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8 Therapeutic Herbs for dogs

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Herbs are amazing for adding flavor to your food. They’re a staple in both modern and ancient medicine. And more recently, they’ve been used to support our pets and their health. Here’s a look at 8 therapeutic herbs for dogs and how they can benefit your pet. 

1: Support Your Pet’s Liver with Milk Thistle For Dogs 

If your dog experiences occasional allergies, add milk thistle to his life. It’s beneficial because it supports your pet and his body’s natural detox process. Milk thistle targets your dog’s liver, the organ that’s responsible for filtering all the toxins and harmful compounds out of his body. So, it’s no surprise that this herb can benefit your pet’s overall health. 

Milk thistle is also rich in antioxidants which support a healthy immune system, something else your dog needs to help him fight allergies. Mix some into your dog’s food or add it to his diet as a supplement chew depending on what your dog prefers. 

2: Valerian Root Is A Natural Sleep Aid 

Help your pet get the restorative rest he needs by adding valerian root to his daily diet. It’s safe enough for him to consume every day, but provides gentle sleep support to not only aid your dog when he’s trying to get some sleep, but also works to soothe him when he’s stressed.

Valerian root can even help improve your dog’s mood. It’s been shown to help if your pet experiences occasional anxiety and is the perfect addition to your dog’s diet if he’s facing big changes or a new and stressful situation. 

3: Parsley For Dogs Help Freshen Your Pet’s Breath

If you avoid getting anywhere near your dog when he’s yawning, address the bad odor coming from his mouth with parsley. Add some fresh to your dog’s diet or choose a chew that’s formulated with the supportive herb. It will help freshen Fido’s breath. 

Parsley contains natural antibacterial properties that help kill odor-causing compounds in your dog’s mouth. This is helpful first and foremost because it helps improve your pet’s breath, but it can also help prevent future dental issues from developing. 

4: Chamomile Tea For Dogs? It Contains Calming Compound

There’s a reason us humans reach for chamomile tea when we want comfort—it’s seriously soothing. Add chamomile to your dog’s diet for a calming effect, as well. Whether your dog is occasionally anxious or is a total scaredy-cat, chamomile can help him calm down. Look for a chew that contains this herb or a treat that has chamomile baked into the recipe when you want to help your tense pet calm down enough to rest or face a scary situation without stressing. 

5: Aloe Vera Supports Your Dog’s Skin & Coat

If you’ve ever had a bad sunburn, then you’re probably familiar with aloe vera. But, what you might not know is that you can consume it, and so can your dog. When you add aloe vera to your dog’s diet, you’re supporting his skin and coat from within. It helps keep his skin barrier strong and his fur healthy. 

The herb also supports digestive wellness and can be especially beneficial for your dog if he’s constipated or experiencing diarrhea. Add aloe vera to his dog dish to help keep him regular and support him through digestive distress.

6: Ginger Can Help Soothe A Sensitive Stomach

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach? If so, ginger might be just what he needs in his diet. It supports digestive health and has been shown to help prevent nausea and other uncomfortable GI symptoms like an upset stomach. Your pup probably won’t love the taste of fresh ginger, so many pet parents opt to look for chews, treats, or supplements that are made with ginger. Your pup won’t mind the mild flavor when it’s baked into a tasty treat and you’ll be glad to know you’re supporting Fido’s digestive health. 

7: Peppermint Can Help Freshen Your Pet’s Breath

You chew peppermint gum and enjoy a peppermint breath mint when your mouth isn’t smelling the best, so it only makes sense that adding peppermint to your dog’s diet also benefits his bad breath!

Many dog dental products contain peppermint because it’s naturally aromatic and dogs typically enjoy the taste. But it’s not just beneficial for improving your dog’s breath. It also supports gut health and can help improve uncomfortable symptoms like stomach cramps, bloating, gut pain, and more. 

8: Rosemary For Dogs Supports A Healthy Immune System

Boost your dog’s immune system with a little support from rosemary. It’s an herb that not only smells amazing and makes any dish instantly better, but it’s full of antioxidants. Seriously, it’s loaded with them And that’s what makes it the perfect immune system support. All those antioxidants work on your pet’s behalf to fight free radicals that can stress out his immune system so it can focus on important things—like keeping your dog healthy. Your dog may not appreciate the taste of rosemary on its own, so it’s a good idea to disguise this herb in a treat or chew that includes flavors you know your pet does enjoy. 

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