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Camping With Dogs: What To Know Before Your Outdoor Adventure

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Hello, summer! If you’re excited to get away and bring your dog along, we’ve compiled some advice for your next camping trip. Here is what you need to know about camping with dogs to make sure you and your four-legged friend enjoy your outdoor adventure! 

Gear Up With Your Dog’s Necessities

Before you hit the road with your four-legged friend in tow, pack up all the gear you’ll need and make a list of items to bring along for your dog, too. It totally depends on your destination, the length of your camping trip, and the type of campsite you’ll be staying at, but here are some ideas to help you start packing:

Food & Water Bowls

Your pup needs access to fresh water all the time, especially if you’re camping in the middle of summer! Pack up some collapsible dog bowls to help save space. They’re perfect to toss in your pack and bring on a hike, pull out alongside the campsite and feed your dog while you’re on the go.

Dog First Aid Kit

Be prepared for any potential injuries while you’re camping. Bringing a dog-specific first aid kit is a great way to help support your dog, especially if your camping trip is going to include lots of activities like hiking, swimming, and exploring! Stock up on bandages, dog-friendly medication, and soothing supplements to help your pet if he’s in distress.

Dog Sleeping Bag

Don’t forget about a bed! Even in the summer, it gets cool in the evening when you’re sleeping outside, so make sure you bring along a dog sleeping bag your pet can curl up in to stay warm or pack his dog bed along with a blanket in case he gets cold. 

Collar & Leash

Sure, you’re exploring the great outdoors and spending time in wide-open spaces, but it’s still important to have a leash along with you and keep your dog’s collar on at all times. You may come across other campers or run into wildlife, both situations in which you’ll want to leash your dog. And, he shouldn’t go anywhere without identification, especially when you’re in a new place. You wouldn’t want your dog to get spooked while camping and take off without his collar. 

Food & Treats

Of course, you know you need to bring along food for your dog when camping...but don’t forget the traits, too. It’s a good idea to have your pet’s favorite goodies in your pack in the event that you need to get your dog’s attention and fast. If a skunk wanders into your campsite, you can lure your dog away with the promise of a tasty treat. 

Read The Rules

Dog are allowed a lot of places, but in many official parks, national forest areas, and other spaces, dogs aren’t allowed to tag along with their pet parents. Before you plan your camping trip, check to make sure your destination is dog-friendly. The last thing you want to do is arrive at your campsite, late at night and exhausted, only to be turned away because pets aren’t welcome. 

Clean Up After Your Dog

The number one rule of camping is to leave no trace behind — and you’re responsible for picking up after your pet, too. Be sure to bring along plenty of poop bags, a secure container to keep the waste in if you’re in a location that requires you to pack out your with your waste bags, and any other gear you need to clean up after Fido. 

Don’t Leave Your Dog Unattended 

Even if you’re planning to step away for just a moment, resist the urge to leave your dog tied up, unattended at your campsite. When you’re enjoying the outdoors and exploring new places, you should never leave your dog alone without supervision — there’s no telling what could happen while you’ve stepped away.

Make Sure Your Dog Is On His Best Behavior 

If your pup barks at the slightest sound, camping may not be something he’ll enjoy. If he’s aggressive around strangers or spooks easily, he may enjoy his weekend at home, instead of one prefer it if you left him to enjoy a weekend at home instead of bringing him camping. Before you pack up the car and bring your dog camping, make sure it’s something he’ll enjoy and that your pet is trained, obedient, and fit to bring with you! 

Be Aware Of Seasonal Allergies

Just like us people, pets can experience an allergic reaction to certain plants and animals. If your dog has run into the woods and comes back itching, scratching, and agitated, take care to check things out. He could have rolled around in something that’s causing him to react. 

Another good idea is to support your dog with an allergy supplement before you embark on your adventure. This will help ensure your dog’s immune system is strong and robust enough to handle any potential allergens you come across on your camping trip. 

Watch Out For Pests

When you spend time outdoors, you need to be mindful of insects and pests that can affect your pet. Prepare before your adventure by feeding your dog a supplement designed to repel pests. And, while you’re camping, thoroughly check your dog...and often. You don’t want to give ticks time to settle in and cause issues for your dog, so it’s important to remove them asap. 

Pet Honesty Products To Bring Camping

Before your next adventure, consider supplemental help! Whether your dog is a nervous Nelly and could use soothing support, or you want to make sure your dog doesn’t have to worry about ticks or fleas on the trail, here are the supplements you should consider before camping with your dog: 

  • To Help With Flea & Tick Prevention: Before you head out on your camping adventure, and while you’re at the campsite, feed your dog Flea & Tick Defense Chews. They’re jam-packed with pest-repelling ingredients like garlic, brewer’s yeast, and B-vitamins that all work together to keep fleas and ticks at bay while your dog spends time outdoors. 
  • To Help Soothe Your Stressed Pet: Feed your dog a chew that contains calming, soothing ingredients like hemp, chamomile, and more. Do that with Premium Hemp Calming Chews. They’re the perfect thing to pack when you want to help your pet enjoy camping, especially if Fido is a little intimidated about visiting a new place!  
  • To Help Your Allergy Dog: Make sure your dog has a strong, robust immune system to support him in the event that he’s allergic to some of the foliage you come across on your outdoor adventure. Add Allergy Support Chews to your dog’s diet to do just that. They’re packed with antioxidants that support the immune system thanks to a mushroom blend and ingredients like Turmeric and Colostrum.