What would you give or do... to allow your dog to live and enjoy a healthy 2.5 years or even live ⅓ longer than your specific dog breed’s expected life span?

I’m sure you would give everything in your power to provide a longer and healthier life for your best and most loyal friend.

And that's why you’re here!

But with so many dog health books & different practices for helping our pets live longer healthier lives… 

Where do we even start?

Now before I show you exactly where to start and even what to do…

First, you will need to know the #1 cause of accelerated aging, fatal diseases, and premature early death for our canine friends.

You see, most people will think it's obesity, heart complications, cancer, or even kidney failure… 

But it’s not… It’s actually the root cause of those fatal diseases we just mentioned above.

It’s joint and joint connective tissue degeneration, and it’s something the majority of all dogs are already suffering from.

And if it’s not discovered and corrected immediately, it may quickly lead to an immobilized life and an early death for your most loyal friend.

That’s why focusing and boosting our pet’s joint health is the #1 most important place to start, when it comes to extending and giving our pets the best quality of life. 

Hi, my name is Dr. Weldon, you can call me Brielle.

I’m a doctor of veterinary medicine, who has followed the footsteps of one the most caring and honest vets in the world - my father.

Even as just a little child, I remember I would love being in my father’s busy veterinary practice in Oklahoma, running around, asking questions about everyone’s pet, and always begging my dad to let me help cure our pet patients.

Now I was able to learn and understand a lot about dogs and their needs at an early age…

But, there were a few things I just could not understand at the time… 

Like, “why weren’t our dogs able to live as long as we did, 

Why were their lives so short?

And how come the last half of our dog’s lives have always seemed so filled with the suffering caused by horrible joint pain and immobility issues?

Now growing up surrounded by dogs and other pets, I’ve had some of the most heartwarming experiences seeing suffering pets transformed back to their optimal health…

However, I’ve also had to see my father help devastated pet owners cope through the transition of losing their most loyal family members. 

And now that I have grown up and became a veterinary surgeon and holistic healer for pets myself… 

I’ve come to realize that losing a pet is just a part of life and something that happens daily in my field.

But as a child, it was the hardest and saddest thing I’ve ever had to experience and see…

And that’s why I vowed to myself and my father, even at an early age... 

That instead of just helping people cope and feel better about losing their pets due to the effects of accelerated aging caused by joint deterioration...

I begin finding and researching natural ways to extend the lives of our beloved pets.

The truth is, I’ve seen countless pet owners bring their dogs in when it's already too late… 

And it just breaks my heart to see how so many dogs are put to sleep or just die unexpectedly due to all the medication and pain they suffer.

And even though many clients that come are first-timers that I’ve never met…

I still can’t help but feel guilty that I couldn’t help them sooner somehow.

I mean, we can live up to 100 years as humans… and it's not fair we can only share 8-10 years of it with one of the most beloved members of our family.

Now to my surprise, as I was thumbing through what seems like hundreds of my veterinary medical journals…

I was shocked to discover that there was little to no research on ways to help extend the active and functional life of our pets naturally!

In fact, there were no mentions of natural nutrients that dogs can consume to naturally maintain healthy joints, ease chronic joint-related pains or even way to help support joint decline caused by aging and injuries. 

The only treatments and support for longevity were surgery or life long dangerous immobilizing painkillers and sedatives that are literally killing our dogs from within.

Causing our pets to live a life that many pet owners claim to be worse than dying… 

So begin and started doing my own personal research and discovered that many canine nutrition experts and pet owners have been adding specific rare superfoods containing vital joint supporting nutrients to their pet’s diets… 

I was so excited to hear this since I’ve been doing the same for my pet pets!

So I combined the 9 superfood nutrients that I found were to be the most vital and tested all their all-natural positive joint supporting effects… and found that it was able to help dogs bounce back from joint pains quickly without the need for dangerous painkillers or ongoing surgeries.

Now like most of my pet owner patients, many of us might be thinking, well, I use really expensive dog food, or I make my own… 

So my pet buddy should already be getting these 9 joint supporting nutrients right?


The food you are currently feeding your dog is most likely not sufficient, especially in providing those 9 specific joint supporting nutrients I discovered could help bring your dog’s joints back to life.


Now it’s not your fault that the dog food you’ve could be feeding your pets not as nutritionally sound as you thought… 

It’s just that most store-bought dogs foods aren’t government regulated to provide the required joint and life-extending nutrients our pets really need to live a long active life.

On top of that, most dog food’s nutrition labels are incorrect since most of the vital nutrients in our dog’s food are destroyed through processing… 

But before I tell you more precisely why your dog’s food may be causing your pet to have major joint nutrient deficiencies - which leads to accelerated joint degeneration and the fatal diseases it causes …

Why do you think joints and joint connective tissue degeneration is the #1 cause of accelerated aging and premature death in our beloved pets?

Well, contrary to the common belief that these joint issues only start affecting our dogs in their later stages in life… 

Such as when our pets reach 6 to 7 human years old…  comparable to a human reaching their mid-40s to early ’50s.

It actually could start as soon as they turn just 1 year old or earlier. 

This may seem early, but 12 months is when dogs’ bodies stop growing and it becomes vital to take preventative joint supporting measures. - If you want your beloved pet to live a long and active life.

Furthermore, many owners may even believe that many of the premature fatal causes in dogs are due to the development of age-related diseases, such as obesity, heart complications, dementia, and even cancers.

But, like most humans who suffer from one or more medical issues in their 40s, 50s and 60’s… 

We all know that those life-threatening illnesses and diseases that many people are encountering didn’t just magically appear once we hit that age…  

It was caused by one or more key health factors we’ve neglected throughout the years.

And the #1 most neglected longevity and health factors for dogs is supporting their inevitable joint decline.

