Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack

Oral Hygiene Fresh Sticks with Calming Support Pack to help promote healthier teeth and gums while helping to reduce anxiety and stress.
Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack
Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack
Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack
Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack

Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack

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PetHonesty's Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack contains Oral Hygiene Dental Water Solution and Hemp Calming Fresh Sticks for a healthy mouth plus the added benefit of seasonal allergy support. 

Key Benefits:

  • Freshens your dog’s breath
  • Reduces odor-causing bad bacteria in the mouth
  • Supports healthy inflammatory pathways for healthy gums
  • Promotes calm and relaxation
  • Helps reduce hyperactivity and excessive barking

PetHonesty’s Oral Hygiene Dental Water Solution for dogs is a vet-recommended tasteless and odorless solution made with natural ingredients that will help support your dog’s dental and gum health while keeping their breath fresh! 

This Oral Hygiene dental water additive is formulated with natural ingredients as an alternative to other dental waters on the market that are made with harmful chemical ingredients like CPC, Sodium Benzoate and Chlorine which have been shown to be toxic to dogs. You’ll find only safe, natural ingredients in PetHonesty’s Oral Hygiene water like enzymes, grape seed extract, zinc, cinnamon and yucca root. 

PetHonesty’s Hemp Calming Fresh Sticks for dogs of all sizes are made in the USA with natural calming ingredients like melatonin, hemp, valerian root and chamomile that help reduce anxiety and hyperactivity in your dog. These vet-recommended dental sticks support your dog’s gum and dental health while helping promote calm, reduce stress and manage excessive barking and energy

Dental Water  Serving Suggestion:

Adding one capful of Oral Hygiene solution to your dog’s water bowl two times per day can help manage bad, odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and support healthy inflammatory pathways to keep gums and teeth healthy. (Do not exceed recommending serving size)

Fresh Sticks Serving Suggestion:
Give 1 stick per day per approx. 25lbs of weight. 

Oral Hygiene with Calming Support Pack