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Where To Go Camping With Dogs: 5 Dog-friendly Campgrounds To Visit With Your Pet

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Ahhh, it’s finally fall! And that means it is the perfect time for outdoor adventure thanks to the cooler temperatures. But, don’t leave Fido at home! There are plenty of pet-friendly campgrounds to check out with your pet this fall. We put together a list of some of our favorites to help you plan the perfect camping with dogs adventure for you and all of your family -- four-legged friends included. 

#1 Four Paws Kingdom Campground in Rutherfordton, North Carolina

According to Travel + Leisure, this is one of the best pet-friendly campsites around! It’s the first campsite that’s totally dedicated to dogs and designed specifically with your pet in mind. There are spaces to park your RV, set up a tent, or rent a cabin, all while catering to your dog and his needs at the same time. The property includes a space for your dog to enjoy a spa day in with doggie-themed treatments. It’s also known for its lavish dog park and wide-open pet-friendly spaces. Fido can run, jump and enjoy time with other doggie visitors. And, if your dog decides he wants to take a dop, there’s a pond specifically designated for dogs at the campsite as well, complete with a floating dock and other toys for your pet to enjoy. 

#2 Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground in Orlando, Florida

Spend a magical weekend away with your dog at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. According to Bring Fido, this campsite and resort gets rave reviews and is incredibly pet-friendly. It’s the perfect place to celebrate some Disney magic with your dog in tow. Stay in one of the many pet-friendly cabins on the grounds and you’ll be gifted with a 'Pluto's Welcome Kit’ that includes all the essentials your dog might need during his stay. There are tons of nearby walking trails and pet-friendly activities your dog can enjoy on your Disney-filled camping adventure.

#3 Grand Canyon RV Glamping in Williams, Arizona

See the incredible sites of the Grand Cayon while enjoying an upscale camping experience for you and your dog at Grand Canyon RV Glamping. The campsites combine luxury-style sleeping arrangements with an outdoor element that makes this spot the perfect place to camp with your indoor-loving dog. The lavish campgrounds include plenty of pet0freindly spaces and their on-site restaurants include menus specifically designed for you and your dogs! 

#4 Sagadahoc Bay Campground in Georgetown, Maine

This is another staple vacation spot for pet parents according to Travel + Leisure. The Sagadahoc Bay Campground is not just dog-friendly it was actually created by pet people who are crazy about dogs and wanted a campground that is pet-centric. This gorgeous spot is nestled on an island and has stunning ocean views all around. It’s perfect for your pup to enjoy running around on the beach and enjoying the crisp fall weather. 

#5 Riverside Campground & Cabins in Big Sur, California

Now, this is one campground that’s set in a stunning area! Located in Big Sur California, Riverside Campground & Cabins is secluded enough that it feels like a true wilderness adventure but is easily accessible for you and your four-legged family to get to. This site is surrounded by redwoods and has access to the beach, so you get to enjoy the best of everything California has to offer with your dog in tow. The entire campsite and all the cabins are dog-friendly and happy to welcome your pet! 

What To Keep In Mind Before You Go Camping With Dogs

Of course, camping is more fun when your furry friends tag along, but keep your individual dog’s personality in mind before you pack up the car and head out on an adventure. Not all dogs like camping -- just like not all people are bigs fans of roughing it in the outdoors. If your pet gets easily stressed by new situations, is spooked by the slightest strange noise, and doesn’t do well off-leash, it’s probably a good idea to leave your dog at home and plan some quality time doing something he does love. But, if your dog does love adventure and is ready to go camping with you, make sure that you’re prepped and ready for an adventure with dogs.

Bring The Right Camping Gear For Your Dog

Pack a bag with your dog’s necessities. While every pet is different, in general, you’ll need food, a dish, a water bowl, your pet’s favorite toys, some treats, a dog bed and somewhere cozy your pup can curl up if he gets cold at night. It’s also essential to make sure your dog has his collar on at all times and that your contact info is up-to-date in case Fido decides to take himself on a solo adventure. 

Make Sure Your Pet Is Protected From Fleas & Ticks

Whenever you’re spending an extended amount of time outside with your dog, make sure he’s protected with flea and tick repellent. There are lots of different methods, treatments, and products to consider. Whatever you choose to use to protect your dog from fleas and ticks make sure it’s all-natural and won’t cause him harm. Look for a supplement or treatment that is formulated with ingredients like garlic, coconut oil, and brewer’s yeast, all ingredients that have been proven effective at repelling those pesky parasites. 

Pet Honesty Products To Pack on Your Outdoor Adventure

Headed out camping this weekend with your dog? Then pick up a jar of Pet Honesty Flea & Tick Defense Chews. They’re gentle and safe for Fido to take but have some seriously impressive ingredients that help keep fleas, ticks, and other parasites at bay. They’re one of the only supplements on the market that contain coconut oil, an ingredient that has been studied for its effects repelling pests. But that’s not all they include. They’re also formulated with garlic, brewer’s yeast, a blend of B-vitamins, and other pest-repellent ingredients that help keep your dog safe when you’re enjoying your outdoor adventure.