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Adopting A Dog? Supplements Can Help!

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October is ‘Adopt A Shelter Dog’ month and that means it's time to consider bringing a new four-legged friend home. If you are adopting a dog now or in the near future, there’s a lot to keep in mind! Introducing dogs to your family, to other pets, and prepping your home—just to name a few! If you’re totally overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, consider Fido’s nutrition first! Plan out what you’re going to feed your dog so you’re ready for his or her first meal home from the shelter. 

Once you decide on a diet that’s right for your dog, remember that you can add supplements to help with specific health issues and behaviors as well! Here are some dog supplements to consider when you’re adopting a dog:

Calming Aids For Dogs

Getting adopted can be seriously stressful! Your new four-legged friend has had his entire life turned upside down and while you’re probably over-the-moon excited for your first night at home together, your pup is probably pretty nervous. Help soothe his nerves and calm a stressed dog by adding a calming aid to his diet. 

Look for ingredients like hemp or chamomile, both of which help seriously stressed or occasionally anxious dogs chill out and calm down. Bring some soothing chews along with you to pick up your new pup and feed them to him straight away. Before you head to bed for the night, as soon as you bring Fido home, dole out some more—as long as it’s safe according to the feeding guidelines on the calming supplement you picked up.

It can be incredibly helpful to add calming treats to your newly adopted dog’s diet when you’re trying to introduce him to so many new things! 

Probiotics For Dogs

When you transition your adopted dog to a new food, adding additional digestive support to his diet can help make the switch a little smoother! Look for dog-friendly probiotics to introduce billions of healthy bacteria to his gut. This will help replenish and rebalance his biome with the nutrients and living organisms it needs to function at its best. 

In addition to probiotics, you can also consider adding fiber-rich food to your pet’s dog owl for the first couple of weeks when you’re switching to a new food. These fiber-filled foods will help keep your dog regular and heaving healthy bowel movements as his body gets accustomed to a new diet. 

Add And Immune Boost

Taking care of your dog’s immune system is always important, but when you’re adopting a dog, that is especially true! While many pets are lucky enough to find themselves living with foster parents up until they are adopted, many surrendered pets end up in shelters. This means they are surrounded by other animals and might not have the most luxurious sleeping quarters and play areas. 

This can put a serious strain on a dog’s immune system and make him more susceptible to health issues. Help your dog stay healthy by providing some added immune system support once your new pet is home with you and your family.

Look for supplements that contain plenty of antioxidants because they fight free radicals and help the immune system fight oxidative stress. And, reach for an immune system supplement that is packed with nutrients like vitamin C and ingredients like Quercetin or Colostrum to really boost immune function. 

Dental Supplements For Dogs

Dental health plays an important role in overall wellness, and it’s important to support your dog’s teeth and gums with targeted nutrients. Add tooth-supportive ingredients to your dog’s diet that will help protect him against future tooth and gum issues and freshen his breath to boot. 

Dental supplements for dogs are often available in a variety of formats from chews and treats to sticks and waters. The wide variety of products on the market makes it simple to add dental support to your newly adopted dog’s daily routine! Look for ingredients like peppermint and parsley, herbs that naturally freshen your dog’s breath. And, choose a supplement that contains bromelain or zinc for even more tooth-supporting power.

Skin & Coat Health

Take care of your new dog’s skin and coat by adding a skin-targeted supplement to his diet. Many pets experience skin issues when they are stressed or have allergies and it is all-too-common for shelter dogs to have skin issues. Take extra care to nourish your dog’s skin and coat as soon as you bring him home!

Start with a nice at-home spa treatment and give your dog a good grooming and relaxing bath. Choose a shampoo that contains active ingredients that target skin health if your adopted dog has particularly troubled skin. 

Then, add a skin-soothing supplement to Fido’s diet! Look for one that contains ingredients like hemp and plenty of Omega Fatty Acids to protect your dog’s skin barrier and promote healthy fur growth. 

Pet Honesty Products To Help You Newly Adopted Dog

If you want to try some supplements to help your pet transition into your home, here are some of the supplements Pet Honesty carries that you should consider:

  • To Help Sooth Your Stressed Dog: If you’re worried that your adopted dog is a little stressed about all the big changes going on in his life, try Premium Hemp Calming Chews. They’re packed with ingredients designed to work together to soothe and calm your anxious dog. 

  • When You’re Transitioning to A New Food: Help out your four-legged friend’s digestive system with Digestive Probiotics Chews. They’re packed with good bacteria that help your dog make the transition to a new food a little smoother and help keep his bowel movements regular. 

  • To Support Skin Health: If your newly adopted dog has allergies or came home and is incredibly itchy, try Hemp Allergy SkinHealth Chews. They’re full of hemp, biotin, collagen, and more skin-soothing ingredients that help keep your pet healthy.