Now it’s up to us as responsible owners to take care of this #1 root cause for other fatal illnesses at an early stage…

So we can prevent our dogs from immobilizing pains, and having to take life long pain-killing medications that rob us of the wonderful life you deserve to enjoy with your best furry friend.

Now let’s understand more about the #1 Joint Disease in canines - Osteoarthritis also referred to as Degenerative Joint Disease or (DJD).

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons reports, << CITING

“Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in dogs, affecting approximately 225 million dogs. 

It is a chronic joint disease characterized by loss of joint cartilage, thickening of the joint capsule and new bone formation around the joint known as (osteophytosis) and ultimately leading to pain and limb dysfunction.”

And according to the Arthritis Foundation, approximately 20% of all adult dogs have arthritis or about 1 in 5. 

If, however, your dog is more than 7 years of age, there's a 65% chance he's suffering from the disease. In other words, more than half of all older dogs have arthritis.

Dr.Elizabeth Racine, of The American kennel club, explains, << CITING

“In a healthy joint, cartilage acts as a cushion to allow the joint to move smoothly through its full range of motion. 

In cases of osteoarthritis, this cartilage cushion begins to break down because of factors such as age, injury, repetitive stress, or weight gain.

The loss of this protective cushion results in pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, and the development of bone spurs. 

While any joint in the body can develop osteoarthritis, the condition most commonly affects the limbs and lower spine.

Now you may be thinking, joint deterioration sounds pretty serious… but how exactly does joint degeneration cause fatal diseases and even an early death to our dogs?

Well due to the pain and stiffness of the joint, your dog will become less active, which causes less calorie expenditure and resulting in uncontrollable weight gain.

Additionally, with less physical movement, our pets will face muscular deterioration and decrease blood flow, especially around the joint’s surrounding tissues.

And if you didn’t know, the less muscle tissue a dog or even a human body holds… the slower your fat-burning metabolism will be - which leads to even more weight gain, a poor body structure and off-balanced joint alignment.

Now did you know that each pound your dog is over his or her breeds ideal weight, it can add up to 4 extra pounds of impact per step to their joints?

So even if your dog is just overweight by as little as 5 pounds… it could mean your dog is placing an extra 40 pounds of pressure on their joints per step.

Now since the average dog needs to walk about 10,000 steps a day to maintain good health… that can add up to 400,000 extra pounds of pressure to your dogs already damaged joints.

And the more your pet’s joints get damaged by that extra 400,000 lbs of impact, the less movement and the more weight your dog will gain...

Which then leads to even more massively compounded pressure to their joints.

It’s a vicious pup killing cycle that no one really considers or thinks about until it's too late.

And this weight gain and joint deterioration cycle need to stop immediately before things get much more serious and expensive.

The Washington Post reports that “Every six seconds a pet owner faces a vet bill of $1,000 or more.” << CITING

And since joint surgery can range up to $4500 per leg… 

I mean… honestly, how many of us can just magically come up with $10,000 or close to $20,000 to save our dogs?

Furthermore, as the weight piles on due to the stiff and immobile joints, your dog will also start facing the fatal effects and illnesses caused by obesity.

Web MD for pets reveals, << CITING

“Being heavy puts our pets at higher risk for arthritis and shortens life expectancy. 

In addition, obesity has been associated with numerous other problems in dogs, such as certain tumors, high blood pressure, and heart disease”

Dr. Phil Zeltzman of the pet health network and board-certified surgeon in Allentown, PA tells us,

On top of arthritis, and ligaments tears, obesity caused by joint complications could also trigger,

“Heart disease, high blood pressure and it’s also linked to breathing problems. Overweight dogs are more prone to collapsing trachea and laryngeal paralysis.  Untreated, these airway conditions could lead to a respiratory crisis which could be fatal if not treated.

In addition, “Obesity may increase the risk of certain tumors such as benign fatty tumors (lipomas), as well as breast and bladder cancer (transitional cell carcinoma)”

Also, “Overweight dogs have extra skin folds, which can cause irritation and infection by bacteria. This can lead to scratching, body odor, and skin redness. Overweight dogs often have an unhealthy looking coat because it’s harder, if not impossible, for them to groom effectively.”

Lastly, joint decline combined with obesity can destroy the quantity and quality of your pet’s life.

“Obesity can take up to 2 years off the life of your dog! 

And as your dog’s obesity issue gets worse, so does the Degenerative Joint Disease...

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons states,

“Majority of Osteoarthritis in dogs develop a secondary orthopedic disease, such as cranial cruciate ligament disease, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, OCD, and patella (knee cap) dislocation.”

Leaving them literally immobile and unable to move due to the excruciating pain. 

And since most can’t afford that massive medical bill at this point and seeing our pets suffer from such pains, many owners are forced to euthanize or put our pets to sleep, believing that it's the most humane thing to do.

Know I don’t mean to scare you… but as a doctor, I’ve taken an oath to our practice, our country and myself to give only the truth, and avoid running circles around the fact that we must do everything possible to support our pets’ joints and mobility right now… 

Especially since you now know degenerative joint issues are the #1 cause of accelerated aging and fatal illnesses to our dogs.

Listen, if you are personally familiar or currently dealing with joint pains of your own, you know how serious it can affect your lifestyle…

Have you seen one of those old Life Alert commercials where an elderly person screams, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up?”

Well, it’s been reported that 1 in 3 adults aged 50 and up usually die after 12 months of suffering a bone fracture… 

And those who are even older have up to 8 times higher risk of dying within the first three months?

That's how serious joint issues are… and it’s worse for our dogs since they can not communicate the issue, do anything about it on their own or even understand what is happening to them.


Additionally, it’s not only affecting our dogs physically but it’s also killing them mentally.

You see, at an older age for humans and especially our dogs, once a major joint, or hip fractures... 

Up to 96% of them will experience a significant decline in independence.

