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Give your dog the healthiest fur possible with a dog coat supplement made from real-food ingredients. Your dog needs the right ingredients to look and feel their best without dry itchy skin. Start at the surface with natural vitamins to nourish your dog’s skin health. And when the skin is healthy, the rest of their coat is more likely to shine.

Your dog’s diet may be lacking essential ingredients that are needed for a strong coat. If your dog experiences dry skin, itchiness, hair loss, or other skin issues, it may be because of an underlying seasonal or environmental allergy. To help combat these issues, try feeding your pup a healthy supplement that works specifically to support skin health. Our supplements for dogs include powerful ingredients to support their coat and overall health. 

The best skin and coat supplements for dogs are powered by whole foods, allowing your dog to digest and absorb the ingredients better than synthetic materials. As pet lovers ourselves, it’s been a labor of love to create the highest quality dog supplements for a healthy coat and vibrant skin to give your pup an “unfur” advantage.

We used over 75 years of combined experience to design the highest quality dog coat supplements available. Many of our dog supplements for skin and coat are fueled by Omega-3 fatty acids, one of the most important building blocks for every part of your dog’s body.

If your dog is experiencing seasonal allergies, dandruff, or skin irritation, it’s possible they aren’t getting the nutrients they need to build healthy fur and keep their skin clear. You can help combat flaky skin and support a normal inflammatory response by giving your fur baby delicious supplements that will support their health from head to tail.

From our 10-in-1 Multivitamin, to our Salmon SkinHealth and AllergySupport supplements, each product is designed with your dog’s coat and skin in mind. So whether your pup is competing in a beauty show or you simply want to fight skin issues and seasonal allergies, we’ve got high-quality supplements for dogs to nourish and protect every follicle.