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Why Magnesium Is Essential For Your Pet

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There aren’t many nutrients more important than Magnesium. It’s essential for more than 300 functions in your pet’s body. It’s a VIP compound that your pet needs to consume each and every day! This post covers everything you should know about this mineral and your pet.

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium’s a mineral. And while you hear all the time about essential vitamins your pet should consume, minerals aren’t often discussed. But don’t let that fool you. They’re just as important as their vitamin counterparts, especially when we’re talking about Magnesium! Magnesium has a hand in cognitive function, metabolism, cardiovascular function, nerve function, and more. In fact, there isn’t much this mineral’s not involved in! 

Why Does Your Dog Need Magnesium?

Your pet needs Magnesium. Point, blank, period. It’s one of few nutrients that’s truly essential to his everyday health, wellness, and body function. Magnesium plays a role in his physical health, neurological health, mood, and more. 

Your pet can’t produce Magnesium on his own! He needs to eat some every day to avoid deficiency. It’s also considered a ‘macromineral.’ This is just a fancy way to say that your dog requires a large daily quantity of Magnesium to keep him healthy. 

  • Magnesium is key when it comes to detoxification. Your pet’s liver works hard to keep toxins out of his body and Magnesium helps make it possible to do so! 
  • Magnesium keeps other nutrients in check. It helps regulate Calcium, Vitamin D, Zinc, and more in your pet’s body. 
  • Magnesium helps your pet’s body create energy. All that tasty food you feed him, yeah, Magnesium helps turn it into fuel.
  • Magnesium helps turn amino acids into protein. Hello, healthy muscles! 
  • Magnesium supports your dog’s brain. It’s key when it comes to nerve function and regulating neurotransmitter health.
  • Magnesium even helps his heart stay healthy. It promotes healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 
  • Magnesium helps control your pet’s hormones. This means that all hormone-related functions rely on this mineral! 

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Magnesium Supplement?

Sure, there are plenty of Magnesium-rich foods out there. But, your pet likely doesn’t want to, or shouldn’t, eat many of these ingredients. They include dairy products, whole grains, peanuts, edamame, and more. 

So, what can you do to make sure your pet gets enough Magnesium each day? Look for a multivitamin that includes your pet’s daily dose! Or, choose a food that’s fortified with Magnesium. Doing so ensure he gets the optimal daily dose for all the essential body function. But, that’s not all Magenisum helps with. There are a host of less-essential benefits as well.

After Exercise, Magnesium Supports Recovery

When you have an active dog, he’s bound to get sore muscles after a day of exertion. But not to worry! Magnesium supports healthy recovery after exercise. It’s been shown to boost performance during exercise, as well. So, all you dog athletes, dock jumpers, and working pups take note. Magnesium might be a worthy addition to your dog bowl! 

After Surgery, Magnesium May Support A Quick Recovery

Along the same token, Magnesium’s been shown to effectively support recovery after surgery. So, if your pet’s recently been spayed or neutered or had another procedure, consider giving his recovery a boost with Magnesium. It helps promote a healthy inflammatory response  and it’s been shown to help with occasional discomfort.

Magnesium Helps Your Pet Relax

Not only does Magnesium support your dog’s muscles after exercise, but it helps them relax...anytime. We all need time to rest, but if your pet’s on edge and can’t relax, he won’t get the zzz’s he needs. Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation, so he can get better sleep! 

Magnesium Blasts Stress And Improves Your Pet’s Mood

It can be tough to read your pet’s body cues to understand how he’s feeling. But most pet parents know when their pet’s feeling stressed or a little blue. The good news is, Magnesium may help in both cases. 

Because Magnesium has a hand in hormone function, it’s also involved in the natural stress response. Ensuring your pet’s consumed enough of this mineral helps him manage stress in a healthy way! What’s more, Magnesium supports balanced moods. If you’re worried your pet might be a little down in the dumps, bump up the magnesium to help cheer him up! 

What is the Best Magnesium Supplement for Your pet?

How do you determine which Magnesium supplement is the best for your pet? There are countless options, including topical sprays, creams, and treatments. And while they may be effective, there’s not much research to suggest that topical applications are a beneficial delivery. Instead, look for a tablet or chew that’s formulated especially for pets. And contains your dog’s optimal daily dose. 

Pet Honesty Magnesium Supplements

Pet Honesty has a multivitamin that’s formulated with Magnesium, and multiple other essential nutrients to support your pet’s overall health and wellness. Try Pet Honesty 10-for-1 Multivitamin to get his nutrient needs, in one easy-to-feed, bite-size chew! 

Or if you’re looking to increase the Magnesium in your pet’s diet because you want to help him relax and get more restful sleep, reach for our Pet Honesty Premium Hemp Calming Chews. They’re packed with calming agents, including Magnesium, to help your pet chill out. And get some sleep.