And focusing on our dogs, this causes depression, drastic mood changes, and even refusal to eat or move.

Sadly, these pains and limited bodily functions will wipe out every bit of our pet’s instinctive will to survive… leaving them their broken down physically, mentally and waiting to die.

On top of that, think about the additional canine killing side effects of prescription pain medications and sedatives… 

Listen, we need a natural solution and avoid feeding our dogs pain meds at all costs!

That’s why right after I let you know the precise way you can identify if our dog breed is predisposed to joint issues or what unique hidden signs to look for…

We will show you the 4 types of joint medications that you should never give your pets, and why it’s killing them even faster... 

Now joint deterioration, cartilage breakdown, minor and major bone fractures, bodily movement restrictions and eventually a full loss in mobility… normally an unavoidable and inevitable part of aging caused by natural everyday wear and tear of their body…

It’s something that will happen, not might - Unless you do something to prevent or even stop it before it starts.

And like we’ve been talking about… it’s ensuring that they get those 9 supernutrients daily which we will see a breakdown of in just a few mins in this video.

But for some dogs, joint complications can be developed before their birth...

You see, some dog breeds are more prone and are genetically predisposed to experience joint problems at an early age…

Here's just a few, 

  1. Bulldogs
  2. Pugs
  3. Basset Hounds
  4. Shiba Inus
  5. German Shepherds
  6. Golden Retrievers
  7. Labrador Retrievers
  8. Dachshunds
  9. Newfoundland’s
  10. St. Bernard’s
  11. Rottweilers
  12. Mastiffs
  13. Great Danes
  14. Old English Sheep Dogs 

Now, if your dog is not on this list, it doesn’t mean they are safe… this is just a list of breeds that are statistically shown to be born with the highest risk. We also suggest you ask your vet to find out if your specific breed type carries these issues in their genes.

Now besides genetic warnings, there are key non-genetically inherited risk factors that can also predispose your dog to this condition, such as:

  • Having a larger or giant breed 
  • If your dog is currently overweight or suffering from obesity
  • Age, particularly middle-age to senior dogs
  • Repetitive stress from athletic activities and even diving off furniture.
  • Suffered prior Injuries such as fractures or ligament tears
  • Infections that affect the joints, such as Lyme Disease
  • And most common and what we are most concerned about... Improper joint nutrition or nutrient deficiency.

In addition, if your dogs are currently in their mid to later stages in life (around 4-7 years old) and are currently showing some signs of pains or joint movement concerns…

Such as these clear tell signs that the American Kennel Club has listed... << CITING

Such as limping after rest; appetite loss or unusual weight gain; inactivity and sleeping more; reluctance to walk, run or climb stairs; unusual urinating in the house; and irritability and other behavioral changes

Do not wait for even a second to take action.

And once I show you in this video - exactly what to do to help your dog make that rapid joint degeneration “U-Turn” as Paisley did… 

You’ll need to start doing it for your dog too - daily and as soon as possible! 

Listen, don’t take a chance with your best furry friend’s precious life…  

Putting just a tiny bit of effort daily is all it takes… and like I mentioned, what I’ll show you will only take 15 seconds a day, - so there’s no excuses.

Now, you may also be thinking… 

“What if my dog isn’t on that high risk for joint pains’ list, never had those non-genetic risk factors, and currently is not showing those clear signs of pain… is my dog good for now?”

Absolutely not!

Remember about the hidden signs of joint complications and mal-nutrition I mentioned earlier…

You see, our pets are amazing at hiding their pains, and this is one major issue that prevents owners from quickly recognizing their pet’s soon to be major joint issues or other health problems.

Doctor Stanley Coren, Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia explains, << CITING

“Canines have inherited instinct to hide any pain that is caused by injuries or infirmity. ... Thus our pet dogs still appear to act in a stoic manner.

They suppress many of the more obvious signals of pain and injury to protect themselves and their social standing in their pack.”

You see, a dog's social standing within their pack is vital for survival in the wild, and they’ve carried that trait even now as domestically breed dogs.

In the wild, if a dog were to show any signs of weakness or injuries…

They immediately get seen by the Alpha or the leader of the pack as a lacking and hindering member….

And the outcome is that the weakly perceived dog is singled out, forced to eat last and only left with the scraps from the hunt - which leaves the outcasted dog to starve.

In addition, the stronger pack members will slowly force the weakest member of the pack to leave, decreasing the weaker dog’s chances for survival and eventually left to go off on their own and die…

This may sound cruel to humans, but this is how evolution weeds out the weak in mother nature.

So what do we need to do? 

Well, here are 4 most common hidden signs that your dog may be suffering from early joint issues… 

So pay close attention to these 4 hidden signs and also pay close attention to your dog’s behavior so we can find out if your pet buddy needs immediate joint nutrient support!

The first hidden sign is excessive localized licking and grooming.

Now, most owners mistake constant grooming as just their dog’s way of keeping good hygiene… which may be true.

But if your dogs are licking and grooming a specific spot repeatedly, this is one major sign of pain, injury or infection.

Dr. Laura Playforth of vets-now tells us that, << CITING

“If your pet is licking their paws constantly, it’s likely they’re trying to soothe themselves.

When a dog is hurt, its first instinct is often to clean and care for the wound by licking it.

Cuts are more obvious, however, sometimes the pain can be internal.”

And the internal pain is usually related to internal joint degenerative issues...

Listen, if you’ve noticed excessive self-grooming in general, take action immediately before things get way worse.

The second hidden sign of joint decline and joint nutrient deficiency is,

Your dog is starting to eat grass and even other random plants.

