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After a Vicious Attack Destroyed her Dog's Joints, this Natural Product Helped Her

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This is the story of a young rescue pup named Paisley, an unfortunate attack that lead to chronic arthritis and pain, and the amazing “treat” supplements than got her off prescription meds and playing like a pup again!


Hi there! This is Paisley, our now 5 year old American Dingo rescue.

Isn’t it hard to believe this sweet, beautiful dog was once treated like trash on the street?

Before we welcomed Paisley into our family, she was found severely malnourished with her mother and littermates. Abandoned and alone. Only she and her brother were living when they were found.

We adopted her at just 8 weeks old from the Charleston Animal Society and immediately fell in love. She was the cutest, snuggliest little thing.

One day we took Paisley to a dog park to get some socialization and exercise – two of her favorite things!

Unfortunately, things took a horrible turn that day.

At just 4 months old, she was still a fragile pup and was viciously attacked by another dog at the park.

The attack left her emotionally scarred but worse yet, it permanently damaged her joints and has left her with arthritis in her spine, knees, hips, shoulders and elbows.

She also had flesh wounds on her neck from the bites and would shake and tremble violently. It took Paisley weeks to recover from the emotional trauma of the attack.

 Her physical recovery was a different story.

A once vivacious and active pup, Paisley couldn’t run for YEARS following the attack. She sat wonky because she couldn’t get comfortable. She whined constantly when trying to keep up with our other dog.


Because of the incredible pain and limited mobility caused by the arthritis and hip dysplasia, our vet recommended putting her on some pretty “tough” anti-inflammatory meds and painkillers, as well as fish oils.

In a desperate attempt to ease Paisley’s pain and restore some semblance of normal mobility we tried and bought everything our vet recommended including:

  • Four rounds of Adequan injections ($350 EACH round)
  • Rimadyl ($50/month),
  • Tramadol (and Meloxicam sometimes) ($55 monthly)
  • Occasional sedatives when she falls or trips and hurts herself to keep the joint issues from worsening ($25~ when needed).

She was also on supplements purchased from various pet suppliers online including:

  • Glucosamine ($20/month)
  • Salmon oil ($25/month)
  • Dasuquin chews ($50/month)

Nothing worked. The pain killers were horrible on her. Especially Rimadyl. Rimadyl apparently is well-known for destroying the dog’s liver, which we weren’t informed until years after using it.

She wouldn’t eat after taking it some days and some of the meds made her extremely drowsy.

Not to mention they were extremely expensive and didn’t give us the results we had hoped for her.


Six months ago a friend gave us a bottle of PetHonesty’s PureMobility chews. To my amazement it only took about a week to notice a difference in Paisley’s running and playfulness!



The improvements started out slowly from the first week to about 3 weeks, but we noticed the biggest jump from 3-4 weeks with her mobility and comfort.

She didn’t seem to pant from pain any more. She started playing with our bloodhound, Riggs again... and playing more intensely than just barking from the sideline or chasing for a moment and then stopping like she used to.

She started wrestling with Riggs, tugging at toys, chasing my husband and me through house like she did when she was younger. It was incredible!

It’s been a huge change for her.

It was also a change for us because we had greater peace of mind knowing we weren’t slamming her with medications that only masked her problems and created new issues for her (like liver problems and internal bleeding).


She still occasionally needs pain management when we do longer hikes, but without PetHonesty’s PureMobility chews, we wouldn’t be able to do those hikes or outings together at all.

She gets around so well now. The difference is like night and day. She’s no longer limping after walks, she runs around our backyard and leaps more comfortably.


We have been so thrilled with PureMobility chews as a gentle, but powerful and effective all-natural solution that has been the first thing to actually give us REAL results with pain reduction and restoring mobility.






What happened to Paisley was such a horrible tragedy and so unfair! We can’t go back and undo the past however. And I hope your dog’s hip and joint pain struggles aren’t as severe as Paisley’s were.

What I do hope though, is that our story has brought you hope that your dog CAN live a pain-free and more active life again.