Daily Defense 3-Pack

Daily Defense Pack keeps your dog protected from pests and boosts their overall wellness
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack
Daily Defense 3-Pack

Daily Defense 3-Pack

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Product Description

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PetHonesty's Daily Defense 3-Pack provides a natural solution for repelling seasonal pests while helping to keep your dog healthy when on-the-go. 

This pack combines:

Flea & Tick Defense (90 Count - Bacon Flavor)
10-For-1 Multivitamin (90 Count - Chicken Flavor)
Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil (16 Ounce)

How it Works:

Flea & Tick Defense soft chews have been vet-reviewed and formulated by experts using natural ingredients like coconut oil, flaxseed, garlic and brewer's yeast (all within the safe limits for dogs) to provide natural defense without chemicals and toxins that are potentially harmful for your dog.

10-For-1 Multivitamin soft chews are a great all-around daily multivitamin that act like treats  to support your dog’s nutritional needs and support a healthy immune system. These chews also contain glucosamine for joint support and a variety of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals your dog needs, including but not limited to Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B1, Zinc and Biotin.

Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil 
is made with small fish such as sardines, mackerel, anchovies and herrings, sustainably caught in the pure and clean waters off the coast of Iceland. These fish are high in Omega-3s but low in mercury and toxins and will improve your dog’s joint, heart, skin, coat, brain and overall health. 

It’s a tasty, winning combination that will keep your dog healthy and happy! 

Serving Suggestions:

Please follow serving suggestions on the back of each bottle. Depending on the weight of your dog you can expect to "treat" your dog to 1-3 supplement soft chews per day, per product. 

Simply add 1 to 4 pumps of the oil - depending on the size on your dog - to their food, and enjoy all the benefits!

Daily Defense 3-Pack