Web MD for pets tells us, <<< CITING

“Reasons, why your dog might be eating grass, include improving digestion… or fulfilling some unmet nutritional needs…”

You see, once your pet pup starts feeling pain or unwell, it’s instinct is to find those missing sources of nutrients they need to get better…

Now dogs eating grass is actually quite common since most of the foods we give our pets are missing a ton of the joint supporting and longevity boosting nutrients…

And that’s why right after I show you the next 2 final hidden signs… 

I’ll quickly tell you exactly why our dog foods alone - no matter how expensive… are still insufficient for supporting our pet’s joint decline.

So let’s get to the third hidden sign your dog is in pain,

And that is a change in your dog’s behavior.

One major change you may see is aggression.

Just like a human, when dogs are in pain, they tend to get easily agitated.

This is a way to protect themself by having you or anyone stay away because they’re concerned that you may hurt them or cause further pain.

So if your usually calm and friendly dog suddenly starts showing teeth, growling or even snaps at you when you touch their legs or paws… chances are, they are feeling some sort of pain.

Another behavior change is that you’ll notice your dog is less excited to welcome you home by rushing to the door.

Now if your dog isn’t limping, or sitting in awkward positions to get comfortable… that doesn’t mean their joints aren’t in pain.

Like Grizzli here, a 5-year-old Shiba Inu whose breed is known for their pure excitement and their amazing jumping and running abilities. 

Their owners never noticed any signs of pain… until one day he just stopped greeting his owner when they would come home.

Thinking he was just tired that day, they blindly ignored this one major hidden sign that Grizzli was suffering from major joint pains.

This lack of excitement started to become a habit...

And about 2 months later, Grizzli’s owners started noticing that he was walking awkwardly and constantly stopping to lift his back right leg up… 

After that, they started noticing that Grizzli would refuse to go outside in the back yard to potty and beginning to now limp constantly.

It was heartbreaking to see that he couldn’t even hop on to his favorite part of the couch anymore… he would just stare at it and limp away depressed.

Just think, if we were able to help supplement Grizzli’s health with those key nutrients at the first sign of hidden pain...

Grizzli would have never reached that painful later stages of joint degeneration…

Where he is constantly limping, becoming less mobile and starting to pack on a ton of unnecessary weight.

Like I just mentioned, dogs hide it well…  and this one behavioral change is a key hidden sign that your dog might be suffering from a common joint condition that prevents many pups from behaving like they used to.

And the last final hidden and most life-threatening sign is weight gain…

If you’ve been feeding your dog the same kind and the same amount of food daily, yet still notice an increase in weight with your dog… 

This is often a direct sign of joint discomfort, as dogs become less physically active due to the pain.

Remember the vicious dog killing cycle I spoke of prior… 

Where the joint pains are causing our pets to pack on dangerous weight due to decreased mobility, and the excess weight then causes even more joint pressure, damage, and even more immense pain. 

Again this is something we need to take care of as soon as you notice it…


And If you are one of the unfortunate pet owners who are seeing all four or even just one of these hidden signs of Joint degeneration… 

In addition, to make sure you get your dog gets checked up right away and ensure you are supplying your dog with the 9 natural super joint recovery nutrients - which I will be breaking down for you very soon...

I’m going to need you to AVOID three specific things I call “canine joint killers”… that you may be thinking about doing or possibly doing right now that are worsening their joint issues… 

The 1st “canine joint killer” our dogs need to avoid is high joint impact activities such as; 

Jumping on and off furniture…

And sadly, what our dogs love the most…

Avoid runs, long walks, or even roughhousing with their friends at the dog park. 

Now yes, I did mention that less exercise will worsen your pet’s joints - due to less caloric expenditure which leads to weight gain… 

In fact, many of my clients have gotten strollers or have to carry their pets around ever they go… 

Now I know this is impossible for those with larger dogs… 


However, we have no choice at this point… and that’s why we need to get them those 9 super nutrients in our pet’s daily diet right away. - So our pets can get back to enjoying their lives!

The 2nd thing we need to avoid is overfeeding our dogs and eliminating treats from our dog’s diet.

Now I know this is going to be tough since many of our dogs most favorite time of the day is dinner and treat time!

But, since our dogs will be significantly less physical due to joint discomfort and result in buring much fewer calories - it’s imperative we decrease the amount of food they eat in order to prevent weight gain. 

We suggest decreasing your pet’s food intake by ¼ and cut out all treats - especially fatty and sugary table scraps that were all often guilty of feeding to our dogs.

And if your dog is currently overweight and suffering from joint issues, I would speak to your vet for more food adjustment support.

Now the 3rd is the most life-threatening and must be avoided at all costs if possible… and that is to avoid giving your pet prescription pain medications.

The most common pain medication prescribed to dogs is “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” or often abbreviated as NSAIDs. 

NSAIDs medications include: 

Rimadyl, Novox,  Deramaxx, Previcox, and Metacam

Now yes these pain killers will temporarily help reduce some joint discomfort by blocking the Cox enzymes which helps reduce swelling and pain… 

However, these pills do not fix the actual joints, it’s connective tissues and is only a temporary quick fix.

And furthermore, the temporary pain relief could come at the cost of your dog’s long and short term health and even their precious lives… 

It’s the same as the dangerous prescription drugs these big pharmaceutical companies are pushing to humans every day?

The FDA cautions pet owners by stating,

“The most common side effects of NSAIDs in animals reported to the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine are:

  • Vomiting;
  • Decreased to no appetite;
  • Decreased activity level
  • And Diarrhea.

Other reported side effects in animals include stomach and intestinal ulcers, stomach and intestinal perforations (holes in the wall of the stomach or intestines), kidney failure, liver failure, and death.”

Additionally… These drugs can reduce blood flow to the kidneys, possibly causing kidney damage and leading to sudden-onset kidney failure.”

And beyond causing stomach and kidney deterioration, NSAIDs are highly toxic and may even lead to permanent liver damage after just short term use.

