Depending on the weight of your dog you can expect to "treat" your dog to 1-3 supplement soft chews per day, per product (or 1-4 pumps for oils). 


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