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My Dog Follows Me Everywhere—Is This Normal?

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Have you ever tripped over your dog because he’s following behind you so closely? Have you ever tried to head into the bathroom and been accompanied by your dog? If you’re a pet parent you have probably been followed around by your dog a time or twelve and in this post, we’re talking about why your pet exhibits this particular behavior. 

Why Do Dogs Follow You?

Every dog is different and will behave in unique ways, but there are some behaviors that almost all dogs seem to do...and following their pet parent around is certainly one of them! Some dogs love to stay close to their dog mom or dad all the time, while others are more passive about their trailing and only follow them when they get up to move to a new room. Whatever the case may be for your pet, there are several reasons that could be behind this behavior. 

Your Dog Loves You

It might be as simple as that! Your pet and you share a special bond and Fido just wants to be around you as much as possible. Our pets are social creatures and they crave human interaction. Your dog may be following you as a way to let you know that he wants your love and affection.

Fido Needs Something To Do

If your dog is bored, understimulated or hasn't exercised as much as normal lately, this could be the reason behind his following you. Your pup is looking for something exciting to do, hoping you’ll take him outside for a walk, or dreaming of a round of tug-of-war with you on the rug. 

Your Pet Wants To Remind You About Something

If it’s dinnertime or you’re missing walk time, your dog will likely let you know by following you around. He wants to make sure you do that thing he’s been waiting for and one of the ways he does this is by following you around. So, if your pup seems extra clingy, ask yourself, is it mealtime? Do we normally go for a walk at this time? And you might have the answer to the question: why is my dog following me?

Fido Is Afraid

Your dog might be following because something has him feeling seriously spooked! If your dog just got startled, there’s a storm brewing or has other reason to be frightened, he’ll likely want to stick closer to your side. 

Your Dog Is Stressed

Your pet might be trailing close behind you because he is stressed. It might be his environment or his personality that has him feeling this way, but stress is definitely something that can cause your dog to want to be by your side at all times. Help your pet destress by spending plenty of quality time with him, getting regular exercise and creating routines that help promote a sense of calm for your dog.

Your Dog Is Curious

Pets are naturally curious and your dog is likely no different! Your pup could be following you simply because he wants to see what’s going on. This is especially true if you’re going to an area of the house you don’t spend much time in or if you’re carrying something that smells interesting to him. 

Your Pet Has Separation Anxiety

If you notice that your dog has a seriously tough time whenever you leave him behind, he might be experiencing separation anxiety. For some pets, it can be quite serious and your dog won’t want to let you out of his sight, at all! There are lots of things you can do to support your pet through separation anxiety, but feeding a soothing supplement is one way to help. Look for calming ingredients like chamomile and hemp to help your dog chill out and calm down when you know you’re going to be leaving him at home without you. 

Your Dog Knows Who’s Boss

Your pet could also be following you because he views you as his leader. It’s natural for dogs to follow a ‘pack leader’ and to trail behind someone, whether that’s another dog or their pet parent. Your pup could be following you because he’s practicing his natural pecking order and it’s instinct for him to take your lead and trail behind. 

You’ve Taught Your Dog He SHOULD Follow You

You may be unwittingly reinforcing your dog’s behavior when he follows you around, so he continues to follow you. If you praise your pup, greet him and give him a pat on the head  every time he follows along behind you, you’re letting him know this is good behavior. When you respond in a positive way to his following, you’re letting him know it’s something he should continue to do. 

Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom?

For all of the same reasons mentioned above. Your pet might not want to be away from you, he might not be feeling his best, or he[‘s just curious about what you are up to in there! It’s not cause for concern if your dog tries following you into the bathroom, it’s likely just due to one of the reasons we’ve already discussed! 

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