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Natural Support For Dog Mites

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Are mites bothering your dog? If your pup is suddenly itching all the time, has flaky skin, red spots, sore flesh, hair loss or other like symptoms and mites are to blame, don’t fret! There are many things you can do to support your itchy, mangey, mite-affected dog, naturally. Keep reading for some remedies to use as a mite treatment for dogs. 

Try Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs

Did you know that apple cider vinegar can help with mites? The acidity of apple cider vinegar can help rebalance the pH of your pet’s skin which is key when it comes to incessant itching. Try drawing a bath for your dog and adding ½ cup of apple cider vinegar into the bath. Add in ½ cup of borax and make sure the mixture is entirely dissolved in your dog’s bathwater. Let your pup soak in the tub to help with his itchy, uncomfortable skin, and sponge the mixture onto his body to make sure you’re able to reach every area. 

If you’re having a hard time getting your dog to cooperate with a bath because he is just too itchy, you can add this mixture to a spray bottle instead. Spray it onto your dog’s skin and brush it into his coat to help with all the itching! 

You can also try adding apple cider vinegar to your dog’s diet. Not all pups will love the taste, which can make it tricky to add to your pet’s dog bowl or food. But, if you make sure you dilute the vinegar with plenty of water and mix it with food you know your dog does love, your pet will be far more likely to indulge.

Quick instructions:

  • Add ½ cup apple cider vinegar to a warm bath
  • Add ½ cup of borax and make sure it dissolves
  • Let your dog soak & sponge onto areas you can’t reach

Soothe Your Itchy Dog With Honey

Another natural remedy to try if your dog has mites, is honey balm! Honey has some pretty impressive properties, including antimicrobial properties. It is also soothing and is a common ingredient for human and pet skin treatments, which is why it’s the perfect ingredient to reach for if your dog has mites. 

Pick up some local honey and apply it directly to your dog’s itchiest areas. But be warned, this is a messy remedy and your dog will likely be tempted to lick off this tasty treatment! Honey is perfectly safe for dogs to eat, so you don’t have to worry if Fido does lick some of the cream off and 

Quick instructions:

  • Apply honey to your dog’s itchiest areas
  • Also focus on areas with abrasions
  • Let sit for several minutes before rinsing

Try Applying Or Feeding Coconut Oil

When you’re hoping to help your dog handle a mite situation, coconut oil can help! It’s packed with skin-nourishing nutrients like Omega Fatty Acids. They help treat your dog’s skin from within and promote overall skin wellness to help your dog anytime, but especially when experiencing skin issues thanks to dog mites. 

You can apply coconut oil topically as a moisturizing and soothing treatment for your pet. Slather some on to your dog in his itchiest areas to help him itch a little less and to help nourish dry or flaky skin. Or, add some to your pup’s dog bowl. Bake with coconut oil, add a dollop to the top of his food or just feed him a spoonful of the stuff to help! It’s packed with healthy compounds that are especially helpful for skin health. 

There are also many supplements out there designed to support skin health that feature coconut oil as the star ingredient. Consider adding one to your dog’s diet to help him while recovering from mites. 

Quick instructions:

  • Apply coconut oil to your dog topically
  • Or add it to his diet raw or in supplement form

Reach For Aloe Vera

What’s more soothing than aloe vera? It’s a treatment many of us rely on to help with any kind of skin issue, but especially when we’re experiencing sunburn. Your dog can benefit from aloe vera, too, especially when his skin is itchy and irritated. Apply aloe vera to your dog’s coat or choose shampoo formulated with the soothing ingredient. There are lots of dog-safe products out there that are designed to help your pet with skin health and they’re perfect to reach for if your dog has mites. 

You can also look for treats or supplements that contain aloe vera. It’s a popular ingredient that can help add a soothing touch to your dog’s diet. And, if you happen to have an aloe vera plant on hand, you can feed Fido some of the juice directly from the aloe vera plant! Your pup probably won’t mind the taste, since it’s mild and you can deliver aloe vera in the most potent way.

Quick instructions:

  • Apply aloe vera to your dog topically
  • Or add it to his diet raw or in supplement form

Pet Honesty Products To Help If Your Dog Has Mites

When you need help with dog mites and want to support your dog naturally, here are some of the Pet Honesty supplements to consider:

  • Advanced Allergy SkinHealth Chews: These chews are absolutely packed with skin-soothing and immune system-boosting ingredients. They contain foods like kelp, biotin, zinc, and more that all work together to help with itching and sore skin. 

  • Allergy Support+ Chews: These chews might be designed to help with allergies, but they can also be beneficial if your dog has mites. They contain ingredients like Quercetin, coconut oil, colostrum and more all designed to help promote skin health and help with itching related to dog mites. 

  • Hemp Allergy SkinHealth Chews: Harness the clothing power of hemp with this supplement! It’s formulated with hemp seed oil to help keep your dog’s skin strong and healthy, which is key if he has mites! 

  • Flea & Tick Defense Chews: Prevent future mite issues by adding these chews to your dog’s diet. They’re powerful repellents that help ward off fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlers that can harm your dog.