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Why Clean Dog Teeth Is The Key To Oral Health For Your Pet

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You brush your teeth every night, right? And, first thing when you wake up in the morning. If you listen to your dentist, you may even whip out the toothbrush midday after a meal. And while your dog doesn’t need to spend quite as much time supporting his dental health as you do, dog teeth cleaning is important. Here are some tips to help you keep your care for your dog’s teeth, in between visits to the Vet for a professional cleaning. 

Why Clean Dog Teeth Are Important

Your dog’s oral health plays a big role in his overall wellness. You see, if your pet develops a dental health issue, it can spread to other areas of his body and lead to even more serious health concerns. Plus, dental health issues are seriously uncomfortable for your dog. And, while we’re at it, we may as well discuss just how expensive dealing with dental issues can get if you don’t take the proper preventative measures while your pet’s still helpful.

Supporting your dog with oral wellness is key when it comes to preventing expensive Vet bills down the road and helping to prevent serious health issues from developing. And the easiest way to help prevent dental health from becoming a problem for Fido is to keep his chompers clean! 

How To Help Your Dog Keep His Teeth Clean

There are lots of things your dog is naturally inclined to do to keep his own teeth clean. But, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t benefit from a little extra help from his pet parent, too. Here are some tips you can use to help support your dog and his dental health.

Get To The Vet Every Year

Regular Vet visits are essential if you want your dog to live a long and happy life. Your Vet can spot potential problems long before you can because he or she is trained to do so. Plus, they’re able to conduct blood work and administer other tests that you can’t at home. Getting your dog in regularly helps catch any potential dental issues early on before they can develop into something more serious. 

Feed Fido The Right Diet

If you want your pet to have a healthy mouth, a good place to start is his dog bowl. Healthy nutrition plays a role in overall wellness and is especially important to help keep your dog’s dental health in check. Look for a diet that’s formulated specifically for dogs and meets all your pet’s nutritional needs. Feeding your pet a balanced diet that contains plenty of protein, the right mix of produce, and all the nutrients he needs is a great way to help prevent dental issues from becoming a problem. 

Pay close attention to the Calcium content, if you’re particularly concerned about your dog’s dental health. Eating a diet that contains plenty of Calcium is key for helping develop and maintain healthy, strong teeth. And, make sure it’s formulated with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables support your dog’s oral health by warding off potentially harmful bacteria. Antioxidants help prevent age-related health issues from developing. 

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Of course, the obvious answer to ‘how do I help my dog keep his teeth clean,’ is to clean them yourself! Sure, your pup can get some of the gunk off his chompers, but he probably can’t do a super thorough job. Regular brushings, done by you, can be incredibly effective when it comes to keeping dog teeth clean.

And, the best part is, it’s not as hard as you might think to brush your dog’s teeth. Simply pick up a pet-friendly toothbrush that’s designed specifically for your dog’s mouth. It’ll be extra long so you can reach all the way to the back of his mouth and likely have angled bristles for better leverage. Pick up a pet-friendly toothpaste in a flavor your dog will love and get brushing. It only takes a few minutes and is so effective at helping to prevent future dental issues.

Reward your pup after you’ve brushed his teeth to let him know just how good he is for sitting patiently while you tented to his chompers and make brushing a part of both of your daily routines! 

Give Him Plenty To Chew On

One way you can empower your dog to keep his own teeth clean is by making sure he has plenty of chews and bones to chomp on. Your dog naturally cleans his teeth by chewing, but he won’t be able to do so without the necessary supplies. Stock up on your dog’s favorite chew toy and give him some chew time every day to help keep his teeth clean. Or, take things a step further and pick up dental chews. They’re typically made with oral-supportive ingredients and are formed with grooves that help clean your dog’s teeth as he chews. 

Introduce Your Dog To Dental Supplements

Dental chews aren’t the only dental support product to consider for Fido. You can also grab a supplement that targets overall health, to help prevent future dental issues from occurring. Choose one that’s rich in antioxidants that help boost the immune system and promote overall wellness.

And, consider dental hygiene water. These products are designed to add to your dog’s water bowl or to get mixed in with his food. THey’re often formulated with breath-freshening ingredients, to help with any mouth odor and supportive, bacteria-fighting ingredients that help prevent dental issues. You can even use dental hygiene water to rinse out your pet’s mouth after you’ve brushed his teeth, for an even more thorough, and fresh, cleaning!

Pet Honesty Supplements for Clean Dog Teeth

Ready to support your pet and his dental health? Start by adding Pet Honesty Oral Hygiene Dental Water to his dish. It’s made with breath-freshening peppermint and parsley, plus ingredients that help prevent potentially harmful bacteria from causing oral issues for your pet. And, let your dog chew on some Pet Honesty Allergy Support Fresh Sticks. The abrasion from chewing the hard stick helps clean teeth while natural ingredients help support immune health and dogs struggling with seasonal allergies.