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Love love love

My puppys back leg always seems to be in pain but after giving her these treats she runs wild with the wind !!! She knows I give her one every morning and gets excited about it! 😍 Love it!

Pet honesty is correct!

I have just started my two babies on the advanced hip and joint snack. They are loving them, and keep looking for more when they get it. Both pups have arthritis in their back hips/legs. Even though it has not been that long, they both seem to be moving better each day! One is a Yorkie and one is a Pomeranian so they are small, and wait each morning to get this treat. I am hoping for the long term results to be essentially better than just a week and a half. They seem to be more content and in less pain. I love this treat so far, and so do my animals! Thanks, Sherri Renne

Tommy has been taking this less than week. He doesn’t have any problem taking his two s day. In fact he enjoys them. I’m hoping they help him because he is suffering

Advanced hip and joint snacks

I noticed that my border collie is getting up easier and not limping anymore she's back playing with the kids around the block

Hip and Joint

My dogs won't eat them.

No more UTI for my pup

Our dog was having chronic UTI infections. She has been taking this product for a month and has been healthy ever since! She also loves them and sits at attenchen eagerly awaiting her Cranberry treat after her morning meal!

This works!

We purchased this product for our meaty 90 lb pit bull (Huckleberry) who has hip discomfort. Within 2 days of using the supplement he showed no signs of pain and was back to wrestling with his sister!

great product

my babies love these and enjoy the flavor, seeing some progress during walking and getting up

Love these

I am loving all the pet honesty products so far.

Love this product

My Bailey mobility has improved dramatically and he loves the taste of this product highly recommend it

Works Great but Sold Out?!?

These have been by far the best solution I have found thus far for keeping my lawn green, however when I went to purchase more they are sold out with now word on when they will return. I guess I will be looking for other solutions if they aren't back in stock within the next week.

Advanced hip and joint snacks

Miss Lola loves them and they seem to make moving easier for her. Would buy again

So far so good!

We selected Pet Honesty Probiotic Snacks for our varied age, multi dog household after one of our dogs got a serious infection that he passed on to our other dogs. We did many rounds of strong antibiotics to clear the infection and needed to reestablish a good bacteria base, reduce stomach upset and increase immunity. We did a lot of research on probiotics and settled on Pet Honesty because they are all natural, have more CFUs of probiotics than most others on the market and are made in the USA. After giving all the dogs 3 treats per day for 2 weeks (all large breed dogs) we've seen improvement in each dog. We aren't at 100% yet, but seem to be on our way, so we are definitely satisfied with the results so far. We plan to continue feeding the snacks and hope to see even more improvement!

Chlorhexidine Shampoo for Dogs
Love it

It's so great that this is anti-yeast, antifungal and antibacterial!

Chlorhexidine Antiseptic Spray
Perfect for treating wounds

This is such a great idea for a product.

Your dogs will love you.

My doggies absolutely love these yummy treats. I don’t know that they are yummy as I haven’t tasted them myself but the doggies seem to enjoy them

Soothing Snacks (90 Count)

I use them when I leave my house they sleep and clam when I leave for 2 hrs.

They love them more then treats

I was told my dogs could use a xtra boost so i got my 3 dogs this product..they love them and u can tell a difference in my dogs.

Great Purchase!

My dog loves these! Would buy again!

Mobility Snacks (90 Count)
Works well!

This is a great product, sadly my one dog who this was mostly for doesn’t really like the taste of these, but my older dog who also needs the benefits of these treats love them! Although she’s extremely picky and will eat them if I hide them in her morning food.

My dog really likes them!

My dog really likes them!


Perfectly sized for any dog. Mine seems to think they're treats she loves them so much!

My picky dogs loved them

My dogs are picky with food and treats. I've had to buy several different brands of dog food until I found one they would eat (of course they were not fans of the stuff that was supposed to be the most healthy for them). I was very happy that they loved these treats as they are getting older and really need the extra vitamins.

Awesome product!!

My sweet pup is the one in the middle. Shelia is a shepherd mix. After deciding to start her on vitamins I read all the reviews and saw numerous people saying that it really helped their pups. We recently had gotten a new fur baby in the house and then Shelia started chewing her paws. I know it was from anxiety of the new puppy. So we tried them and I’m so happy we did. She loves the taste. She believes it’s a special treat just for her. I’ve noticed she’s not really  chewing on her paws anymore. I definitely recommend this product and I’m definitely keeping her on these.

Mobility Snacks (90 Count)
great flavor

my dogs love this flavor which is great in getting them to eat the treats. seems to be working as intended, will get more results in the future