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Cat Adoption—How To Prep Before You Bring Home A New Pet

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Is there any better feeling than giving a sweet rescue cat a second chance at life by adopting her into your forever family? Well, June is Adopt A Cat month and we can’t think of a better time to expand your family with a four-legged friend. Here are some tips to help you prepare your life and your home before you adopt a cat.

Make Sure Your Space Is Cat-Safe

Cats are notoriously curious and all too happy to explore. Sometimes it’s all harmless fun. But, if your home’s not properly prepared for your new feline friend, it could cause harm to your kitty or your home. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind to help get your home ready for your rescue cat:

  • Check Your Plants: Many houseplants are actually toxic to your pets. Do a sweep of your space to make sure you don’t have any plants that would be harmful if your cat took a bite or rolled around in the potted dirt.
  • Hide Away Cleaners: Make sure all the chemical products in your home are secured in a cat-proof container and stowed in a locked cupboard or cabinet. The last thing you want is your cat to find your cleaning products or come into contact with toxic chemicals.
  • Consider Your Electronics: Cords are basically begging for attention if you’re a feline. Take a good look at your space and stow away whatever electronics you can to help keep your kitty safe.
  • Keep Your Trash Can Covered: Not all pets love to rummage through the garbage, but many of them do! It’s best to keep your trash can covered and closed off to prevent your pet from digging something out of the garbage that could be harmful.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the precautions you should take to make your space cat-friendly. But, these are a few of the most important things to keep in mind. The cat rescue or adoption organization you’re adopting your cat from should be able to provide you with even more recommendations. Your Vet’s another great resource for safety information. And there are countless cat safety checklists you can check out online

Gear Up With All The Essentials

When you’re getting ready to adopt a cat, you’ll need to pick up some pet product essentials. Sure, there are countless products out there that can serve your cat in a variety of ways. But, here’s a list that should cover some of the basics:

  • A Food Dish: Your four-legged friend needs to eat. And she'll need a bowl to chomp from. It's best to get your kitty her own dish, that she doesn’t have to share with other pets and that's not used for human food. This will prevent you from accidentally eating your dinner off of it. And it’ll give your feline some peace of mind at mealtime, to help prevent any potential food aggression. 
  • A Cat Bed: Where’s your feline friend going to sleep? Even if you plan to let her snuggle up in your bed, your kitty needs a cozy bed that’s all her own. There are lots of options out there, and each cat has a preference about the type of bed she likes best. When it comes to choosing one, it might be best to take cues from your feline and let her tell you which type of bed she’s enjoying the most.
  • A Litter Box: You want to give your cat a place to do her business, which she can access at any time to prevent accidents in the house. While there’s no rule of thumb when it comes to picking litter box features or the best kitty litter, we do know one thing for certain: your cat needs a litter box of some kind in your home! 
  • Toys, Toys, Toys: Your cat will inevitably be stressed. You’re a new pet parent. She’s in a new home. And she’s facing all of this without her fellow shelter cat friends. Help ease some of that anxiety by stocking up on plenty of fun and stimulating toys. Sure, they’ll keep her busy. But, they’ll also provide plenty of exercise and help you bond with your newest family member. 

These are just a few of the things you’ll want to consider picking up before you adopt a cat. Reach out to your fellow pet parent friends and family for more advice! Or, pop into your local pet shop to see what types of products they recommend. 

Quarantine Your Other Animals

You’re no doubt familiar with the term ‘quarantine’ after the past year. And while it’s not exactly fun to keep your pets and people separated in your home, it’s a good idea when you’re introducing a new cat to the rest of your family. 

Set up a space for your cat where she has room to explore and doesn’t have to worry about coming into contact with any other pets or people. A small, quiet room will do. Then, slowly introduce other family and pets to your rescue cat. If all goes well, you can transition your kitty into the rest of your home after a week or two. But, it’s best to err on the side of caution to keep everyone in your home safe when you’ve recently adopted a cat! 

Choose A Vet Before You Bring Home Your Rescue Pet

Why choose a Vet before you bring home a new pet? To ensure you’re happy with the office and their providers before you bring your kitty in. A trip to the Vet’s office is no big deal for some pets. But, for a scared kitty who’s just been introduced to a new family and is now living in a new home…? It’s likely going to be a bit stressful. Checking things out beforehand, so you know it’s a place you feel comfortable bringing your cat for the long-term, is a good idea. 

Plus, you can discuss important prep items, like choosing a cat diet, before you head to the store or start online shopping. Your Vet will be able to provide you with nutritional advice and make recommendations that’ll help you pick the best products for your feline. 

Consider Nutrition First Thing

You are what you eat….and so is your cat. Or, at least, nutrition is super important for both people and pets. And that’s especially true when your kitty’s extra stressed and introduced to a new home. 

With the help of your Vet, choose cat food that’ll provide your feline with all the vitamins and minerals her body needs. And, consider some additional help from good-for-you ingredients that offer targeted support. Hemp for a calming effect? Might be just what your cat needs. Probiotics to help her with digestive distress? Definitely a good idea. L-Lysine to support her immune system? That can help your kitty from getting sick. 

Whatever food, treats and supplements you choose for your rescue cat, it’s a good idea to research them before you actually adopt a cat. Why? Because it can take time to get answers, find out all the information you’re looking for and discuss the recipes with your Vet. Choosing food in advance allows you to pick the best cat food for your newest family member, so she has a healthy and tasty meal waiting for her in her forever home. 

Pet Honesty Products To Consider For Your Newest Family Member

You already know that preparing for kitty with the right food and treats is important. And adding supportive supplements can help. The good news is that we offer a line of cat products. We’ve formulated a probiotic to support your kitty’s gut and help with digestion and a supplement for immune system support.