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He loves it

My dog, a chihuahua and miniature Pinscher mix, really likes it. Too bad he is so small, he really wants to eat more than one of them!

Advanced Hip and Joint Snacks (90 Count)

Absolutely the best!

My dog doesn’t even chew these and knows exactly when I pick up the jar , she had a hip replacement just last year and these have helped her recover tremendously


Our 8 year old dog loves it and is enjoying more energy as are our other younger dogs. Love this.

My dog likes the treat.

Berner boy loves the taste

Jackson at 6 months jumped to far and jammed his shoulder and twisted his elbow severely. For months and months afterwards he’d limp after playing hard and nothing was helping in the long term... my pup was labeled as being “lame”. After a year of CBD and NSAIDs I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon, but I’m seeking alternative treatments, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and water therapy in the hopes to assist in healing him. These hip and joint snacks are part of his therapy! He loves the treats and the taste and I’m hopeful that they support the treatment he’s having and restore this 169 pd big Bernese 2 year old pup I adore!

Dog loves them!

Our dog thinks of them as treats!

This is the only glucosamine supplement my dogs have EVER willingly eaten

I've been trying to get glucosamine into my dogs for nine years now, and none of them have ever willingly eaten it. I tried chewy snacks, pills, oils, and even the granules, all to no avail. Thankfully, they LOVE the Pet Honesty Advanced Hip and Joint Snacks.

I also did a quick comparison with two other brands I had on hand (that my dogs won't eat). Pet Honesty has 2-3x more glucosamine than the other brands, AND I only need to give my giant dogs 3 snacks per day. The other brands recommended 9-12 bites (or equivalent measurement) and STILL provided less glucosamine than 3 Pet Honesty snacks.

We've only been using for about two weeks now, so I haven't noticed enough of a difference in mobility to be able to report results yet, but we're converted for life.

My babies love

We have 2 dogs going on 10. 1 was have medical issues with stones the other was just laying around I'm noticing they're having more energy wanting to play ball, hikes and they're always hungry from going out more. We love what we're seeing in them


I see a difference in my girl. She limped really bad from an arthritic back knee. She still limps but her foot is on the ground again and she walk so so much better. She has only been on it for about 8 days so I am hoping she will get even more mobile as time goes on.

Pet Honesty Multivitamin

The Pet Honesty Multivitamin has giving my fur baby more energy and stamina. Very happy with Pet Honesty products.

Worth the price

My dog is a senior at 12 years now, after battling Lyme disease twice, i started searching for a multivitamin. I found Pethonesty, and couldn't ask for a better product because of the natural ingredients and it covers everything he needs. Bear is doing great, he's swimming, jumps into bed and his coat is starting to shine. We're on our second bottle!


I have an 8 year old rat terrier (Bandit) that we has started giving this too and he loves it and has been doing so much better. He runs more and plays with his pack. The rest of the pack and 4 year old chiweenie (Bella) and a 2 year old chiweenie (letters) and his son, 1 year old (Banjo). They all can't wait when in the moring I say treat and they all are standing there looking at me.

We have been happy with the results we have seen in our 14 y/o Dalmatian/Yellow Lab Daisy. She is still slow and a bit unsteady getting up, but she is 14. But she doesn’t seem to struggle as much.


Dog loves it

they work

my dogs like them and you can see after a week that the coat get shiny they got more energy .they do got for them and they love them no hassle to take .i will order more for sure

Noticed skin healthier and more energy great product all natural nothing harmful

Great product

Been using this product on 4 of my dachshunds

Amazing products

We have been very happy with both the hip n joint supp n also cranberry supps.

10-for-1 Multivitamin

My two fur babies seem to love them, I don't have to coax them to eat them. I am hoping they will prove to be as wonderful as the terrific as the hip and joint chews have been.

I give each of my baby’s one a day.

So far I really like both items I purshused.

Gave to 14yr old aussie

So far it seems to have helped her she is getting up better not so stiff.


I’m giving Bucky the hip and joint, just one a day. Has hip and low back problems. Seems to be helping thank you. Cookie and Bucky both get the multi vitamins. Thanks again