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Can Dogs Eat Chia Seeds?

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Chia seeds have gained popularity in recent years because they’re quite tiny but pack a serious nutritional punch. In fact, they’re full of antioxidants and healthy compounds that make them an excellent ingredient to reach for if you’re looking to boost the nutritional value of any meal. But, can dogs eat chia seeds? If you’ve ever wondered this question while prepping a meal for yourself, we’re here to answer it and let you know whether or not chia seeds for dogs are safe. 

What Are Chia Seeds?

If you’re not familiar with chia seeds, take a stroll through the bulk section at your local health foods store and you’ll likely see a wide variety of chia seed options. They’re hugely popular foods that can be incorporated into a variety of foods! 

Chia seeds are most often black in color, but are also produced in other hues, namely white or brown. They are native to Mexico and Guatemala and were a staple in the diet of ancient Mayans and Aztecs, which is where they get their name. ‘Chia’ is a Mayan word that means strength -- perhaps because they contain so many healthy compounds they give you strength when you consume them! 

They’re tiny in stature and are spherical, though a bit oblong in shape. They can be soaked, cooked, dried, fried, and added to just about anything! They can even be used as a substitute for eggs in most recipes and add thickness and texture to sauce. 

Chia Seeds For Dogs: Are They Safe?

Chia Seeds are generally recognized as safe for dogs to eat. While you should always check with your Vet before introducing your dog to new ingredients, most pets have absolutely no problem eating these nutritional little nuggets! They are often incorporated into high-end dog foods and baked into dog treats to boost the nutritional value of those foods. 

Benefits of Chia Seeds For Dogs

There’s a reason so many people refer to chia seeds as a ‘superfood’ and that’s because they are brimming with nutritional value. Chia seeds are tiny enough that they are easy to add to your dog’s bowl without affecting the flavor or texture of his meal too much all the while adding incredibly healthy compounds to his meal. Here are some of the ways that chia seeds can benefit your pet:

  • Chia seeds are an excellent source of energy: If you’ve noticed your dog isn’t quite as energetic as he used to be, try adding some chia seeds to his diet. They’ve been used as an energy source for thousands of years and are celebrated for their ability to help keep your dog feeling energized long after he has eaten them! 
  • Chia seeds support healthy digestion: These little, tiny seeds are full of fiber that supports healthy digestion. It works to keep your dog regular and can even help reduce uncomfortable GI upset like gas, bloating, or loose stool. 
  • Chia seeds boost your dog’s immune system: They’re absolutely packed with antioxidant properties to support your dog’s immune system. They work to fight free radicals and neutralize the threat of oxidative stress, something that can cause your dog to experience age-related health issues without the help of antioxidants! 
  • Chia seeds help with healthy skin: They contain Omega Fatty Acids that work to nourish your dog’s skin from within and ensure he has a strong skin barrier -- which is essential to his overall wellbeing, skin, and coat. 
  • Chia seeds benefit your dog’s mood: The Omega Fatty Acids found in chia seeds also support healthy mood balance to help your dog feel his best and experience a good mood more often.

  • Chia seeds do your dog’s joints some good: They help maintain healthy joint tissue for proper mobility and a healthy inflammatory response. This is key as your dog ages to help him and his creaky knees from getting uncomfortable.

How To Add Chia Seeds To Your Dog’s Diet

You can add chia seeds directly to your dog’s existing food. Mix them in and let your dog enjoy their tiny texture and neutral taste. Or, bake them into dog treats, soak them and give your dog some chia seed pudding to chomp on. Or, pick up some supplements, chews, or treats that are formulated with chia seeds in the recipe. There are countless ways you can add these little seeds to your dog’s diet and they’ll provide him with some impressive health benefits when you do so! 

Pet Honesty Products Made With Chia Seeds for Dogs

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