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Green Beans For Dogs: Are They Safe?

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Garden-fresh green beans are a summer staple and green bean casserole is a fall favorite. Green beans are such versatile veggies that taste great on their own and add nutrition to all kinds of dishes. But, what about green beans for dogs? If you’ve ever wondered whether or not this veggie is safe to feed your dog, this is the post for you. We’re breaking down green beans for dogs and letting you know if they are ok to consider adding to your dog’s diet. 

Are Green Beans For Dogs Safe?

Green beans are completely safe for dogs. And not only that, but they are a crunchy, tasty veg you can let your pet snack on. Fresh green beans, cooked green beans, freeze-dried green beans...they are all ok to give to your dog. But, you want to avoid any green beans that have been seasoned or that are included in a dish that is made with ingredients that aren’t pet-friendly. 

Here’s when you should avoid green beans for dogs:

  • Canned beans with added salt
  • Green beans cooked with oil, spices, or other seasonings
  • Green beans mixed with other veggies your pet should not consume (like garlic or onions)
  • Feeding green beans to your dog without breaking them into bite-size pieces

Instead, stick with plain, unsalted, unseasoned green beans. And make sure you’re giving your dog bite-sized pieces that don’t post a choking hazard. Every pet is different and you should make sure all the food you choose for your doggo is easy for them to eat! 


As with any new food, make sure you introduce your dog to green beans slowly. You want to make sure your pet is AOK eating them and that they don’t cause any digestional discomfort. It’s also a good idea to discuss new ingredients with your Vet before you add them to your dog’s bowl, since he or she knows your pet best and will be able to advise you on safe quantities and whether or not green beans are right for your individual dog to try. 

The Benefits of Green Beans For Dogs

Green beans are the perfect snack for your pet, especially if you are hoping to help your dog drop a few pounds. They are crisp, crunchy, and have just enough flavor to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth! Plus, they are jam-packed with nutrients that support your dog. Here are some of the benefits of green beans for dogs: 

Green Beans Are Full Of Fiber

They support dog digestion and help keep your dog regular with frequent and healthy bowel movements. Eating fiber-rich foods like green beans also supports your dog by helping with digestive distress and can be beneficial if your pup is experiencing discomfort, gas, bloating, or other digestive issues. 

Green Beans Contain Tons of Antioxidants

They’re full of antioxidant properties that help support Fido’s immune system. They fight free radicals and help keep your pet healthy with a strong immune system. This is especially helpful if your pup is fighting a health issue or experiences seasonal allergies! 

They Contain Iron As Well

And Iron is essential to help your pet absorb other essential nutrients. Iron is necessary for your pup to utilize the Calcium he consumes and to maintain healthy bones and joints. Iron also helps your pet’s circulatory system with healthy blood flow. 

Green Beans Are Full Of Vitamin B6

This is one nutrient that helps your pet stay energized. It’s key when it comes to keeping your pup going every day and it also plays a role in skin and coat health, to boot. 

Green Beans Can Help With Weight Management

Ever heard of the ‘green bean diet?’ While it’s something you should definitely check with your Vet about before trying for your dog, it is wise to consider green beans if you are trying to help your dog lose a few pounds in a healthy way. Because green beans are full of fiber, they help your pet feel full when he consumes them. But, they’re also an excellent substitute for baked treats. Instead, you can reward your dog with a low-calorie green bean that is just as crunchy, just as tasty, and a whole lot more nutritious than most treats. 

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