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Fall Gear For Your Dog

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There’s a chill in the air and it means only one thing--fall is finally here. It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the crisp temperatures, the gorgeous scenery and some quality time with your dog. To make your fall time even more enjoyable, make sure you’re prepared with the perfect fall gear for your dog -- so Fido’s toes don’t get cold and not caught without all the essentials. Here’s a roundup of ideas to help you and your dog get ready to enjoy the changing of the seasons. 

Just For Fun

Sure, there is some gear that serves a very real purpose for our dogs and will help keep them safe & warm this fall and winter—and we'll discuss those later in the post. But first, we’re featuring some ‘just-for-fun’ things you can add to your dog’s wardrobe this fall. 

Dog Bandanas

Spice up your dog’s day with a cute bandana. They’re perfect for dogs that aren’t really on board with wearing clothes or coats since they’re similar to donning a collar. Choose one that’s in a fun pattern or a fall-themed print. 

Halloween Costumes For Dogs

If you’ve ever been to a halloween-themed event for dog’s you’ve no doubt seen how many incredible costumes there are for dogs. Whether you choose to DIY one for your pet or purchase one from your local pet store, halloween costumes for dogs are a fun way to include your pet in the holiday cheer! And, for bonus points, coordinate your costume with your dog’s! 

Keep Your Dog Cozy This Fall

As the temperatures cool off, take care to keep your pet cozy this fall. Even if you don’t live somewhere that gets really cold, your dog will notice the change in temperature that a new season brings and his immune system could use the extra help that dressing warm can provide. Here are some gear ideas to consider when warmth is your priority: 

Dog Coats or Dog Jackets

There are so many jackets and coats available for dogs it should be easy to find one that meets the needs of your dog! Whether you want one iwh sleeves, you want a rain jacket, wool coat or puffer that’s the ultimate when it comes to warmth, there are more dog coat options than ever before. Consider your dog and his lifestyle when you’re choosing the perfect pooch poncho or doggie bomber and reach for the material you know will be best for your pet. 

Dog Snood

Did you know there are dog snoods out there available for purchase? You can help keep your pet toasty warm without donning a full on coat when you choose a snood or scarf designed for dogs. Look for one that’s adjustable, easy to put on and that is made from material that is easy to wash. 

Booties & Other Footwear

Keep your dog’s paws warm this fall, too! There are lots of options when it comes to footwear for dogs depending on your needs. If your pup is an avid outdoorsman, look for something rugged that won’t easily fall off. If you live somewhere rainy and you just need some booties that will help keep your furry friend’s feet dry, look for something suitable for use in the rain. Keep in mind that not all dogs love walking in booties and it might take some time and patience on your part to help your pup come to love his footwear!

Safety First!

As the seasons change, the days are getting shorter and safety becomes more important than ever! Make visibility a priority by purchasing some reflective gear this fall. Look for a leash or collar made from special materials that reflect the light to keep you and your dog safe when you’re out for an early morning walk or an after-dinner jaunt. You can also pick up a reflective vest for yourself and a clip on safety light you can attach to your dog’s collar for the ultimate invisibility. 

For Food & Water

When it comes to eating on the go, there are lots of options for pets who need to be able to eat and drink while out and about this fall. Here are some ideas to help you pack for your next fall adventure or camping trip:

Dog Treat Pouch

Pick up a treat pouch you can attach to your belt or your dog leash filled with tasty morsels for your dog. It’s always a good idea to travel with treats, so you have a backup plan in place if your dog is having a hard time listening while out on the trail or on a walk. Having a treat pouch you can clip anywhere you need makes it super simple to pack treats for your dog. 

Collapsible Bowl

Another piece of gear you should consider picking up is a collapsible bowl. They can be made from silicone or waterproof fabric and make it easy for you to offer Fido a drink anywhere you go. Fold them up and tuck them into the bottom of your treat pouch or keep one in your pocket so you can quench your thirsty dog no matter where your adventures take you this fall! 

Pet Honesty Products To Support Your Dog’s Skin & Coat

Take care of your dog’s natural coat by adding skin & coat-targeted supplements to his diet. Your pup won’t need a wool coat or puffer jacket when you help him take care of the fur he was born with! Look for supplements that contain plenty of Omega Fatty Acids, since they work to help promote both skin and coat health.

Try adding a few pumps of Omega-3 Fish Oil to your dog’s bowl at each meal. Infusing your pup’s food with some salmon oil is a great way to help out his skin & coat. Or, consider feeding him a tasty treat that doubles as skin and coat support—like Omega SkinHealth chews. They’re packed with Omega Fatty Acids plus spirulina, chia seeds and more that all work together to keep your doggo healthy!