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Meet Our
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Meet the Vets behind our
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dr stephanie lantry dvm

Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie graduated from Tufts University in 1999 and now owns and works in an animal hospital in Sarasota, FL. She loves educating clients on disease prevention and the use of nutritional supplements to support animal health. She also specializes in laser therapy and allergy prevention in pups.

dr lindsey dvm

Dr. Lindsey

Dr. Lindsey graduated from Colorado State University in 2009 and works in general practice, shelter medicine, and more recently as a civilian contractor veterinarian for the Army. She is also certified in acupuncture and resides in Palm Springs, CA.

dr chris dvm

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris is considered one of the country’s leading veterinarians. He completed a dual Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and Masters in Public Health at Virginia Tech, a top veterinary school in the country.

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PetHonesty’s In-House Vets are the source behind our world-class
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formulas and ensure our products are the highest quality for your pet!

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