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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

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Ever wondered how often it’s appropriate to bathe your dog? If your pup absolutely hates bath time and you let him void it as much as possible, you might not be bathing your pet often enough. On the flip side, if you give your dog a rinse every week, you might be going a little overboard with the baths! In this post, we’ll give you the low-down on dog baths and discuss how frequently you should be siding and scrubbing up your pup.

Bathing Your Dog: Why It’s Important For Your Pet’s Health

Your dog’s coat is designed to protect his skin and to help keep him healthy. It’s pretty incredible just what your dog’s fur can do, including helping him regulate his temperature, keep him dry, protect his skin from sun exposure, and more. 

Regular bathing helps to keep your dog’s coat healthy so it can protect your pet. It also helps to remove excess fur, skin, and debris. And can help maintain your pet’s skin wellness, too. Plus, when you’re snuggled up to your pet, you want him to smell nice and regular bathing helps with stinky dog odor.  

What To Keep In Mind Before Bathtime

There is no magic number of days you should wait in between baths because every pet is unique. Your dog has his own specific health needs that might be very different from another pet and that will influence how often it makes sense for you to bathe your dog. 

Before you fill your bathtub and bust out the bubble bath, consider these things:

Allergies: If your dog has allergies, it is very possible to over bathe your dog. If you give your dog too many baths when he is experiencing an allergic reaction, it can actually make things worse and lead to even more itchiness and agitation. That said, soothing soaks can be incredibly beneficial for your pet during allergy season. If your pet has allergies, it’s best to bathe sparingly and to look for bath products with soothing ingredients. 

Skin Conditions: Keep your dog’s skin health in mind before bath time. If your pet has skin issues, irritation, or open wounds, you need to be careful and only bathe your dog when necessary. That said, other skin issues might benefit from frequent bathing, so it’s best to discuss bathtime with your Vet if your dog has troubled skin. 

Your Dog’s Coat: Your dog’s coat can also dictate how often a bath is necessary. If your pet has long, flowing fur, it probably requires a bit more maintenance than a pet with shorter fur. If your pet sheds a ton, you’ll probably need to bathe and groom him fairly frequently. Different types of fur require different grooming standards and bathing regimens!

Overall Health: Your dog’s overall health can affect his skin and coat. If your pup is not feeling his best, his skin and coat may not be at its healthiest, either. If your dog has a health issue, you may need to bathe him more frequently than normal, but it’s also a good idea to discuss this with your Vet. 

Activity Level: Super active dogs may need more baths! This is because they can get dirty, sweaty, and smelly a whole lot faster than pets who aren’t quite as active. Keep your dog’s activity level in mind as you are trying to figure out how often you should be bathing your pet.

And more: There are lots of other things that can affect how often you should bathe your pet. If you’re unsure, check with your Vet! You can always check in to get advice from a professional and have some peace of mind when it comes to your dog and his skin and coat health. 

It would be convenient if there was a single answer to the question: how often should you bathe your dog? But the truth is, every dog is unique and how frequently you should bathe your pet depends on your individual pup and his health needs, lifestyle, coat, and more! 

Can Your Over-Bathe Your Dog?

It is absolutely possible to over-bathe your dog and this is something you want to avoid! Your dog’s coat is designed to protect him and his skin. If you over bathe your dog, you can strip his skin and his of essential oils that are necessary for his coat to keep protecting him. Plus, it can cause irritation, cause dryness, or even flakiness for your pet. If you notice your dog seems extra itchy or agitated after a bath, it could be a sign that you are over bathing and should consider cutting back on the frequency you are siding up your dog! 

How To Keep Your Pet Clean & Fresh In Between Baths

If you’re concerned about helping your pet stay fresh and clean in between baths, there’s plenty you can do! Here are some tips to keep in mind in between bath times:

Brush Your Dog: You should be frequently brushing your dog in between baths to help maintain a healthy coat. This is especially important if your pup sheds!

Keep Bedding Clean: If your pup is laying in a stinky dog bed, he’s not going to smell his best. Make sure you are frequently cleaning your pet’s bedding!

Feed A Healthy Diet: Make sure your pet is consuming all the nutrients he needs every day and that you are feeding him a balanced diet with whole foods to help support his skin and coat health in between baths. 

Add Skin-Supportive Supplements: You can also promote skin and coat health by adding supplements to your dog’s diet. Look for Omega Fatty Acids and immune system support, since these are most effective for skin and coat.

Pet Honesty Products To Use At Bath Time

When it is bath time, you need the right shampoo for your pet! Choose one that contains gentle and safe ingredients and, if your dog has itchy or irritated skin, something soothing! Pet Honesty Anti-Itch Allergy Shampoo is designed to have a calming effect and contains ingredients that will help your pet’s irritated skin.