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Advice From Dr. Lindsey: Hip Discomfort

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Authored by: Dr. Lindsey, DVM

Hip discomfort is a fairly common problem in we see in dogs. It’s a condition that occurs as a puppy grows. The hip ball and socket should grow at the same rate, if they don’t it can cause laxity in the hip joints. As a dog gets older, joint discomfort occurs in the affected joint because it’s the bodies way of trying to stabilize the loose joint.

Hip discomfort is usually seen in large breed dogs. It can be hereditary. Some other causes of hidiscomfort are diet, environment, growth rate etc. Owners may see signs in their dogs such as discomfort when walking or exercising, weakness in the hind legs, or difficulty getting up when laying down. A veterinarian would take hip x-rays to diagnose hip discomfort. The healing route would depend on the severity of the condition. Some pets may need to be on prescription medications long term. Joint supplements, such as Pet Honesty’s, can often be very helpful. Alternative treatments for hip discomfort can include acupuncture, laser therapy, or physical therapy. Surgery is also an option for some dogs.

Pet Honesty has a whole line of joint health supplements that contain ingredients like MSM, glucosamine, green lipped mussel, and turmeric which can help joint health. Ask your veterinarian if the Pet Honesty supplements may be right for your pet.


Dr. Lindsey graduated from Colorado State University in 2009 and works in general practice, shelter medicine, and more recently as a civilian contractor veterinarian for the Army. She is also certified in acupuncture and resides in Palm Springs, CA.