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Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

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It’s an age-old question ‘Are you a cat person or a dog person?’ There’s long been debate about cats vs dogs and their different merits. While there are plenty of multi-pet households out there that contain both dogs and cats, many are still divided! And that’s exactly why so many people want to know, do dogs or cats make better pets? Are cats smarter than dogs? Which one should you bring home to your family? 

Cats vs Dogs: How Their Personalities Differ

While it might sound cliche to say, there really can be ‘cat people’ and ‘dog people,’ it’s a way. And that’s because dogs and cats do have distinctive traits. Of course, we’re talking in generalizations here and every pet is unique. But, here are the ways in which cats and dogs are most obviously different:


  • Dogs Are Active During The Day And Sleep At Night: Of course your pup takes plenty of cat naps during the day, but for the most part, this is when Fido is most active! 
  • Cats Tend To Sleep Most of The Day: If you notice your feline hasn’t moved from her cozy spot curled up in’s normal! Your kitty is most active at dusk and at dawn and for this reason, cats often act as an amazing alarm clock!


  • Dogs Typically Only Bark In Warning Or To Get Your Attention: We know this isn’t the case with all dogs, but in general, pups use their voice to let you know when something’s going on. Whether that’s to alert you of a delivery, that it’s dinnertime, or that they’re stressed.
  • Cats Have A Whole Range Of Sounds They Make On A Daily Basis: Sure, you’ll hear a frequent yowl or meow. But, cats have so many other sounds they use to communicate with you, too. From hisses to snarls and spitting, your cat has an array of noises that mean she’s angry. But, she’s also all too happy to let you know when she’s enjoying herself with purrs, cooing, and other sweet kitty sounds.

  • Did You Know That Cats Rarely Pant? Both dogs and cats pant when they’re overheated, have overexerted themselves, and need to seriously cool down. But, the big difference is, your cat rarely gets to a state in which she’s exercised enough to be out of breath! Unlike dogs, cats rarely pant. And if they do, it’s often a sign that they are stressed or sick.
  • Dogs Are Seriously Social: That’s right, Fido loves his people. While the extent to which your dog loves to snuggle, cuddle, and stick by your side depends on the individual pup, it’s generally safe to say that dogs are incredibly social creatures who love their people. 
  • Your Cat Like Space: Your feline friend, on the other hand? She values alone time and needs plenty of space for herself to be happy. That doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t also love you, she just likes quiet time on her own, too! 

How Cat And Dogs Are The Same

Though there are many differences between cats and dogs, they do share some things in common! Both are excellent pets and can make an incredible addition to your family. Here are some of the ways cats and dogs are the same:

  • They Are Both Good For Your Health: It’s no secret that pets are an enriching presence in our lives, but it’s more than that. Your pets are actually beneficial to your health. And that’s because they provide emotional support, they’re excellent companions and they help motivate you to get plenty of exercise. 
  • They Thrive On A Healthy Diet: Both cats and dogs need to eat healthy food to feel their best! Sure, their nutritional needs are a bit different. But, in general, they both thrive when fed fresh, whole foods, plenty of protein, and all the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need.
  • You Can Train Both Cats And Dogs: Your dog is likely much more motivated by praise and wants to learn a new trick just to make you happy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your cat a few tricks, too. You can train both pets, you simply need to ensure you’re using a reward that’s high-value for your cat, or your dog.
  • They’re Both Incredibly Intelligent: When it comes to cognitive function, both cats and dogs are seriously impressive. But, that doesn’t mean they’re equally as intelligent! Sure, they’re both smart creatures, but there are some key differences when it comes to their mental capacity.

Speaking of Intelligence, Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

Scientists have studied both pets and their brains to find the answer to this very question! And, scientifically speaking, they’ve reached a conclusion: dogs are likely smarter than cats. But, before you get up in arms, it’s important to note that cats are intelligent. They just may not be quite as smart as dogs! 

Cats And Intelligence

Your cat, that cute fluffy, furry friend who keeps you company all day long, she’s got a brain that’s a whopping 90% similar to yours. It’s also similar to some of the other most intelligent animals on the planet, so you know she’s in good company! 

Your cat’s cerebral cortex, the area of her brain with the most neuron function, contains about 300 million neurons! This is where the brain controls rational function, problem-solving, and interpretation of language. So, it’s safe to say, your feline friend? She is one smart cookie! 

Dogs And Intelligence

But, so is Fido. And the reason dogs are often called ‘smarter’ than cats is that they have more neuron function than cats. The cerebral cortex in dogs contains about twice as many neurons as their feline four-legged counterparts. Does this mean that dogs are smarter than cats? The real answer lies in how you interpret intelligence!

Dogs can learn tricks quickly, memorize hundreds, if not thousands of words, and solve problems in a pretty complex way. But, the thing is, so can your cat! She may have fewer neurons in her brain, but she’s an intelligent creature. And, whether you have a dog or a cat, it’s important to feed your pet the nutrients they need to support cognitive function and healthy mental activity, especially as they age. 

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