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Because your fur friend deserves the best


Pure Vitality Blend

Clean ingredients that
serve a purpose

The same delicious taste & incredible benefits...
Now built on our new, exclusive all-natural Pure Vitality Blend™.

Extra digestive & immune health benefits

Made of 12 all-natural, clean ingredients

Crafted by our in-house PhD Animal Nutritionist

NO artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors

NO corn, wheat, soy, cellulose, or palm oil

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So, what's in it?

Our Pure Vitality Blend™ is made of
12 all-natural ingredients you know & trust

Pumpkin & sweet potato

tasty superfoods for an
added boost

Oat flour

from whole & steel-cut
oats for fiber, protein, &

Brewer's yeast

a source of prebiotics +
antioxidants that tastes

Coconut oil, vegetable glycerin,
& sunflower lecithin

to hold it all
together, naturally

Yuca & natural flavors

so it tastes better than
ever before

Citric acid, mixed
tocopherols, & vinegar

our natural preservative
system to keep your
chews fresh

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What changed and why?

While there was nothing wrong with our old formula, we knew we could make our chews even more nutritious (& delicious). So, we created our Pure Vitality Blend™! It's made with 12 all-natural ingredients handpicked by our in-house PhD animal nutritionist to add an extra boost to your pup's daily routine.

Will my chews look and feel different?

Our Pure Vitality Blend™ contains nutrient-rich foods like oats, pumpkin, & sweet potato. These high-fiber ingredients help us make chews that are more consistent in their form, which is why the size, shape, & color will change a bit as we switch to this new formula.

Will they smell or taste different?

You may notice a slight change in the smell of the chews. That's just the all-natural ingredients doing their thing. Our resident taste testers still love them - in fact, over 99% of dogs love the taste!

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