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spooky spider

Max Strength

“I use this product on my 2 Jack Russells! Their ages are 15 and 7. Once I added this to their daily diet the energy levels went way up!”


Allergy Support
Max Strength

“Our 3 year old large dog has seasonal allergies which affect his skin. We used Pet Honesty (PH) Max Strength Allergy Support with great results. One time I switched to a competitor brand & our dog's skin went downhill within 3 weeks. Went back to PH & he is back on track with a gorgeous coat, no skin issues!”



“My dog, Ranchero, is 11 years young and started with mobility problems. Since he started taking Pet Honesty supplements, he is back to his normal mobility. He is hunting again in the back yard which is his favorite thing to do.”


Hemp Calming
Max Strength

“My dog has had separation anxiety for a long time. Now that I found this supplement to give her every day, I have noticed such a big difference in her. She was calmer with me leaving. She also has been better at the vet and with the groomer. So thankful.”


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