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Is Rosemary Extract Safe For Dogs?

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Of course, you want to feed your pet only the best. The best dog food. The best supplements. And the best ingredients. If you’re wondering whether or not Rosemary Extract is not only safe for Fido, but a good addition to his diet, read on for more info! 

What Is Rosemary Extract?

Rosemary is so much more than an herb that makes cooking delicious. It’s also a healthy compound that’s used to support people and pets in a variety of ways. And that’s because it contains some seriously impressive phytonutrients! 

Rosemary extract is made using rosemary leaves and steeping them in an alcohol-based liquid. This separates the active nutrients from the leaf matter and nets a low concentrated liquid that’s safe for your pet to consume.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are often steam or heat processed and net a very high concentrated liquid. And this is why they’re potentially problematic for your pet. 

Is Rosemary Extract Safe For Dogs?

Rosemary extract, when fed in moderation, is safe for your dog to consume. The FDA has classified Rosemary as ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’ (GRAS) for dogs and humans alike. This includes fresh, dried, and extracted rosemary. That said, much of the negative attention Rosemary gets in regards to your dog, revolves around Rosemary Essential Oil, which is an entirely different story. 

Why Rosemary Extract Is Controversial For Pets

It’s tough to decode medical jargon, interpret studies and identify which sources you can trust to provide credible information about your pet and his health. So, it’s no wonder that most ingredients are hotly debated and answers about Rosemary and your dog are hard to find. 

That said, many pet parents who avoid Rosemary for their dogs do so because some people suggest that Rosemary Essentials Oils, when used in large quantities, can negatively affect your pet’s cognitive function. And while this may be true, there’s not a lot of definitive evidence to suggest it’s the case. And, it’s wise to keep the following things in mind:

Format Matters

When talking pet food, treats, or supplements, Rosemary Essential Oil isn’t typically an ingredient you’ll come across. Instead, a formula may include fresh Rosemary, dried Rosemary, or Rosemary extract. So while there is some evidence that suggests Rosemary, in Essential Oil form, could be toxic to your dog, there’s no research to suggest the same is true for Rosemary or Rosemary extract. 

An extract or raw material has a different structure, on a molecular level, than an essential oil. This means that it affects your pet’s body differently. It’s not accurate to make claims about ‘Rosemary’ in general when the potentially toxic substance is actually an Essential Oil, not a raw, dried, or extracted form of the compound.  

Consider Portion Size

The concern about Rosemary Essential Oils also stipulates that it’s potentially toxic to dogs when they’re exposed to large quantities. But, the same is true for people. And that doesn’t stop us, humans, from enjoying the soothing scent of rosemary.

Why? Because portion size matters! And it’s important to keep this in mind before passing judgment on an ingredient. If a study shows an ingredient is potentially toxic when given to your pet in high doses, this does not mean you need to avoid the ingredient altogether. What it does mean, is that need to feed a safe-for-your pet portion. 

Check With Your Vet

While Rosemary has been classified as generally safe for pets by the FDA, it’s always best to consult your Vet before introducing any new ingredients to your pet’s diet. What works for one dog may not for another. Your Vet can help you make the decision about whether or not adding Rosemary to your dog’s diet is in his best interest.

Rosemary Benefits You Should Know About

Now that you know it’s safe to feed Rosemary extract to Fido, let’s consider some of the benefits your pet may experience when you give your pooch foods that contain Rosemary. It’s a seriously impressive herb that can help your pet in a host of ways. Here are some of the most bark-worthy reasons to reach for the Rosemary:  

Rosemary Extract Is A Natural Preservative

Rosemary extract acts as a natural preservative when added to any recipe. It can help improve the shelf life of your dog’s supplement, without adding artificial preservatives that would serve a similar purpose. It works to prevent oxidation so you don’t have to worry about your supplement going bad soon after you’ve made your purchase. 

It’s Also An Antioxidant

Antioxidants are compounds that support your pet’s immune system. They help him fight free radicals, that if left unchecked, could cause oxidative stress and health issues for your doggo down the road. Your pet’s immune system is his best defense against illness and all kinds of potential harm, so it’s important to feed him ingredients that support it. Rosemary extract is one such ingredient. 

And Rosemary Extract Helps With Healthy Digestion

Aside from supporting your pet’s immune system with antioxidant power, Rosemary extract also works to keep your dog’s digestive tract healthy. It contains antimicrobial qualities that can help balance the healthy bacteria in his gut and fight off harmful bacteria. 

Pet Honesty Products That Include Rosemary For Your Dog

If you’re looking to boost your dog’s food with some added nutrition, consider feeding him some Pet Honesty Premium Hemp Calming Chews in addition to his daily bowlful. They’re packed with soothing ingredients like sleep-supportive Melatonin, calming Chamomile, stress-busting Ginger Root, and immune system-boosting Rosemary Extract.