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Dental Health For Your Pet: How to Promote Healthy Dog Gums

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Dog dental health is extremely important for you to focus on as a pet parent. While it might not seem like a priority if your pup is young and shows no sign that he’s developing dental issues, it’s much easier to support your pet and his oral wellness now, to help prevent any issues from developing later on. Healthy dog gums are no exception. Here’s everything you need to know about healthy dog gums and how to best support your pet and his dental health. 

Healthy Dog Gums: What To Look For

When you peek into your pup’s mouth, do you know what’s ‘normal’ and what’s not? If you’re like many pet parents, you aren’t equipped with much education about gum health or oral care...until your Vet lets you know your pup has an issue.

Take control of your dog’s dental health and frequently examine your dog’s mouth. Here are some things to look for when caring for your dog’s gums:

  • Gum Color: Your dog’s gums should be a pale, shrimp-like peachy pink color if they’re healthy. While every pet is different, and some variation from that color is certainly still normal, this is generally what’s considered healthy. The color of your dog’s gums is an excellent indicator of his overall health, but can especially help when trying to identify whether or not he has a dental health issue. Take time to examine your dog’s gums frequently, to make sure they’re a normal color.

  • Breath Odor: If you’re happy to receive plenty of puppy love and doggie kisses, chances are your dog has a healthy mouth. If you recoil every time Fido opens his mouth, something could be wrong. Bad breath is a sign that your dog has a dental or oral health issue and you should take a closer look.

  • Behavior Changes: If your dog has always loved to chomp on bones and chews and now turns up his nose when offered one, take note. Changes in your dog’s behavior can be an indication that something is wrong and that your pup is not feeling his best. If Fido seems to have a hard time chewing or is favoring one side of his mouth over the other, it’s time to take a closer look. To help support healthy gums, keeping tabs on our dog and his behavior is an important wellness check you should frequently make. 

    How To Help Your Pet Maintain Healthy Dog Gums

    If you want to make sure your pup’s mouth is in peak condition, there are plenty of things you can do to protect his gums from developing issues as he ages. You should bring your pet in for regular wellness checks at the Vet, so a professional can examine his mouth. But, in between Vet visits, do these things at home to help your dog have healthy gums: 

    • Brush Your Dog’s Teeth: You brush your teeth every morning and every evening before bed, right? Well, you should treat your dog to daily teeth cleaning, too. Pick up a pet-friendly toothbrush, that’s specially angled to scrub around your dog’s teeth and one that has a long enough handle to allow you to easily reach all areas of Fido’s mouth. Also, choose dog-friendly toothpaste. Look for one in a flavor you know your pup will love, to make toothbrush time a bit more enjoyable for your pup.

    • Switch Up Fido’s Diet: A healthy, balanced diet is key when it comes to overall health, but it plays a big role in dog dental health, too. If you want to support your pet and his oral wellness, make sure you’re feeding a diet that’s full of fresh, whole foods, contains plenty of calcium, fiber, healthy fats, and protein, plus all the nutrients your dog needs to support his body. There are also diets you can choose for your dog that are formulated specifically to help address dental issues. They include ingredients that target oral health and support healthy gums for your dog. 
    • Add Oral Support To Your Dog’s Water: Did you know that you can add doggie ‘mouthwash’ right to your pet’s water bowl? It’s true! Look for a product that’s formulated with bacteria-fighting ingredients like Bromelain, Grape Seed Extract, and Chlorophyllin. Add dental water directly to your dog’s water bowl, pour some in with his food, or stir it into a pup popsicle that’ll keep your dog entertained while he freshens his breath! 
    • Give Your Dog  Something To Chew On: Wild dogs clean their teeth by chewing on bones. Your dog can take advantage of chews to clean his teeth, too. There are countless options available that are formulated for dog dental health. To best support your dog and his gum health, look for a dog dental chew that has ridges and grooves that will help get his teeth clean and is made with ingredients like peppermint and parsley that will additionally help freshen Fido’s breath. 

    Pet Honesty Supplements For Healthy Dog Gums

    Pet Honesty has a variety of products designed to promote healthy dog gums and dental wellness. Try treating your dog to a tasty chew like Pet Honesty Oral Hygiene Fresh Sticks. They’re made the ideal size, shape, and texture your dog needs to enjoy chomping on them, take his time chewing and clean his teeth! Or, if your dog’s not so into bones, try Pet Honesty Oral Hygiene Dental Water. It’s so easy to add to your dog’s diet and it’s formulated with a potent blend of oral-supportive ingredients that will freshen your pup’s breath and help to lessen gum issues from developing.