AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)

4.8 star rating 331 Reviews
$77.97 $69.99
AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)
AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)
AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)
AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)
AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)
AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)

AllergyImmunity Chews 3-Pack (270 Count)

4.8 star rating 331 Reviews
$77.97 $69.99
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Product Description

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AllergyImmunity Chews are the tastiest and easiest way to help strengthen your dog’s health and immune system and give them relief from environmental, food, skin and seasonal allergies. It’s bad enough to suffer as humans during allergy season - don’t let your dog's health suffer alongside you!

With a tasty treat containing bovine colostrum for dogs, you can help your canine friend beat the annoyances of allergies and live an infection-free life. Unlike other harmful antibiotics that claim to fight allergies, our colostrum supplements for dogs contain natural products made with your pup in mind. Whether you want to support your dog’s GI tract or improve his immune function, adding a daily multivitamin can help in a number of ways. If your canine suffers from diarrhea, allergic reactions, or any other immune response disorders, it may be time to switch them over to one of our supportive colostrum for dogs supplements. Getting your canine’s gastrointestinal tract working in proper order and supporting the growth of good bacteria is one of the easiest ways to help him live a long and healthy life.

Count: 270 soft chews

Key Benefits:

  • Improves immune system response
  • Contributes to a healthier digestive tract for better immunity to disease
  • Helps alleviate seasonal allergies
  • Improves skin allergies

How Our Colostrum for Dogs Works:
By combining powerful vitamins and natural supplements, our powerful AllergyImmunity Chews with colostrum for dogs will help improve your dog’s immunity while providing relief from seasonal, food and skin allergies. Including Probiotics that contain good gut bacteria and Colostrum, a pre-milk superfood which contains antibodies and white blood cells, into your dog’s diet will help improve gut health and immunity. Strong gut health leads to a stronger immune response which in turn leads to decreased allergic reactions to pollen, dust, mold, foods and other environmental factors. Just like how humans can benefit from a daily multivitamin, so can dogs and cats. Also, these supplements can also help your dog’s body fight against a leaky gut, diarrhea, and issues within their GI tract.  In other words, your dog's body will finally be free of allergy symptoms! By using these tasty snacks with colostrum for dog allergies, you can help your furry friend’s health so they can feel normal again in no time! Before introducing a new supplement to your dog's diet, advise your vet on the proper dosage based on your dog’s body weight, age and any preexisting autoimmune conditions.

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