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Does your dog suffer from sneeze attacks, red eyes, or itchy skin? Have you noticed your dog itching only during allergy season? If so, your dog's body may be having an immune response to allergens within his environment. Just like humans, dogs will also need an allergy treatment plan to find relief from their annoying symptoms. When a dog's immune system overreacts to environmental allergies, they may experience itchiness, dry skin, watery eyes, and a number of other symptoms. To help combat these issues and make your pup more comfortable, we’ve created a supplement for dogs that works to fight against these unwanted symptoms. At PetHonesty, our dog allergy supplement is made from all-natural ingredients to help your dog recover faster and feel better longer.

Some dog allergy supplements are better than others. It’s important to look for dog allergy treatment made in a GMP-certified facility, ideally one that also has a Safe Quality Food (SFQ) Level 3 certification. This level of safety is even more important for dog allergy supplements because low-quality manufacturers may allow fillers and other harmful ingredients to be added to the vitamins, causing even more allergic reactions and inflammation.

Most allergies start in the gut. When your dog doesn’t have a healthy microbiome, it can lead to all sorts of problems. Our all-natural vitamins for dogs with allergies contain carefully selected strains of probiotics, to nourish their gut and reduce allergic reactions. These probiotics put the “good bugs” in and take the “bad bugs” out.

Your dog’s immune system is closely related to their microbiome and also a large cause of allergy symptoms. If your pup’s immune system is too weak or too active, it can cause many symptoms, including itching, rashes, excessive sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, and more. The natural colostrum, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin c, and probiotics all work together to strengthen and balance your dog’s immune system to reduce allergic reactions and skin irritation. 

Did you know your dog’s allergies might be seasonal or chronic? Seasonal allergies are caused by the change in weather and climate throughout the year. Depending on the health of your dog’s immune system, certain kinds of pollen and allergens may wreak all sorts of havoc on their skin and respiratory system, affecting your dog’s health and immune function.

Chronic allergies are caused by something consistent throughout the year. The trigger could be an ingredient in the dog’s diet, the house cleaning products you’re using, or even mold within the construction of your home. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of chronic allergies, but one thing’s for sure: boosting your dog’s immune system and reducing their allergy symptoms by adding gut-healthy dog allergy supplements treats to their diet can make a big difference.