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Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil: What’s the Difference?

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With the rise in popularity of natural health supplements for dogs and humans alike, many people are becoming increasingly intrigued—and confused—when it comes to hemp. 

“Hemp,” “hemp oil,” “hemp seed oil,” and “CBD oil” are all buzzwords these days. It can be hard to understand the differences, especially when many tend to use them interchangeably. Before getting too into the weeds, let’s start at the root of the issue: the plant. 

A variety of Cannabis Sativa, commonly known as hemp, is rich in a non-psychoactive ingredient called cannabidiol (CBD). It has been used for industrial purposes for centuries, creating products such as paper, textiles, and clothing. 

So, now that we’ve established that CBD is an ingredient found within the hemp plant, it’s easy to see how the two often get mixed up. To further the confusion, there are different types of oils extracted from the hemp plant: CBD oil and hemp seed oil.

Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, or Hemp Seed Oil? 

Hemp oil” is often used as a catch-all term referring to either CBD oil or hemp seed oil—after all, they both stem from the same plant. However, hemp seed oil and CBD oil (neither of which are psychoactive) are two very different products. CBD oil comes from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is cold-pressed purely from hemp seeds.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil—for humans—has been used to relieve discomfort, reduce anxiety and depression, and even reduce skin problems such as acne.

There is also some anecdotal evidence that CBD can be beneficial to dogs. However, there’s still more research to be done when it comes to canines and CBD. 

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is packed with healthy fats and is often added to foods because of its nutritional benefits: omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants that help support normal inflammatory pathways. It can also be used as a cooking oil. 

Of course, the benefits of hemp aren’t limited to humans. Some dog owners have also reported hemp benefits in their pets including but not limited to reducing joint discomfort associated with normal daily activity improved cognitive function, and reduced anxiety. 

Hemp seed oil can also be known to help manage harmful free radicals in canines. Additionally, hemp seed oil can help support a healthy digestive system in dogs , and protect the nervous system. It can also improve the appetite, help nausea, and support heart health.

The lipids and fatty acids in hemp seed oil can also provide allergy support by helping soothing itchy skin. These fatty acids also increase energy levels, which can result in a more active dog. If your pooch needs to shed a few pounds, it may be worth investing in hemp seed oil as a dietary supplement.

Keep in mind that every dog’s chemistry is different, so what works for one dog may not work as well for another. Some dogs may respond better to CBD oil than hemp seed oil, especially when it comes to chronic discomfort or serious behavioral issues.

How to Give Your Dog Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil comes in a few different forms: in a bottle administered in drops, or in the form of chews.

Before giving your dog hemp seed oil, make sure you know the proper dosage. Start out with one milliliter for every 10 pounds that your dog weighs. As you would when introducing any new food or supplement, be sure to monitor your pup closely for any negative side effects or signs of allergies. 

Follow the dosage instructions on the product label, or better yet, consult with your vet to determine the appropriate amount to give to your furry friend depending on his individual health needs and restrictions. 

Consult with your vet before giving your dog hemp seed oil, especially if he is taking any steroids or medications for heart, liver, kidney, or mental health issues.

Pet Honesty’s Hemp Products

All of Pet Honesty’s hemp products contain hemp seed oil; we do not currently sell any CBD products.

For dogs who need some extra care when it comes to their skin and coat, Pet Honesty’s Salmon Oil with Hemp promotes healthy skin and joints, along with providing your pup with an extra immune boost.  

Pet Honesty’s Hemp Mobility Chews use hemp seed oil and powder to help dogs with severe joint issues by reducing inflammation, easing joint stiffness, promoting cartilage development, and relieving discomfort. 

Additionally, Pet Honesty’s Calming Hemp Chews help to soothe an anxious dog using a powerful combination of ingredients such as chamomile, ginger root, passionflower, and hemp oil.