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Why We Love Colostrum For Dogs

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When your dog was just a young pup, he consumed lots of healthy compounds and essential nutrients from his mother’s milk, especially in the first few days after birth. As your pet gets older, he may benefit from added Colostrum in his diet, because it’s made from bovine milk that contains all those amazing compounds that helped your pup grow into a healthy adult dog. Here’s why we love Colostrum for dogs and include it in many of our supplement recipes.

What Is Colostrum?

As mentioned, Colostrum is milk that’s collected from a cow within the first few days of giving birth. It’s chock-full of nutrient support that helps your pet in a variety of ways and it can be added to your adult dog’s diet in supplement form. Colostrum contains powerful growth hormones, antioxidants, and more. While you could technically create a supplement using Colostrum from any mammal, it’s most commonly collected from cows and fed to your pet in powdered or chew form. 

How is Bovine Colostrum for Dogs Beneficial?

It’s no secret that Colostrum is full of healthy compounds that help little ones grow big and strong. So, it’s not shocking that it’s also beneficial to adult dogs when added to their diet. It’s often celebrated for its immune system support, effect on allergies, and more. Here are some of the ways Colostrum can help your pet:

Colostrum For Dogs Adds Hormone Help

It contains some impressive hormones that help young puppies develop into healthy adult dogs. When taken as an adult, the Proline-Rich-Polypeptide hormone, or PRP, can help jump-start your pet’s immune system if it’s not working at its best. It’s been shown to boost immune system function and to promote a healthy inflammatory response, both of which can help with allergies, occasional joint discomfort, and more. 

Colostrum Has Been Shown To Support Dogs With Allergies

Thanks to the healthy hormones present in Colostrum that provide immune system support, it’s been shown to help pets who experience occasional allergies. So, if it’s that time of year and your pet seems to be getting itchy and agitated thanks to allergies, try adding Colostrum to his diet. 

Colostrum Is Beneficial To Your Pet’s Skin

Because Colostrum contains several growth hormones, including PRP, it’s good for your dog’s skin and coat. It’s been shown to help pets who are suffering from skin issues, irritation, dry skin, and a host of other uncomfortable skin symptoms. 

Colostrum Promotes Digestive Wellness For Your Pet

Your dog’s immune system and digestive function are closely linked. That’s because the majority of his immune system lives in his digestive tract and his gut flora depends on a healthy immune system to fight harmful bacteria and keep everything in balance. Taking a supplement like Colostrum, that boosts the immune system can also improve your pet’s digestive wellness. 

Colostrum Provides Joint Support To Your Dog

It contains seriously impressive hormones that help fortify Fido’s immune system, but Colostrum is also full of MSM, a nutrient that’s known for its joint support. Not only does it contain natural properties that help your pet have a healthy inflammatory response, but it’s also been shown to support healthy connective tissues and can even support your pet when he’s experiencing occasional joint discomfort

How To Choose a Colostrum Supplement For Your Dog

Ready to add Colostrum to your dog’s bowl? There are some things you should keep in mind before you select a Colostrum supplement.

  • Check with your vet. Before you add any new nutrient to your dog’s diet, make sure you get the go-ahead from a professional. That’s especially true when talking about an ingredient like bovine Colostrum, that your pet has never before tried! 
  • Choose a supplement from a company you can trust. Before you feed Colostrum to your dog, make sure you’re comfortable with the manufacturing processes, safety checks, and quality standards the manufacturer has in place. 
  • Watch out for hormones. Because Colostrum is derived from bovines...aka’s important to look for pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, added hormone-free sources if that’s something that’s important to you and your pet. 
  • Read the entire ingredient list. It’s a good practice to read the ingredient list from start to finish whenever you’re considering a product that your pet will consume. There could be ingredients towards the end of the list that you’d otherwise miss and don’t feel comfortable feeding to your pup.

Pethonesty Products That Contain Colostrum

Pethonesty has a variety of products available that are formulated with Colostrum. It’s used in our formulas to offer allergy support to the pet who’s experiencing occasional or seasonal allergies and wants a little boost for his immune system. Try PetHonesty Allergy Support+ Chews, which are made with Colostrum, plus fish oil to support skin health, antioxidant-rich Quercetin, and more.