Summer Essentials 3-Pack

Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack
Summer Essentials 3-Pack

Summer Essentials 3-Pack

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Product Description

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Summer means more swimming and fun time outside for you and your furry loved one...but it also brings seasonal allergies, itchy skin and makes those unsightly brown urine spots on your lawn that much more noticeable.

With PetHonesty’s Summer Essentials 3-Pack you’ll get everything you need to keep your dog (and lawn!) healthy and beautiful this season!

With the three natural products included in this bundle you’ll help support your dog if they’re struggling with seasonal allergies,  help improve excessive shedding, soothe allergy-related skin issues, and keep your grass free of brown/burn spots and looking green and beautiful. 

This pack includes PetHonesty’s best-selling: 

  • Allergy Support+ soft chews (90 count - Chicken Flavor)

  • GrassGreen soft chews (90 count - Duck Flavor)

  • Chlorhexidine Shampoo (16 ounce) 

Key Benefits:

  • Support for excessive and unusual itching + scratching
  • Greener lawn with fewer burn/brown spots from dog urine
  • Promotes healthier, shinier skin and coat
  • Immune health support 
  • Less licking paws/biting skin
  • Supports healthier gut and digestive health

How It Works:

The Summer Wellness 3-Pack provides everything you and your dog need for a successful and healthy March through September!

PetHonesty’s Allergy Support+ soft chews are vet-recommended to help support your dog’s immune system, soothe allergy-related skin issues, promote healthy histamine levels and support normal inflammatory pathways. These seasonal allergy and immune support soft chews are naturally chicken flavored and stand out from others because of the patented natural ingredients they contain such as WELLMUNE for Pets®, ALLTECH Nvgen® and PreforPro®. These premium ingredients have been tested and backed by clinical research and studies, and have been shown to support immune and gut health in dogs!

PetHonesty’s GrassGreen soft chews keep your dog’s digestive system and intestines healthy to address the root cause of yellow grass spots and grass burn while simultaneously supporting your dog’s digestive and intestinal health. With all-natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, DL-Methionine and Bacillus Coagulans to aid in your dog's digestion and balancing out nitrogen levels.

PetHonesty’s Chlorhexidine Shampoo is great for cleansing and odor removal. It's effective for dogs, cats and horses suffering from wounds, rashes, hot spots and excessive itchiness. The addition of aloe soothes the skin and leaves a refreshing scent while 2% Chlorhexidine and 1% Ketonazole help soothe allergy-related skin issues.

Serving Suggestions:

Please follow serving suggestions on the back of each bottle. Depending on the weight of your dog you can expect to "treat" your dog to 1-3 supplement soft chews per day, per product. 

Summer Essentials 3-Pack