Now if that wasn’t enough to help you understand why we must avoid these pain killers, 

Here are some sickening side effects that Dr. Patty Khuly of petMD reported that her client’s had immediately after taking Rimadyl,

“My dog had been on Rimadyl for two weeks when his stomach ruptured and he died of internal bleeding.”


“Mine had never had any liver problems until he went on Rimadyl. Now he has liver cancer.”


“My dog couldn’t take Rimadyl. It gave him bloody diarrhea. Why do vets persist in dispensing this deadly drug?”

Now just to let you know… 

“All NSAIDs (not just the Rimadyl) can cause the same sinister side effects in dogs…

Gastrointestinal bleeding and liver disease… Both are potentially deadly to dogs. 

While severe liver effects are far more uncommon, it seems to be the most feared consequence among my clients and among posts I’ve read online. 

Now as you can see, following the path of prescription medication to support our dogs is definitely something we want to avoid at all costs... if you truly love your dog.

And you’re starting to see exactly why we as pet lovers need to start supporting our pets in a natural and much more humane way… a way that doesn’t mask a life-threatening problem while creating another.

...Which is to supply our pets with the most powerful and all-natural superfood joint nutrients.

Copy Section Note* Transition to Telling them their dog food is insufficient.

And to do so, let’s quickly break this major misconception that expensive kibbles or even making our own raw foods provide enough joint support nutrients for our dogs.

After that, I’ll also show you exactly which all-natural and canine-safe superfood joint nutrients your dogs will need.


Now there are 4 popular types of dog foods...


Now let’s dive in and quickly explore these 3 types of meals. 

The first and the most common is dry dog food or better known as kibbles.

Kibbles or dry foods are the most convenient and cost-efficient… making it the most popular choice among pet owners. 

In addition, if you look at most dry dog food nutrition labels, they even claim that their food covers the entire spectrum of nutrients and ingredients our pets need to live long and actively healthy… which makes it seem like a prime choice.

BUT there’s one major problem,

Kibbles are highly processed when being made and many vital joint nutrients and even gut supporting enzymes in kibble are destroyed and lost during the intense high heat cooking process. 

Furthermore - the intensely high heat also degrades and the natural flavor and appearance of the food. 

Causing many companies to inject artificial flavor intensifiers, genetically modified nutrients, and even dangerous food coloring to boost the visual appeal of the food.

So chances are, your dogs are probably only getting a fraction of the nutrients claimed to be on the label. 

On top of that, after personally reviewing countless dry dog food brands, I found that the 9 superfood joint supporting nutrients were nowhere to be found!

So it’s best you always supplement your pet’s diet with additional nutrients… 

Just as humans do with our healthy diets.

Now, the 2nd type of dog is semi-moist or canned dog foods.

Listen, in all my years of veterinary research… 

I would have to say semi-moist dog foods are the least beneficial, least nutritious, and should not be used as daily dog food.

Dr. Krista Williams of VCA Veterinary Hospital explains…

“Semi-moist dog food generally contains more sugar and salt than dry dog food.

The extra sugar and salt mean semi-moist food is not appropriate for every dog.

Be aware that many semi-moist foods are also loaded with artificial color, chemical preservatives, and chemical flavor enhancers. 

...Semi-moist foods are best reserved for the occasional treat - the dog version of the hot fudge sundae!”

Additionally, semi-moist dog foods are made up of 60% plus water… so, in reality, you are only getting about 40% actually food content.

Furthermore, since semi-most and canned foods are packed with sugar - this will increase dental decay, a higher risk of obesity and cause joint complications at an early age.

And lastly, many of the nutrients have been substituted out for flavor and color enhancers. - making it a very poor choice for feeding our best friends.

And the last types of dog food are #3 Raw diet and #4 fresh home-cooked meals.

These two are very similar, except for the obvious fact that one has to be cooked - which adds an additional layer of difficulty to an already complicated food prepping process.

Now even though raw or fresh-cooked dog food may seem like the prime choice - since we are feeding our dog’s unprocessed whole foods… 

The scientific truth is that there is no proof that homemade raw or fresh-cooked diets are the most nutritious, most beneficial or even effective for any type of anti-aging or joint degenerative cures as most pet owners would think.

In addition, since most pet owners are not actual canine nutrition experts, therefore just about anything you prepare at home is most likely not balanced, missing key vital nutrients or will not even come close to getting the nutritional values needed for our pets.

Furthermore, if you don’t have hours and hours every day to properly prepare or disinfect everything that comes in contact with the raw foods, including feces in the backyard…

You can be risking your dogs and your family lives with foodborne viruses such as Salmonella or L. monocytogenes.

---------end food breakdown >>> transition to next --------

So now that we’re clear that our pets are currently missing the nutrients they need from their daily diet… 

Let’s get into those 9 key nutrients our pets will need starting today as a part of their new daily requirement.

#1 and one of the most vital nutrients that dogs need is an Animal-Based Collagen

Collagen is the master joint protein found in connective joint tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage that softens weighted pressure in between joints and bone.

In fact, 30% plus of a dog body’s protein is built from collagen.

Collagen controls exactly how strong, how enduring, and how fast a dog can naturally repair and recover from daily joint wear and joint diseases caused by the effects of aging.

Now our dog’s body produces collagen naturally to maintain optimal health, but as our pets age, everything begins to slow down… especially collagen production.

This makes them more susceptible to injuries, painful joint conditions, degenerative joint disease, and muscle deterioration… especially the supportive muscle tissues located around our pet’s joint.

Studies show that by the time our dogs are 4-5 years old, our dog’s collagen production could be down as much as 30% in production… and up to 50% in the later years.

Making our dog half as strong, and only receiving only half the normal joint and bone structural support it once had. 

And that’s why joint pains and diseases are so common and serious as our dog’s age.

