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Why You Should Shop For Indie Pet Products & Support Local Pet Stores

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Do you think about who you’re supporting when you purchase pet products? Whether you shop online or prefer to browse in person, your shopping habits matter. This post covers all things ‘indie’ pet products. And why we think you should consider switching up your shopping habits to support small brands, local pet stores, and more. 

What Does ‘Indie” Even Mean? 

When you hear someone say, ‘I only support indie brands,’ do you have any idea what they’re talking about? To put it simply, indie, is short for independent. And when referencing a company, brand, product, or store, it means that they’re independently owned. They’re not backed by large-corporation funding. They’re not managed by business moguls. They’re not staffed with hundreds of employees. What they are is locally-owned, independently-funded, and usually home to some incredibly passionate, and well-educated team members. 

And while the term ‘indie’ means something different to everyone, we consider pet brands that aren’t owned by parent companies, chains, or large corporations to fall under the indie umbrella. And we’re proud to include Pethonesty in with that group! 

How Can You Shop Local Pet Stores? 

If you’re embarking on a journey to become a bit more conscious about the products you purchase, you might have also heard someone suggest that you should ‘shop local.’ What this typically means, is that you should try to support small, local businesses whenever possible. Now, we know that ordering things online can be crazy convenient. But, so can shopping at your local pet store. 

Why Supporting Small Business Matters

Especially in light of the global pandemic, small business, local, and indie support have never been more widely discussed! And that’s because there are many reasons you should consider making some changes to your shopping habits to support independent pet brands more often. Here’s why we’re all for indie in the pet business:

Indie Pet Company Owners Are Passionate About Pets

When you’re looking for new dog food, wouldn’t you like to get advice from someone who has pets at home and loves them more than anything? Or, when you’re choosing a new toy, wouldn’t it be nice to ask the owner why she carries one toy, but not another? When you shop local, you’re supporting some seriously pet-passionate business owners. Who make decisions for their business based on the betterment of pets, not based on large corporate goals. 

Independent pet brands have the opportunity to lead with their core values, morals, and love for pets first. Instead of answering to lenders, silent partners, and others who aren’t as pet-centric as they are.

Shopping At Local Pet Stores Is Eco-Friendly 

Did you know it’s more eco-friendly to shop at local pet stores? Yep, that’s right, when you stick close to home, you’re cutting down on your environmental impact. You’re not traveling across town to get to the nearest chain pet shop. And you’re not ordering something online that shipped to you from who-knows-where and required a whole fleet of planes, trains, and delivery trucks to get to your doorstep. 

Supporting Local Pet Businesses Supports Your Community

When you purchase pet food, toys, or beds from a local pet shop, instead of a large chain or ecommerce retailer, you’re adding to the local economy. You’re supporting a business that has a presence in your community. One that likely gives back and enriches that same community. Many local pet stores offer training classes, doggie social hours, and other fun community events. They’re a place you can gather, meet other nearby pet parents and spend time, not just money! 

Indie Pet Brands Get Personal

When you purchase pet food, toys, or beds from a local pet shop, instead of a large chain or ecommerce shop, your experience is so much more personal. An indie pet brand or local pet store can answer questions, provide advice, and serve as a sounding board when you’ve got pet things on your mind. While their larger corp counterparts are limited in training and are often censored in their dialog, indie pet company employees are super knowledgeable and happy to discuss your pet with you. 

Plus, you’re able to build a rapport! When you pop into the local shop, you’ll get to know the owner and employees, and they can make personalized recommendations as they get to know you and your pet. The same goes when you support independent pet product companies. The more you order from a company like Pet Honesty, the more they’ll be able to help with customizations, recommendations, special discounts, and more. 

The Customer Service Is Superior

Along the same token, the customer service is top-notch when you shop local or support an indie pet brand. And that’s often because they truly care if your pet’s not satisfied with a product or if you had a less than stellar experience. Plus, they have full control over their products and services. They’re able to make or select only the absolute best quality items for your pet.