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James R.
James R.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

This really has been unbelievable. Our dog King was in obvious pain, but we knew he needed to be walked. This seemed like a "Hail Mary" to try this, and within a week we saw improvement. King went from shuffling slowly, taking about 30 minutes to go around the block, to back to regular time (about 17 minutes, including virtually trotting the last half of the trip). This has been spectacular for us!

Jerry M.
Jerry M.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Our doggo love these probiotics chews. Three of our pups get probiotics: Jack Quigley, our German Shephard has skin problems; Josie....used to get UTI's; our Chihuahua, is prone to skin problems. While on probiotics these three pups no longer have those problems. They love these probiotic snacks. The other probiotics we've used are powder, which I've put on their food, but the 'treat' format is nice.

Vivian S.
Vivian S.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Our lab had developed a yeast infection of her skin after itching herself raw and bleeding in some areas. She is allergic to so many things. We were desperate and had tried all kinds of medications, food therapy, and steroids with little to no improvement. One week, ONE WEEK of giving her two chews daily and her wounds are healed and minimal itching....

Keep Grass Green - Multi-Flavor Pack

Keep Grass Green Multi-Flavor Pack with Smoked Turkey and Duck Flavors keeps you lawn green and spot free
Keep Grass Green - Multi-Flavor Pack
Keep Grass Green - Multi-Flavor Pack

Keep Grass Green - Multi-Flavor Pack

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Product Description

  • Description


PetHonesty’s Keep Grass Green Soft Chews are an effective and delicious way to keep them healthy and active.

This pack includes PetHonesty’s best-selling: 

  • Keep Grass Green (Smoked Turkey Flavor)

  • Keep Grass Green (Duck Flavor)

Trying to keep your lawn looking beautiful and yellow/brown spot free? These Keep Grass Green Chews keep your dog’s digestive system and intestines healthy to address the root cause of yellow grass spots and grass burn while simultaneously improving your dog’s digestive and intestinal health.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves your dog’s digestive system with probiotics
  • Keeps intestines healthy
  • Balances nitrogen in urine to reduce yellow grass spots
  • Keeps your lawn green and beautiful
  • Treat digestive issues
  • Encourages regular and healthy bowel movements

How It Works:
Natural ingredients in these supplement soft chews help keep your grass green by reducing the levels of nitrogen in your dog’s urine, the culprit of yellow spots and grass burn. Enzymes and probiotics keep bowel movements regular and healthy and create a healthier digestive tract.

Keep Grass Green - Multi-Flavor Pack