Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack

Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack
Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack

Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack

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Product Description

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PetHonesty's Calm + Quiet Support Pack soft chew supplements and wild-caught salmon oil will help reduce your dog's anxiety while helping to strengthen your dog's immunity for optimal health and wellness - plus it has a 15% discount. 

This pack includes PetHonesty’s best-selling: 

  • Calming Hemp (90 Count - Chicken Flavor)
  • Turmeric Joint Health soft chews (90 count - Pumpkin Coconut Flavor) 
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (32 oz.) 

Giving your dog the calm and quiet support they need has never been so easy....or tasty! 

Key Benefits:

  • Helps decrease inflammation and improve joint mobility
  • Decreases likelihood of cellular mutation and degeneration
  • Frights free radicals with antioxidants
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Brain and heart health support
  • Temporarily calms a dog’s demeanor
  • Helps reduce excessive barking and chewing
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress
  • Helps improve separation anxiety

How It Works:

This Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack was formulated by animal science experts and a holistic veterinarian to help boost your dog's immunity, benefit their brain and heart, and help reduce their stress and anxiety.

PetHonesty’s Turmeric Joint Health soft chews are an easy and tasty way to give your dog that extra support their immune system needs. Made from Organic Turmeric from India, they contain active curcuminoids, spirulina, fish oil and Bioperine (a patented form of natural black pepper) to increase absorption and bioavailability. Turmeric Joint Health chews deliver antioxidants that help manage free radicals, and also help promote healthy inflammatory pathways for joint and immune health.

PetHonesty’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is made in the U.S.A. with sustainably caught Salmon off the coast of Alaska. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil contains levels of EPA, DHA and total Omega-3’s that will support your dog or cat’s joint, heart, skin, coat, brain and overall health.

PetHonesty’s Calming Hemp soft chews for dogs feature ingredients like Valerian Root, an anti-anxiety herb that reduces anxiety in dogs and Organic Chamomile, a powerful herb that promotes calmness to reduce stress in your pet. Whether your pup experiences travel anxiety, motion sickness or separation anxiety, our calming chews can be used to treat a number of stressful alignments. Calm your pup in the tastiest way possible by adding our calming chews for dogs to your dog’s diet.

Serving Suggestions:

Please follow serving suggestions on the back of each bottle. Depending on the weight of your dog you can expect to "treat" your dog to 1-3 supplement soft chews per day, per product. Mix the delicious tasting Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil right into their bowl at dinner time to keep their immune system, heart and brain healthy and improve their skin and coat. 

Calm + Quiet Support 3-Pack