A clinical test done by the US National Library of Medicine shows that… <<< CITING

“Dogs receiving collagen alone showed significant reductions in overall pain within 30 days and pain upon exercise-associated stiffness after 60 days of treatment. 

Maximum reductions in pain were noted after 120 days of treatment (62% overall pain reduction, 91% pain reduction upon limb manipulation, and a 78% reduction in exercise-associated stiffness, 78%).”

And to prove collagen’s effectiveness even further…

Following the withdrawal of supplements, all dogs experienced a decline in pain.

This means that even after the collagen supplementation was removed from this dog’s diet, the pain continues to decrease...

Proving that Collagen is vital for helping to support arthritic-associated pains.

Now there is one issue with collagen… 

It’s very difficult to get enough of it through kibbles and especially difficult for raw and cooked dog foods.

In order to get enough collagen, your dogs would have to eat pounds and pounds of joint meats... 

On top of that, having to source odd joint and cartilage meats and needing to prepare them daily is another huge hassle within itself.

But you don’t have to worry, because I’ll show you a simple way to get the clinical dosage of collagen and those 8 other supernutrients your dog needs without all the work and overfeeding in just a minute.


Ok, the #2 super-nutrient our dogs need is Glucosamine Hydrochloride.

Imagine Glucosamine as the “cushioning” needed to help soften up the pressure around a dog’s joints. 

WebMD also tells us, <<< CITING

Glucosamine is found naturally in joint cartilage -- helping to keep it healthy and lubricated. 

The shells of shrimp, lobster, and crab provide the basis for this supplemental nutrient. 

Glucosamine is believed to help slow deterioration of cartilage, support to relieve arthritis joint pain and improve joint mobility.

Plus when Glucosamine is combined with Collagen, the supportive effects are amplified and much greater.

A study of 20 dogs with joint complications tested by the National Library of Medicine shows us that, 

“The overall activity of the dogs… supplemented with glucosamine alleviated some pains...

But in combination with collagen, this group provided significant reductions in overall pain.”


Now, similarly to how difficult it is to source Collagen filled meat…

Usually, to get all-natural glucosamine in your dog’s diets - You would have to finely grind up shells of shrimps, lobsters, and crabs for each meal… 

And I’m guessing that’s probably something most of us do not have time for or the tools to do.

Now the third super nutrient is Organic Turmeric Root:

Turmeric root or Curcuma longa of the ginger family is a popular joint and over healthy supporting superfood which has been commonly used by eastern herbalists in Asia for thousands of years for its powerful effects.

The National Library of Medicine says, “ Turmeric has been used for treating arthritis symptoms... and its derivatives have anti-inflammatory activities. <<< CITING

As a result of clinical testing, turmeric and its components have been reported to exert beneficial effects on osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, and high fatty acid levels in the blood.”

Yup, you heard right, turmeric not only supports joint concerns but also helps with the illness caused by obesity.

#4 is MSM

MSM is a naturally-occurring organic sulfur source that is widely used as a natural supplement to support joint pain, help reduce joint swelling, give cartilage protection and improve joint mobility and elasticity. 

Web Md states that “ taking MSM by mouth in two to three divided doses daily, either alone or together with glucosamine, can help reduce pain and swelling and improve function in people with osteoarthritis. Taking an MSM product…  and vitamin C might reduce pain and improve walking distance.” <<< CITING

And it’s even reported that the effects are so powerful that… 

“The effects appear to persist for up to 4 months after stopping treatment.” 

The 5th super joint nutrient is Green Lipped mussels.

Green-lipped mussel is a shellfish that is used as medicine for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and to help prevent sore muscles, particularly around joints.

Also as a key source for omega-3s, Green Lipped mussels are also essential for supporting joint structure recovery. 

Now those are the “5 Big” superfood joint nutrients our pets must have daily to ensure maximum joint support and recovery…

And in addition, when combined, and consumed with these next 4 super nutrients amplifiers...

Yucca schidigera, fish oil, vitamin E and vitamin C - which all have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supporting properties…

Your pet’s joint supporting effects will be exponentially greater, your pet will feel relief much faster, and most importantly, helping to prevent the #1 cause of accelerated aging and premature death for our dog. 

...Which is Degenerative Joint Disease and all the fatal canine killing illness that it induces!

---------Explain how they can do it themselves - but too difficult-----------

So now that you know about the 9 most vital degenerative joints supporting superfoods… 

It’s time to take action.

Now there are 3 ways to do so… 

#1. Source all of these raw super nutrients independently, and prepare it yourself daily for your pets…

BUT, as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, this can be really difficult, very expensive, and very time consuming to do. 

Some people spend up to $8 a day for premium raw meats for their pets… and adding an additional hard cost to get foods that contain all 9 of these nutrients may be out of most of our budget.

On top of that, the shopping, prepping and cleaning is just too much of a hassle for most… 

And this causes most pet owners to end up going back to our old ways of feeding nutritional deficient foods and leaving our pets vulnerable to even more joint related pains, discomfort, and fatal illness. 

Furthermore, some of these nutrients must be scientifically extracted from raw foods and only available in supplement form… 

So this means, not only would you have to spend a ton of time and money making these foods, 

But you’ll also need to do a ton of research to find the most trusted and natural supplements that contain these key clinical proven ingredients and dosage.

And that’s just too much to handle - even for me, who's a VET that’s experienced in this field…  

That’s why this is the least recommended way.

Now the 2nd way is a bit easier, but it’s still very expensive and still a big hassle.

And that’s to get all 9 nutrients separately in supplement form…

Now the supplement route may seem a time saver and so much easier compared to sourcing it raw and preparing it ourselves… 

However, having to force-feed our pets 9 different supplements and constantly having to reorder them every month is an all-new problem that most of us don’t want to deal with.

For the everyday pet owners, remembering to order and feed our pets even just one new supplement is a big responsibility, not to mention having to do all nine daily.

