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5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

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So you’re planning to open up your home to a furry, four-legged friend. Congratulations! Whether it’s your first time or your 15th time, adopting a dog is always exciting. 

Many potential pet parents tend to overlook senior dogs in favor of puppies, but it’s very possible that adopting a senior dog could turn out to be the right decision for you and your household. 

Before you rule out the idea of an older dog, take a look at some of our favorite reasons to consider adopting a senior dog. 

Reason #1: You may be saving a life.

Animal shelters tend to be overcrowded; unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much room for older dogs who aren’t adopted in a timely manner. Dogs have to leave the shelter one way or another, and by adopting a senior dog, you could be saving it from being put down. It’s an unpleasant thought, but it’s the reality of the issue. 

Senior dogs have plenty of love to give and can be just as fun and loyal as their younger counterparts (if not more). Not every older shelter dog is a problem dog—dogs end up at shelters for a variety of reasons, even if they were previously owned and loved. 

Simply put: senior dogs need homes, too.

Reason #2: What you see is what you get. 

When you adopt a puppy, you’re basically adopting a blank slate. While this can have its perks (such as no bad habits to unlearn), this also means that there are a lot of unknowns. The only way to find out who your pup is going to grow up to be is to wait and see. 

If you’re not into surprises, adopting a senior dog may be the right choice for you. You already know his full-grown size, personality, and grooming requirements. Whenever possible, try to obtain as much information about your potential pup’s health and home history, too. 

Reason #3: You get to skip the puppy training period. 

Puppies may be adorable, but there’s no denying that those fluffy bundles of joy are a lot of work. Most older dogs are already trained, which means you get to skip puppy potty training altogether. 

Depending on an older dog’s history, there’s a good chance he’s already potty trained, understands basic commands, and knows which items are and aren’t appropriate for chewing (your rugs and furniture will thank you). That said, there’s bound to be an adjustment period and your senior pup may need a refresher when it comes to training. Fortunately, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

Reason #4: You get to maintain a leisurely lifestyle. 

If you live a relatively low-key lifestyle, a senior dog may fit into your home more seamlessly than a rambunctious puppy. Older dogs tend to be more mellow and laid-back than puppies, and are perfectly content taking it easy. 

Of course, your new dog will still need regular exercise, but there’s a good chance he’ll be happy spending the rest of his day as a cuddly couch potato rather than demanding your attention for playtime.

Reason #5: There’s so much love to give! 

Senior dogs have lots of unconditional love to give, and they’re just waiting for the chance to prove it. Of course, that also goes both ways—once you bring a dog into your life, you’re going to fall head over heels for each other! 

Shelter dogs can often sense that they were saved; many pet owners who have adopted senior dogs attest to the idea that dogs understand that they’re getting a second chance. As a result, your elderly pooch will be undeniably loving and loyal to his forever family. 

Adopting a senior dog is a great way to achieve instant companionship with a grateful, adorable canine. (After all, it’s a fact: dogs retain their puppy-like cuteness no matter how old they are.) 

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