Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack

Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack
Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack

Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack

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Product Description

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PetHonesty’s Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack combines our most popular, vet-recommended soft chews to provide your pups with the best proactive and comprehensive care to ensure their nutritional and health needs are taken care of.

This pack includes PetHonesty’s best-selling: 

  • Allergy Support+ soft chews (90 count - Chicken Flavor)
  • Senior Multivitamin soft chews (90 count - Smoked Duck Flavor)
  • Senior Hemp Mobility soft chews (60 count - Chicken Flavor)

Made with safe yet effective natural ingredients, the soft chews in your pack will provide your dog’s body with the nutritional building blocks they need to support your dog’s wellbeing if they deal with things such as: 

  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Hip + Joint Discomfort
  • Skin Issues
  • Poor Immune Health

Key Benefits:

  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports normal inflammatory response
  • Helps with joint discomfort associated with normal daily activity
  • Promotes range of motion and mobility
  • Supports normal histamine levels 
  • Supports cartilage and joint health
  • Soothes skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies
  • Supports a normal and healthy inflammatory and histamine response
  • Promotes healthy skin and coats

PetHonesty’s Allergy Support+ soft chews are vet-recommended to help support your dog’s immune system, soothe allergy-related skin issues, promote healthy histamine levels and support normal inflammatory pathways. These seasonal allergy and immune support soft chews are naturally chicken flavored and stand out from others because of the patented natural ingredients they contain such as WELLMUNE for Pets®, ALLTECH Nvgen® and PreforPro®.

PetHonesty’s Senior Multivitamin soft chews combines ten different powerful vitamins, nutrients and supplements, these Senior Multivitamin Chews with Glucosamine address almost every common health need and issue your dog might have. These natural soft chew supplement treats have high amounts of glucosamine and other joint support ingredients that reduce common issues of joint inflammation and increase mobility and flexibility in your dog. In just one to three chews a day (depending on your dog’s weight) you can take an easy step to prevent and treat your dog’s health issues that might be affecting their quality of life.

PetHonesty’s Senior Hemp Mobility Joint Support soft chews are a powerful but safe natural blend of Glucosamine, Hemp Seed Oil + Powder, Collagen, Green Lipped Mussels and other ingredients, that was specifically formulated with senior dogs in mind. It works at a genetic level to block the inflammation and pain-causing enzyme called cyclooxygenase. Omegas in Hemp seeds also help reduce inflammation, and Collagen and Green Lipped Mussels provide the amino acid building blocks needed to regenerate joint tissue and cartilage for increased mobility and reduced pain levels. 

Serving Suggestions:

Please follow serving suggestions on the back of each bottle. Depending on the weight of your dog you can expect to "treat" your dog to 1-3 supplement soft chews per day, per product.

Premium Best Sellers 3-Pack