On top of that, since these 9 supplements are coming from 9 different supplement companies, you’ll have to pay 9 times the shipping fees and the hoping our supplements will all arrive on time is probably a risk you don’t want to take.

And another issue that I found with having so many different supplements is… most people would forget which one you’ve already given them!

Now I’m a pretty organized person, but still, I’ve probably made the mistake of giving the same supplement twice and forgetting another due to the confusion… - multiple times.

Again, even though this method was less physical work than prepping and cleaning raw foods that contain these nutrients daily... I’ve realized this method is still a massive mental hassle and definitely not cost-efficient and not easily sustainable for everyone to do…

And as a Veterinarian who’s worked closely with thousands of patients, I know that if something is not easy to do… we probably won’t do it.

Now, I’m definitely not saying anyone who is watching this video is lazy… 

It’s just that I want you to build a solid habit of supporting your dogs… 

And to start a habit, we have to provide ourselves with a simple solution we can stick with and not get set off course by other factors such as time or money.

And that’s why my team of canine experts created our own 15-second approach to ensuring our pets get all the joint supporting nutrients they need.

More importantly, it provides you with an easy and life-extending pet habit that you can comfortably pick up.

So here’s the third and what top vets in our field consider the simplest and most effective way…

The #3 and top veterinarian-approved way is by giving your dog just one single easy and delicious supplement that contains all 9 of these super joint supporting nutrients per serving.

Now, what if we could combine all 9 of these supplements in one… imagine how simple that would be!

No more shopping, prepping, and cleaning for hours, or doing reaching trying to figure out how to order 9 different supplements monthly…

On top of that, what if… 

Instead of needing to force-feed or trick our pets into taking these nasty pills and disgusting bitter or bland powders... 

We can simply help our pets to a delicious chicken-flavored snack that you can just drop in your pet’s meals or give as a yummy and healthy stand-alone treat.

Literally your dogs will be begging every day for it… 

And think of how easy it would be to build this pet-saving habit!

Plus, since it's just one single supplement, you won’t have to worry about all the expensive shipping fees or even have to worry about when they will arrive.

-----transition to supplement announcement-----

And that’s exactly what we did here at Pet Honesty and at my Veterinary Clinic.

You see after a year of research and formulation, we were able to design an all-in-one hassle-free supplement that combines all 9 superfoods nutrients into one simple all-natural chicken-flavored treat nugget.

We made sure that it was free of corn, wheat, sugar, salt, and especially free of life-threatening artificial agents, preservatives, and colors… which dogs need to stay away from at cost.

What you see and get is pure life-extending and joint supporting nutrients with no junk fillers… 

On top of that, every rare ingredient is sourced from the purest regions and at its prime… so you know you are getting the most premium and trusted nutrients possible.

However that’s not all, we also selected one of the top US supplement manufacturers that’s not only GMP certified… 

But also requires the highest level of quality assurance to ensure every ingredient is clinically tested, proven, and is clinically dosed to give your dogs maximum absorption and faster results with each tasty serving.


Presenting our vet formulated -  Pet Honesty’s PureMobility Maximum Strength Joint Support.

You see, all you have to do daily is drop the recommended amount based on your dog’s size - into your dog’s meals… 

Or you can even give it to your dog as a reward treat for just being our most loyal friend…

No hiding pills, no force-feeding or needing to trick them to eat it… 

You see how excited dogs get when given this joint and life-saving treat!

Good boy!!! You deserve it!

Now, this is Grizzli, my client’s dog who I mentioned earlier who hid his suffering joint pains from his owner… 

And since his owners didn’t notice until he started limping, he refused to go for walks and was already in the later stages of having severe hip and knee pains.

And now today he’s here was us, full of energy and able to run and play around freely again.

Because of these delicious yet degenerative joint saving treats he loves!

Maybe I’ll have one too…

Whoa… It really tastes like chicken… (laughs - be friendly)

Now, since I know exactly where it was sourced, where it was manufactured, and….

Since I also know that each trusted Lil’ nugget is packed with only the safest and most naturally pure ingredients designed to support even the most damaged joints…

I’ll even chow down on one with my Lil’ buddy Grizzli right here to show you how safe and how much I believe in this pet saving supplement.

Listen, I wouldn’t recommend something to my dogs, and especially yours if I did not trust it enough to eat it myself…

Now even though this is safe enough for humans to eat… I don’t recommend you consuming it for your own joint health - even though it will help.

So be a good owner and save these tasty Lil’ treats for your pups… 

Now as you can see, dogs love Pet Honesty’s PureMobility Maximum Strength Joint Supplement for its delicious natural flavor…

And owners love it for its incredible ability to help support and transform our weakened and suffering dogs back to it’s vibrant and energetic self again. - finally running and playing just like when they were only pups.

  • Johnson can make one for Grizzli if needed

Now that you have all the vital pet longevity knowledge you need to take the proper actions for your dog…

We have two paths that you can walk your dog down right now… 

One is where you spend all your time and money sourcing and preparing specialty organ meats and or buy 9 different supplements just to get those 9 vital joint supporting nutrients… and that's on top of preparing your regular dog food.

Or you can go the super simple 15-second route that dogs love, and that we spent over a year to formulate and develop…

In addition, you won't have to pay for 9 different supplements…

Think about this… an average bottle of those supplements can cost up to $30 each - on the low end...  

That adds up to about $300 a month! - That’s like buying a new car!

And what if your dogs hate the disgusting flavor of those 9 different supplements powders and won't eat!

What a waste of money… all you’ll have left is a bunch of powders and pills.

Or you can get all 9 supernutrients all perfectly blended and made into a delicious chicken flavor that your dogs will actually beg you for...

It’s chicken flavor that your dogs will love… trust me - I know. 

And since you stayed with me throughout this entire video, learning to accept that your dog’s joints need immediate support... 

