Senior Allergy Support Chews

Senior Allergy Support Chews

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PetHonesty's Senior Allergy Support soft chews are an easy and safe way to help support dogs of all ages with occasional and seasonal allergies and help soothe allergy-related skin issues. Formulated with ingredients like Probiotics, Organic Mushrooms and Colostrum that can also help support a healthy immune system in your dog.

Our dogs deserve special treatment and premium ingredients to help support their immune system and a normal histamine response to allergens in their environment. These chews use natural ingredients specifically selected for dogs to do just that and make sure your pup is healthy and happy! 

Key Benefits:

  • Natural ingredients including Organic Mushroom Blend, Tynegen (a post-biotic), Colostrum, Probiotics, and Echinacea 
  • Helps support dogs with seasonal allergies
  • Helps maintain normal histamine levels
  • Soothes skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports a healthy gut

Senior Allergy Support soft chews contain unique ingredients like an Organic Mushroom Blend, Tynegen (a post-biotic), Colostrum, Probiotics, and Echinacea to help support a healthy immune system, proper digestion and support dogs of all ages with seasonal and occasional allergies. Our allergy chews include a small-fish oil blend that is much lower in mercury than other fish oils and contains healthy fatty acids to support your dog’s immune system while helping soothe skin issues related to allergies. Pre- ,Pro-, and Post-Biotics deliver gut health support for overall health, immune system health, and more seasonal allergy support.

Our chews are made with the highest quality natural ingredients and are free of added sugar, wheat, corn, preservatives, and GMOs. You won’t find any chemicals or food dyes in our chews, guaranteeing the best and most wholesome health for your dog.

Senior Allergy Support Chews (90 Count)