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Can Cats Eat Pumpkin?

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It’s fall and that means one thing….pumpkins are EVERYWHERE! If you’ve ever wondered ‘can cats eat pumpkin?’ you are not alone! Many pet parents are asking themselves that very question during this time of year—when pumpkin seems to pop up as an ingredient in just about everything. It’s a staple fall flavor and an ingredient that can be used in a variety of tasty treats and beverages for us humans. In this post, we’re talking all about pumpkin for cats and whether or not you should share some pumpkin with your feline friend this fall.

You’d be surprised just how many different parts of pumpkins are edible! It’s been consumed by people for ages thanks in part to its many health benefits. Pumpkin is often considered a superfood because of its nutrient profile. It can be cooked or eaten raw and can be enjoyed on its own, baked into something tasty, or used to flavor seasonal dishes and drinks. Pumpkin seeds are even healthy and add a nutritious and tasty crunch to any dish.

But, what about our pets? Are they able to enjoy pumpkin spice and everything nice this fall? Keep reading to find out! 

Can Cats Eat Pumpkin & Should You Feed It To Your Feline Friend? 

Good news, cat moms and dads! Pumpkin is not only safe for your cat to consume, it’s actually incredibly healthy for your feline. Pumpkin is packed with nutrients and when fed in small quantities can seriously benefit your feline. 

If your cat is curious and is begging you for a bite of pumpkin pie or a taste of your pumpkin dish at holiday dinner, think twice before sharing, though! Pumpkin, without any added ingredients, is safe for your kitty to eat. Sweeteners like sugar or marshmallows, certain spices, and other things that are used to transform pumpkin into your Holiday favorites are often NOT ok for your cat to eat. This is why it’s best to steer clear of any pumpkin that is seasoned or sweetened for your cat. Instead, serve her some canned or cooked pumpkin that is completely plain! 

The Benefits Of Pumpkin For Cats

There are so many health benefits associated with pumpkin it’s no wonder it’s considered a superfood! Pumpkin contains a host of phytonutrients that are seriously healthy and that can benefit your cat’s whole body health. Pumpkin contains tons of fiber plus vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene that all help keep your feline friend healthy! Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the health benefits your cat can experience when you add pumpkin to her diet: 

Pumpkin Helps With Healthy Bowel Movements

If your cat has a hard time staying regular or is experiencing digestive discomfort, pumpkin can help! It has been shown to help ‘get things moving’ for your feline friend and to help her have healthy #2’s. 

Pumpkin Is Full Of Fiber To Support Healthy Digestion

Fiber is so beneficial when it comes to healthy digestion for your cat and pumpkin contains a ton of Fiber. It helps your kitty break down her food and move it through her digestive tract for healthy bowel movements. It’s key for a fully functioning digestive system that keeps your cat energized and feeling her best. Fiber also plays a role in nutrient absorption and is crucial when it comes to making sure your feline friend is able to get all the vitamins, minerals, and compounds her body needs from the food she eats. 

It Can Help Your Cat With Weight Management

It’s all too common to see plump cats that are carrying around extra weight. And while it might be adorable, it’s not healthy for your cat. If you’re hoping to help your feline friend maintain a healthy weight or to help her lose some pounds, pumpkin can help. Because it’s full of fiber it will help your cat feel fuller, longer. It’s an ingredient you can add to her food dish to help keep her appetite satisfied! 

Pumpkin Is Moisture-Rich To Help Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Felines are prone to dehydration because so many kitties are quite picky and don’t love drinking standing water. If you’re concerned about keeping your cat hydrated, consider adding pumpkin to her diet. It’s rich in moisture so adding it to any meal helps sneak a little extra hydration in along with her daily nutrition. And this is so important because if your cat does not consume enough water on a daily basis, she is far more likely to develop urinary issues or other health complications. 

It Promotes Healthy Immune System Function

Pumpkin contains beta-carotene, the nutrient that is responsible for its vibrant color. But, beta-carotene is also a powerful antioxidant that supports your cat’s immune system to help her stay healthy. 

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