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Summer Safety Tips For Your Pet

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Woohoo, summer’s finally here! You’ve made it through the long and cold winter and you’re ready for summer fun. But before you head outside, there are some summer safety tips you should keep in mind. Sure, summer is a time to celebrate, meet up with friends, and get out there with our dog. But, the warmer weather brings new challenges and potential dangers for your pet. Here are some tips to keep Fido safe in warmer weather. 

Summer Safety Tip 1: Heed To The Heat!

Rising temperatures mean it’s more important than ever to protect your pup from overheating. Whether that’s taking extra care with his paws, or keeping him cool indoors, you should be mindful of the temp! 

Avoid Hot Cars

Never, ever, ever leave your dog in the car during the summer. No matter how quick your errand is, it can be extremely dangerous to leave your pup inside a hot car. Instead, leave your dog at home when you run summer errands. Or, visit pet-friendly places instead of your typical stops. However, you choose to switch up your routine, make sure it includes keeping your dog safe, and that you do not leave him in the car. 

Watch The Paws

It’s obvious when your dog starts panting that he’s getting overheated! But, what you may not notice, is how hot the ground is. And that's because you’re wearing shoes! Your dog, not so much. Instead, the sensitive paws pads on his feet are coming into direct contact with that hot, hot tarred surface or sand. 

Make sure you check the temperature of the ground you’ll be trodding on before you bring your dog along. A hot sidewalk can do some serious damage to your dog’s paws and that’s something you don’t want to put your pet through! Look for cool surfaces to walk on, like dewy grass or shady spaces. Or, consider foot protection. It might look a little silly to dress your pet in footwear, but if it’s keeping his paws cool and safe...who cares!?

Summer Safety Tip 2: Watch The Water! 

Is there anything more refreshing than taking a dip in the pool, lake, or ocean on a hot summer’s day? Chances are, your dog feels the same way! But, before you both dive in, make sure you’re prepared with these dog water safety tips in mind. 

Take Things Slowly

Don’t just let your dog dive in! Instead, introduce him to water for the first time, gradually. Not all dogs enjoy going for a dip. And the best way to find out if your pup is interested in doggie paddling his summer away is to test things out in a controlled environment. Find a calm, shallow area where you can hop in the water with your pet. Be there to grab him if he’s not feeling it. And to reassure him that swimming can be seriously fun!

Gear Up!

You wear a life vest when you’re enjoying water activities, so why not adorn your dog with one as well? They can be a great way to provide a little extra safety and security. And could be crucial if your dog finds himself in deep water.

Another thing to keep in mind when talking about dog water gear is his leash and collar. While it’s important to keep your dog on a leash for his own safety when you’re out and about or on a walk, you should not take your dog for a swim with his leash on. It can get caught on rocks, branches or other things lurking below the surface—which can cause a whole lot of issues for your pet if he’s still tethered.

Consider his collar, as well. It’s a good idea to keep your pet collared at all times—because those dog tags act like his ID and ensure he’ll be returned to you ASAP if he wanders off. But, before you go swimming, make sure there aren’t additional adornments, danglers, unnecessary accessories that could cause problems for your dog in the pool or at the beach.

Don’t Let Your Dog Drink The Water!

On a hot day, it can be tempting for your pet to simply sip from the body of water he’s swimming in. But, help him resist the urge! Always bring along fresh, clean, safe drinking water for your dog to lap up. This way, he won’t be tempted to gulp down seawater that could make him sick. Or lake water that could contain pathogens. Or pool water that’s full of chemicals. There’s no telling what might be in your pool, local lake, or nearby ocean’s water. And sure, it’s perfectly safe to splash, play, and swim in. But, when ingested, it poses some serious safety threats for Fido. 

Summer Safety Tip 3: Protect Fido From The Sun!

Ahhhh, it’s a beautiful, bright sunny day and you just can’t wait to spend it outside with Fido. But, before you head outdoors to soak up those glorious rays, take care to do a few things first. 

Sunscreen Your Pup

You slather on sun protection to keep your skin safe, and you should for your pet, as well! You might think his fur coat gives him all the protection he needs, and for the most part, it does. But, there are some areas less protected by his fur than others. And not all dogs have a thick, dense coat. 

If your dog has white fur, pink skin, or a sparse coat, make sure you use dog-safe sunscreen on skin areas that are visible to your eye. He may need a bit on his back, the top of his head, and definitely his nose. Some pups even need a little extra protection on their paws. Your dog can absolutely get sunburned! And protecting him with pet-safe sunscreen is a great way to help prevent that from happening. 

Bring Water Everywhere

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when your dog is out in the sun and heat. He relies on you to provide him with all the resources he needs to enjoy time outside, and that includes bringing fresh drinking water with you everywhere. Seriously! Even if you’re just running to the dog park or going for a quick walk, temperatures can get hot, quickly in the summertime. And you don’t ever want to be caught without water for yourself and for your pet! 

Summer Safety Tip 4: Loud Noises Can Be Scary!

There’s a whole lot more hustle and bustle going on in the summer months. People are outside enjoying time off, warm weather, and gorgeous sunsets. But, that means it’s likely a lot noisier, too! Sudden, loud sounds can be seriously alarming to your dog, and there’s no telling what Fido will do when he’s spooked. Pets run off, get aggressive, or cower when faced with something scary. So, it’s important to take measures to help them through those frightening times. 

It’s Firework Season

The 4th of July and the weeks leading up to and following the Holiday are primetime for fireworks. That means you and your dog are bound to hear some sudden pops, loud booms, and crackling. While many pets have no problems with fireworks, others are deeply affected. And we’re not surprised! They’re loud to our ears...but to your pet’s ultrasensitive ones? Yeah, we can’t imagine how startling fireworks must be for some dogs! 

While there’s not a whole lot you can do if you’re surprised by an onslaught of fireworks, you can help set your dog up for comfort when you’re anticipating a full-blown show. Keep your doors secure! Many pets are prone to run off when they’re startled by fireworks noise, and you don’t want your dog to bolt through a door you’ve left open. Set him up in a cool, cozy place. And consider kenneling him during the show. It will give him a safe space where he’ll feel secure and it will give you peace of mind knowing he’s safe inside your home. 

You can also give your dog a calming aid that includes ingredients like chamomile and melatonin. Feed him the chew, or add it to his dog dish shortly before you know the skies will start to light up with fireworks and it should help soothe some of his anxiety! 

Think About Thunderstorms, Too

Fireworks aren’t the only loud scary things that happen during summer. Depending on where you live, storms can get intense in the summer months and produce some loud, loud thunder. When the weather’s looking rough, take the same precautions you would during a fireworks show and get secure your pup in a safe, comforting space indoors.

Pethonesty Products That Can Help Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

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And, since you’ll be spending more time outside in the summer, an allergy aid can come in handy! Try one like Pethonesty Allergy Support Chews to support Fido if he experiences occasional allergies. When there’s a thunderstorm, your neighbors are setting off fireworks, or there’s some other stressful situation going on this summer, soothe your stressed pup with a calming aid like Pethonesty Premium Hemp Calming Chews