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6 Ways To Make National Cat Day 2021 Extra Special For Your Cat

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Halloween isn’t the only October holiday we are excited’s also time to celebrate our favorite feline friends on National Cat Day 2021. This year, we’re celebrating cats everywhere on October 29, 2021. The holiday is the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with your kitty and make her feel a little extra special and a whole lot loved. Here are some ideas to help you make this year’s National Cat Day your cat’s best day yet:

1: Spend Quality Time With Your Cat This National Cat Day

Take time to spend quality, uninterrupted time with your cat on National Cat Day 2021. It doesn’t matter what activities you choose to do, your feline friend will be happy to have all your attention and to get plenty of cuddles! If your cat loves to curl up and snuggle, give her all the pats and pets she wants. If your feline friend is a little more active, spend your quality time together playing her favorite games and using her mos loved toys. The important thing is that you dedicate some time just to your feline!

2: Let Her Go Crazy For Catnip

It’s no secret that cats go crazy for catnip! Take advantage of its seemingly magical entertainment powers and let your kitty enjoy some catnip this National Cat Day. Choose a toy that is infused with catnip or that contains some inside and let her go to town chasing, tossing, and playing with it! 

Or, pick up a tin of loose catnip and get creative. You can use it to take your kitty on a scavenger hunt around the house, sprinkle it across your rug and watch your cat enjoy rolling and pouncing around in the catnip, or surprise her by sprinkling some on a handful of her toys. 

Catnip is generally safe for all kitties, but it’s a good idea to exercise caution and take things slowly if your cat hasn’t tried playing with catnip before. And, check with your Vet with any questions you have about catnip!

3: Toy Time!

Make things extra exciting for your cat by bringing home a new toy—or a few—on National Cat Day 2021. And don’t be afraid to try a totally new style of toy that your feline friend has never tried before. If she is all about her feather toy, pick up one that has bells and will be nice and noisy. Or, if she can’t get enough of her little stuffed mouse, try a toy that’s a little more interactive!

Here are some toy ideas to inspire you when you’re at the pet store picking out something new for your pet:

  • Try A Laser Toy: Lasers can be so much fun for your kitty and a great way for her to get a little exercise in her day, to boot. Pick up a laser pointer and play with her this National Cat Day.

  • Something With Feathers: Pique your cat’s interest by grabbing a toy that has feathers. She’ll love swatting at them and watching them flutter and sway as she plays.

  • Mouse & Prey Shapes: Tap into your kitty inner lion and choose a new toy that’s in the shape of prey! She’ll love her pretend hunt and have a blast this National Cat Day.

  • A Cardboard Box: Cats love cardboard boxes and it’s the perfect new ‘toy’ to bring home for your cat without spending any money at the pet store! Choose some in different sizes and let your cat go crazy for her cardboard.

4: Play Hide & Seek With Your Cat 

Your cat will love a game of hide and seek, especially if you are playing! And there are several ways you can play this game with your feline friend this National Cat Day. Start by taking over the whole house and hiding in silly places your cat wouldn’t think to look for you. Let her roam around and give her plenty of praise once she tracks you down. Try hiding under furniture, behind doors, or in areas of your home that you don’t typically spend much time in.

Or, try a treat version of hide and seek! Keep your cat in another room while you go around your space hiding treats. Once you’ve hidden a handful of them in different areas of your room, let your feline friend out and watch her have the time of her life tracking down those tasty morsels! 

5: Go On An Adventure

Have you ever taken your cat on an outdoor adventure? If you have a feline friend who loves to be on a leash and who has spent plenty of time outdoors, head out for a walk to celebrate National Cat Day 2021. But, even if your feline friend has not been outdoors with you, you can still take her on an adventure! Here’s how:

  • Try A Leash: Give leash training a try. It’s not a favorite for all cats, so exercise caution and listen to your cat’s cues to know whether or not she is loving her outdoor time. Also, make sure you pick one in the correct size that fits your cat appropriately before you head outdoors. 

  • Grab A Backpack: Have you seen cat backpacks? They’re designed to carry your cat around so that indoor-only kitties can enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you choose one that has plenty of vent holes so your cat stays comfortable and test out your backpack indoors before you head out with your cat for the first time. With those things in mind, backpacks can be a great way to take your feline friend on an adventure without having to try walking your at on a leash.

  • Install A Cat Window: Have you considered modifying your home to make it a little more cat-friendly. There are lots of options, but one you should consider this National Cat Day is a kitty window. They are designed to let indoor cats take a peek outside and experience a little bit of an outdoor adventure from the safety of your home. 

6: Treat Your Cat To Something Tasty

Treat your cat and give her a new tasty morsel to help you celebrate National Cat Day 2021! Choose something she hasn’t tried before that will expand her kitty palette, assuming you’ve got the go-ahead to introduce that new ingredient from your Vet! 

Or, pick up her tried and true favorite treats that you save for special occasions. Your cat will feel extra pampered and enjoy her go-to goodie! 

Better yet, pick up a chew that doubles as a health supplement so you can give your cat something tasty and support her health at the same time! Look for a supplement that is formulated with ingredients you know are safe for your feline friend since all cats are unique and have different health needs. 

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