I just want to say thank you… 

And as a Vet, I appreciate pet owners like you…

Someone who takes real care of every family member, and someone that’s forward and preventive thinking.

Now again, for those who have suffering dogs at home and haven’t been supporting them with these nutrients… I want you to know that it's not truly the owner’s fault… 

It's just that most of us are just not aware of how serious joint issues can be or what life-threatening events this issue can lead to for our pets.

So for taking the time to learn, and to prevent any unsuspected heartbreaking events from happening to your dog… 

We want to reward you with an exclusive online offer for taking action today, 

Like I said, buying all 9 supplements separately can cost you up to $300 a month - that’s like $10 dollars a day!

Plus the 9 different shipping fees...

…and there’s also the concern that our pets won’t consume it.

However, right now you can claim your own bottle of Pethonesty’s Pure Mobility joint supporting formula… 

Of the 9 superfoods for just a fraction of that price… 

Normally Pethonesty’s Pure Mobility joint supplement is $77 $87  $97  $107 $117 which is an amazing price and a bargain for receiving the 9 of the highest premium grade ingredients and with maximum dosages.

However, on this dog health training page, you’ll be shocked to see it’s just a fraction of that with the special online offer today… 

And you can see and claim that special one-time discount when you scroll down this page below right now.

Now the main reason why we’re giving this special discount is that…

I would never ever want price to be the deciding factor for holding anyone back when it comes to supporting your best friend’s life.

And I know spending $300 or even half of that is a whole lot of money… and that can deter some pet owners away from taking action today.

However, I wanted to make it affordable, so you can make the right decision yourself and not have it based on pricing!

Trust me, no pet owner has ever regretted feeding their dog better nutrients to help support their dog’s longevity and overall health. 

But I’ve seen a lot of regrets when telling pet owners that their best furry friends need to be put down.

Now, remember how I trusted this supplement so much I went and ate a serving myself to show you how pure it is… 

Well, here’s another “big trust move…”

I want you to take advantage of this supplement completely risk-free.

Now even though you won’t need this… 

But, if for any reason, in the next 30 days, if you don’t see or even feel like your pet’s joints, and mobility has improved after taking Pet Honesty’s joint supplement…

Or perhaps your dogs won’t like the chicken flavor….

Regardless, we’ll buy your bottle back and even give you 110% of what you paid plus shipping… no questions asked.

And if you’ve used the entire bottle… that’s ok, just contact us and send back the empty bottle for a full refund.

Listen, I’m beyond confident when it comes to this supplement, and that’s why here at Pet Honesty - we are willing to go above and beyond to give you back more than what you paid - if you are not satisfied for any reason.

So go ahead and claim your special exclusive discount for being such a dedicated pet owner and make sure you do right now before the offer expires tonight. 

This way you can have those few extra bucks to splurge on your best bud with cool toys!

Now you’re maybe still thinking, why are we giving it to you for such a great price and why am I guaranteeing your results?

Well from one pet owner to another, it’s because you deserve it… 

With the hard work you’re putting into your beloved pets you deserve a promise that your pet will achieve its best possible health.

And I also just want to let you know, you already did something great today…

You made a plan to improve your dog’s health, took the time to learn the proper way to it and now you’re following through with that plan.

Just imagine, in a few short weeks, you’ll start seeing your suffering dog spring back into life!

Rushing to you when you come home…

Jumping, wrestling, and playing rough again.

Living a longer, happier, more active and fulfilling life for years and years to come!

And what about you…

Seeing your dogs happy and pain-free again… how much better will you feel knowing that your best friend will be by your side for as long as possible!

Think about the weight that would be lifted off your chest knowing that your dog is living it’s best!

No more feeling of guilt or blaming yourself for not doing enough…

And no more having to see your dog whimper in pain,

Instead, it’ll be all wagging tails from here on out…

Long walks without pausing or limping in pain,

Your dog will suddenly look stronger, more muscular and far away from obesity as possible.

And it’s all because you decided to click the button below and claim this supplement right now that will transform your pet’s body and way of life.

Once you do, my team and I will personally go get your supplement packed and shipped out to you as fast as possible… 

However, if you wait… like many pet owners have been doing… 

Chances are, your pet will soon start to suffer from joint problems that could have been prevented.

And for those who can see the beginning signs of joint issues and pains in your dogs,

Take my word as an experienced VET, things will get worse.

First, it’s just random whimpers and cries… 

Then it’s the excess localized licking of the paw and joint area that causes your dog to strip away it’s fur… leaving behind nothing but raw irritated skin.

After that you’ll start noticing your dog limping more, sitting in an awkward sloping position, constantly panting and compulsively repositioning itself to find a comfortable place to lay due to the severe pain.

And eventually, your dogs may become immobile, and facing high risk for obesity and all of the fatal illness that comes with it.

Literally you will watch your best friend slowly and painfull fade away at a premature age...

Listen, your dogs do not deserve this. 


Remember, your dogs have emotions and feel pain just like we do.

Your dogs aren’t just pets that serve us… they are our best and most loyal friends that we should serve instead.

Now I can sit here for another hour explaining why we need to start supporting our dog’s joint health with tons of scientific facts from my in-depth medical research...

But deep inside you already know why you have to do this.

It’s for you and your family… and your dog has earned that rightful position as a key family member.

The truth is you already made a decision to start correcting your pet’s joint health… it’s just a matter of when and how.

And now that you know exactly how, it's time to get it done.

Don’t wait for the perfect time… the perfect time is the first sign that you believe your pup is in pain!

And all you have to do is the easiest part… which is to just click that button and claim your Pet Honestly Pure Mobility now.

So don’t wait, let’s do everything we can for our dogs, especially ensuring that they get these 9 super nutrients they need from our Pet Honestly Pure Mobility formula right now!