Advanced Allergy SkinHealth Chews

Advanced Allergy SkinHealth Chews


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It’s no fun watching your pup experience discomfort from skin allergies, itchy skin, irritated areas, seasonal allergies, excessive shedding and a dry or dull coat. Help support healthy skin, help soothe seasonal allergy-related skin issues and support healthy digestion for your pup with PetHonesty’s Advanced Allergy SkinHealth duck flavored soft chews. These tasty chews are a gentle and natural option for your dog’s seasonal allergies and skin and coat issues. This advanced SkinHealth formula uses canine specific probiotics and omegas to address underlying gut and immune health issues and promote nutrient absorption and healthy inflammatory pathways for healthier skin and histamine response.

Natural ingredients like kelp, biotin, krill, vitamin E, flaxseed and probiotics get supercharged with the addition of collagen, zinc and red beet to promote normal histamine levels as well as contribute to healthy skin and a shiny coat. Not only is every bite filled with the goodness you want your dog to have, but it’s also made without the things you want them to avoid like harsh preservatives, wheat, corn, soy, GMOs or artificial ingredients. So you can feel good knowing that you’re giving your furry friend the best nutrition possible!

Key Benefits

  • Helps improve overall health, support digestion and maintain a healthy immune system
  • Made to help dogs with itchy skin, irritated areas, seasonal allergies, hot spots, excessive shedding and a dry or dull coat 
  • Helps soothe allergy-related skin issues and support dogs with seasonal and occasional allergies 
  • Rich in omegas to help reduce inflammation and improve skin and coat health
  • Crafted with natural ingredients including probiotics, kelp, red beet, collagen, zinc, biotin, vitamin E and DHAgold® 
  • Completely free of wheat, corn, soy, toxic preservatives, GMOs and artificial ingredients 
  • NASC member company; Made in the US with US and globally sourced ingredients in a GMP certified facility
An advanced premium blend of natural ingredients promotes healthy skin, helps soothe seasonal allergy-related skin issues, and supports immune and digestive health to help your pet live their happiest and highest quality of life possible! For small dogs under 25lbs give 1 soft chew per day. For dogs 25-50lbs give 2 soft chews per day. For dogs 50-75lbs give 3 soft chews per day. For larger dogs 75lbs+ give 4 soft chews per day.

Advanced Allergy SkinHealth Chews (90 Count)